F1 Rejected Twice – I’ve Got No Options Other Than ToDie

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I’ve been rejected twice by the US Consulate at New Delhi for  Spring 2013. I wished to pursue BS in Computer Science and fetched a scholarship worth $10375 p.a. but things didn’t turn out as expected on both days.  Shared by  Aditya

First Experience (12/21/2012)

Me- Good Morning Sir! (smilingly)

VO (A skinhead bloke in mid 30?s)- Hey… A very good morning.

VO- So what program do you wish to pursue ?

Me- Computer Science, Sir.

VO- Ok, so which university are you planning to attend?

Me- Lindenwood University, Missouri.

VO- Which all universities did you apply to?
Me- Montana State University, Cameron University (Oklahoma) and Valparaiso University (Indiana).

VO- So why Lindenwood?

Me- Sir, this university is the best match for my profile in terms of course, curriculum and finances. Plus I’ve been in touch with some of the faculty members.

VO- Sorry sir… I cannot issue you a visa today…

Me- Thank you sir… (lamentably)

Second F1 Visa Interview experience  (01/09/2013)

Me- A very good morning ma’am! (cheerfully)

VO (A rude lady in late 40?s)- Good morning. *scans my DS-160* You’ve got prior visa refusals, right?

Me- Yes ma’am, but only once.

VO- Where did you apply at that time?

Me- Here, in New Delhi.

VO- Which school are you going to attend?

Me- Lindenwood  University, Missouri, ma’am.

VO- So were you going to the same university at that time?

Me- Yes, ma’am.

VO- Which course?

Me- Bachelors in Computer Science.

VO- How old are you?

Me- 18, ma’am.  *typing on the computer*

VO (abruptly)- Even today I cannot issue you a visa. Probably this explains the reason. *Hands me over the same damn 214 (b) paper*

Me- Would you like to see my documents, ma’am…?

VO- No, we don’t see any documents. Please leave and thanks for coming.

Me- Thank you ma’am…. And I’m utterly upset now.

My  parents were stressing it out big time in preparing documents, applying for education loan, making arrangements for funds. But all their efforts went in vain. They were so upset but they didn’t  blame me for this, instead they were cheering me up. I’m feeling  pity for my parents.

I don’t think I’ll be issued a F-1 Visa even if I apply for the Fall ’13 term with a different profile.

Seriously, I’ve got no options other than TO DIE.

F1 Visa Rejection Analysis

Sorry to  see that visa is rejected twice, but getting US visa rejection is not the end of the world.

  • Can you answer the following questions for me please?
  • Did you apply through consultants?
  • Did you attend a mock interview?
  • Did you read over 150 F1 Visa experience in the blog?
  • Do you know the mistakes you did in first interview?
  • Do you even know why your visa was rejected?
  • What changes did you make in second interview?
  • Did get seek help from any visa experts after first interview?
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