F1 Visa Interview Experience – New Delhi US Embassy

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I would like to thank HSB for a lot of help with the doubts and stuff. I think its the best website for us students as it gives us clear answers and tells us what to do and has a lot of articles on almost all the topics.

My VI date was 6th of july in US Embassy at New Delhi. Somebody who works in US embassy told me that its better to take the visa interview date at the start of month as the embassy has an unofficial limit of how many visa to give in a month and as you approach the end of month and the visa limit nears an end they get more selective and thus more rejections.

  • Degree – M.S.
  • Major – Controls and Automation (Electrical Department)
  • Semester – Fall 2010
  • US Consulate – New Delhi Embassy
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Although I made some mistakes during my interview I was still granted one. While standing in the queue for the interview I moved a little closer to the applicant in-front of me so as to listen what she was being asked but you should not do this as I was told by the VO to move back in an angry tone. So be confident and don’t do mistakes like these.

F1 Visa Interview Experience  New Delhi US Consulate

VO: Why US?
Me: US has a very flexible education system and I have the freedom to chose subjects according to my liking and according to the workload. Also it gives more emphasis on practical knowledge then rote learning.

VO: When did you get you degree?
Me: Just this summer in june 2010 from xxxx college

VO: Why XXX university ?
Me: This university has great external funding. My department itself has funding to the tune of 17M $ thus lots of good projects are being taken up and lots of funding opportunities exist. Also some of the finest faculties teach in this college.

VO: What are your future plans ?
Me: Once I complete my M.S I would like to work for a US company for a year or two in my OPT period and gain some additional expertise and then take decision from there on. But I will probably come back to my family here if I get a job in one of the better universities here.

VO: What does your family do ?
Me: Said

VO: ok,ur visa is approved u will get ur passport in 5 days through courier.

Thats it was that simple. Although my university one of the most expensive she didn’t ask for any financial documents its all about being confident. Although I stuttered at the start where I greeted her with good morning instead of good afternoon i was confident after that part.

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All my answers well thought and planned. She didn’t listen to them completely and always interrupted before I completed it. But the girl she interviewed before me she was little skeptical about. She was going to probably Wichita or some university and the VO asked her if she was hiding the real reason behind her choosing the said university. Although the girl said she wasn’t hiding anything she kept on insisting about it. The girl remained confident and thus got her visa. So the bottom line is to be confident.

Thanks to Abhijit for sending his visa interview experience. Along with this article, he has sent his experience in selecting universities without help from US admission consultancies. That article will be posted sometime next week.

If you have already got your visa (or denied), please email your visa interview details. It will help so many students like you who are trying to get visa at US Embassy.

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