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Hello everyone. I just had my F1 visa interview today June 1 at the us embassy in Kathmandu and it went really well.

  • Name: Samir (Brother Amir alos attended the inteview )
  • Name of university: University of Texas at Arlington
  • Program of study: Bachelors in civil engineering.

This is how the visa interview went.

F1 Visa Interview

me: hello good morning officer.
Vo: Good morning

Vo: How did you know about this university?
Me:from my independent research in United states educational foundation as I have been going there for the past few months.

Vo: what will you do with a civil engineering degree?
me:As my country is a developing country so there are lots of construction works to be done here and that means huge scope of civil engineering so i will try to work for areputed construction or a private housing company and build a very strong career in that field.

Vo: What does your father do?
me: He is involved in a family business.

Vo:what kind of business?
me:a manpower company.

Vo: which countries does this company sends people to?
me: answered.

vo:how long has he been involved in the business?
me: since the establishment of the company.

vo;How long has the company been established?
me: since 10 yrs.

Vo:How many employees are there?

vo:ok mr s you do qualify for the visa.
me:thankyou sir.

There was something unique about my interview .Actually my twin brother was also applying with me so after I got the visa the officer didn’t ask much to him.
My suggestion is that be confident, try to speak as much truth as possible.

Don’t get nervous if you see others getting rejected.Every case is different and try to speak as much to the point as possible. Be prepared but don’t commit the mistake of memorizing answers.

You will forget all of them.Just try to go by your instincts and be extremely present minded.

Samir’s brother Amir’s interview in next :  F1 Visa Interview for UTA