Following F1 visa interview in Mumbai Consulate looks pretty casual. This student is appearing for this 3rd F1 Visa interview after getting rejected twice. Once in Chennai and second time in Hyderabad consulate.

f1 visa mumbaiThe actual twist to this interview is in last line of  of this experience. I have made the following changes to the original article submitted by the student

  • Corrected few typos.
  • Removed student’s name
  • Removed the name of parent’s company

My visa experience Mumbai Consulate

Me: Hello mam good morning.  Happy Independence Day
Vo: Very good morning, thank you (with huge smile), You are going to Valparaiso.
Me: Yes mam

Vo: Now I will ask some questions to you and don;t say any prepared stuff..
Me: Sorry mam

Vo: Did you get my question or not?
Me: No mam

Vo: Repeated the same question

Me: Ok mam to be frank this is the one of the best admit I got. Valparaiso is in 4th position in Midwest regional universities. The main reason for selecting Valparaiso is its course curriculum and the faculty. My field of interest is multi-level security systems and there is a wide range of research work is going over there under the guidance of Dr. Daniel& Jay Christopher.. Who won 200million dollars for their research work in MLS? I can learn a lot from their Experiences.

Vo: Ok fine man. Why are shuffling b/w Chennai, Hyderabad Now in Mumbai.. Can u explain it?
Me: With huge smile every body asking the same question. Vo smiles too. Actually my home city is Hyderabad. For the last time, I couldn’t able to find the slots in Hyderabad. So I went for Chennai. Earlier of this month I got slot in Hyderabad and went for that. For this time I couldn’t find any slots in Hyderabad up to next week so I came to Mumbai. Don’t have special reason Mam

Vo: Are you sure, the reason is only due to lack of slots
Me: Yes mam.
Vo: Wait for a bit. Went inside & came after 7-8 min.

Vo: Ok who is Sponsor?
Me: My parents

Vo: What’s ur father
Me: He is a businessman mam

Vo: What type of business
Me: He owned a rice mill named <Name>

Vo: Do you mean rice.

Me: Yes

Vo: What are the income levels
Me: My family income level is around 17laks mam

Vo: Again wait for bit. Went inside with my passport  and came after 2min.
Vo: what’s u r specialization
Me: MLS (multi-level security systems) it deals with data security and cryptography mam

Vo: Do you know one thing
Me: What’s that mam with smile

Vo: Chinese people are sending hackers throughout the world. For hacking can you prevent it.
Me: with huge smile. Hopefully yes mam. I course also deals with data security. Do you know one thing people are loosing around 850millions dollars, Per year due to lack of Internet security and payment gateway problems mam.

Vo: OH. That’s horrible. So what’s your aim?
Me: I would like to see hacker free interne mam

Vo: Great wait for sec.
Vo: Do you know about Indiana? State

Me: With smile No mam. Don’t know in deep. I know a little bit it is very near to Chicago. 9 months of snow is there. I am exiting to visit Indiana.

Vo: With smiles. That’s fine man, listen carefully I am not refusing your visa don’t worry repeated 2 times. We need a administrative verification in. your profile.. Interrupted and asked do you mean 221(g) mam.
VO: First listen to me properly. You have to submit the following documents’. And check frequently about your visa status. Hope fully u will get your visa… Thank you.

Me: Thank you mam

Friends please suggest me what to do know.. Anybody got visa after getting 221(g).

Please post your comments. Thanks in advance

Hello Dear Raghu, I don’t know how to proceed with remaining things, Could you please guide me how to send the required documents to the consulate.

They asked me to submit through Email, Invitation from College as pdf document. Resume, Research, Position in my current job, SOP, Itinerary, Funding, Traveler’s, Travel. Actually I used a fake experience is it a problem to me.


  • jay

    hey all hi… i got 221g in month of june on 10th and i m still awaiting my visa..its been 41 days to be precise..can anyone tell how much more time does it take…plz genuine answers are eagerly awaited….

    • vish

      There is no known metrics indicating the time it takes for 221g processing. Depending on the case it may take weeks to months to years.

      Can you post what all were you asked to submit and from which consulate (also the color of 221g slip please). Guys (and girls) around here may be able to better answer the question with that info.

  • jay

    hey i got 221g on 10th june 2013..m still awaiting my visa..its been 41 days to be precise..can anyone tell me how long does it take more??..genuine replies are eagerly awaited….

  • saroj banjara

    I am from Nepal and I was rejected for 1st time. showing the reason that i cant afford it. But I don’t want to be rejected next time so please give me some suggestion if they reject me without asking me any question.

  • Bhargavi.vonguru

    I thank to raghuram sir, becoz by reading all this stuff I presented my self well in the interview nd got my f-1…. Thanks to everyone…..

  • Bhargavi.vonguru

    I din’t pay sevis fee before my visa interview they gave me 221g to submit my fee receipt,passport,DS-160. I did the thing as they said. I received my visa on 3rd day of my interview….

  • Jigar

    It will take a time frame of 30-40 days in my case my visa was on 30 th may got 221g green slip . i Submitted the documents (all true documents) specially the research part on 3 June . After 30 days my number flashed on 3 july exactly 30 days after the submission submitted the passport on 6 july and got it stamped within a week but Got it for 2 years only don’t know why.

    one question from my side am i eligible for OPT as my visa and MS program is for 2 years only …..

  • vish

    Reading through the interview, the following stands out:
    1. Your answers are NOT to the point.
    2. VO was always suspecting something (evident in her saying “Are you sure, the reason is only due to lack of slots” and going back with your passport all the time, probably to run more checks)
    3. You sound over smart instead of genuine and warm

    • pratik001

      Vish is ur write up u feels like- too smart, too impatient, having poor listening ability / attention span, trying to be over-friendly. I dont think i will use “you know…” type of a conversation for any official work like visa interview..I personally wont wish a visa officer “Happy Independence day”.. good morning & how are you” seems sufficient from a student’s point of view.

      i have to say something in this connection-

      we Indians LOVEEE to become over friendly and informal, we die to strike a personal chord with a stranger to earn his favor for getting our work done (or otherwise also).this is a slavish behavior result of English rule in the past. Its one of the very bad manners!!. Indians are infamous for asking so many questions even when opposite person clearly giving indications that he is not very much interested in stretching the conversation.
      NEVER try to be over friendly, over enthusiastic, over smart, impatient, NEVER EVER violate anybody’s personal space / comfort zone!!
      Never expect acting silly or innocent will create sympathy / affection in the heart of visa officer about you and he/she will grant you visa. In INDIA acting silly or innocent pays a great fortune, it can get ur works done, earn favor, give impression that u r nice etc etc!! not so with the outer world!
      Just be candid, right to the point, slightly friendly (so that officer wont infer u r a rude/arrogant) and just appear content. thats all is needed to prove u r a genuine person apart from all paper work properly at place.

      • Prashant Singh

        This is a real good advice Pratik. Kudos to your effort in clearing up all the doubts.

        Thanks buddy! :)

      • Eshan

        Is it the same attitude of the people who are working in US?

  • Dev

    I dont get one thing why do people think that they are smarter than the Visa officials, a fake experience??!!! And this happens a lot in hyderabad. As it is the region is not in good books, on top of that he fakes it!!! Aaahhh stupidity!!

  • munna

    what type of fake experience? In 221 g again they ask question about experience? It is not advisable to use any fake stuff in visa interview because once they catch you, your future chances are also tarnished. Be truthful man, either you get visa or not.

  • rajendra

    even one of my friend had same problem,vo said they need background verification,they sent out a questionnaire to his mail id and ask him to fill it and send it back to them through mail,my friend said that questionnaire is about his research,work experience and academics.

  • Nidhi

    Genuinely suggestion Don’t go US,waste of money & time totally.Bent there 4 years studied & worked,believe me ever worst economy,no savings.better keep researching in india.Rest your choice.

    • pratik001

      hi nidhi. pls tell us ur experience in details….

    • Prashanth

      What did you exactly do in those 4 years in USA??

    • Moli

      Hi Nidhi
      can u plz throw some light on uar experience in US. It wud be helpful for young aspirants who wanna go there

  • Eshan Patil

    I got 221(g) because I did not pay SEVIS fee. However, after submitting the SEVIS fee the following day I got my visa in one or two weeks. He must have ticked one of the checkbox. Just do that as per the instruction.

    • tanveer

      can we go to visa interview without SEVIS fee as well and get 221g as u said nd later pay if we get 221g ..?

      • munna

        Then if your visa application in interview is rejected, you will not pay SEVIS fees. ha ha ha. You will not be allowed to enter embassy/consulate if you have not paid your SEVIS fees.

        • Eshan Patil

          I am sharing my experience. My VISA was not rejected but I came under 221(g) section.

      • Eshan Patil

        Pay SEVIS fee before appearing for interview.

  • tj sts

    Hi there. You have absolutely no reason to worry. The consulate may say that it may take upto 2-3 months to get the visa. I got the 221g the on my first visa interview in may 2010, and on my second visa interview in march 2013 too. In both cases, it took me about a 4-6 weeks to get the visa. Don’t worry at all. Keep tracking your status and you’ll get it before your college starts in the fall. Just be patient. Good Luck! :)