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I have attended visa interview and was granted visa. I am happy to say that this HSB helped me a lot right from preparing for GRE to succeeding in interview!! Now I would like to share excerpts of my interview.
VO: Hello how are you?
ME: I am fine.
VO: What are going to do in US?
ME: Am gonna do Masters in biology.
VO: In biology what?
ME: Cell & Molecular biology.
VO: Molecular biology…hmm…
ME: yes…
VO: Can I see your mark sheets?
ME: Yeah, sure… (seeing mark sheets)
VO: Whos going to sponsor you?
ME: said…
(He has gone nearer to the next counter and given me an orientation slip and simultaneously saying that my visa was granted and would reach next week)
ME: Thank You!!
Thanks to Gopi for sharing his US Student Visa interview experience.