f1 visa interview questionsHere is a complete Master List of F1 Visa interview questions that you can possibly imagine being asked during student F1 Visa interview.

PS: If you have a set of questions that is not listed below, can you submit a comment to this article below with the list of those questions?

Here’s possible list of Sample F1 Visa Interview questions and link to actual actual F1 Visa interview experience submitted by students.

F1 Visa Interview Questions

  • Questions have been split based on category
  • College and University
  • Bank and Finance
  • Family and Relatives
  • Work and Job
  • General Questions

College and University

Here is a list of possible F1 visa interview questions related to college and university.

  1. Why this specified university <university or college name>?
  2. How many universities did you apply?
  3. Which universities did you apply to?
  4. How many admission did you get?
  5. Where did you get admission?
  6. Where did you complete under-graduate/graduate degree?
  7. What is your undergraduate Academic GPA/Percentage?
  8. Tell about your university?
  9. Mention name of the professor’s you had contact?
  10. When and where did you get your bachelor’s degree?
  11. Why this university and not other universities?
  12. How long will you study in USA?
  13. How do you know about this university?
  14. What is your academic background?
  15. Do you plan to study PhD after MS?
  16. Why did you apply to these universities?
  17. These subjects are also taught in other universities also but why this university?

Bank and Finance Related

You have to be prepared for worst case scenarios with respect to F1 visa interview questions and answers related to bank balance and finance.

You might be asked to show bank statements, transactions, pass book, latest transactions and other finance related documents.

  1. Who is sponsoring your education?
  2. What does your sponsor/father do?
  3. What is your father’s income?
  4. What is your sponsors monthly income?
  5. What is your sponsors annual income?
  6. What is your university yearly expense?
  7. Have you got any loans?
  8. Show your Pass Book/ Bank Statement?
  9. How will you finance your education for 2years or 3 years?
  10. Your bank pass book shows large transactions recently been deposited? How do you explain that?
  11. What is your father’s salary? How long has he been working here?

Key to successful F1 visa interview stamping is to learn from the mistakes of other F1 Visa interview experience.

Relatives and Family Members

During F1 visa appointments make sure you remember the answers you gave in the interview form (DS160). If you have relatives in USA then declare. Trying to hide the answers can cause you lot of trouble.

  1. How many brother and sisters do you have?
  2. Do you have any relatives in USA?
  3. What is your mother doing?
  4. What is your brother doing in USA?
  5. What is your sister doing in USA?
  6. Your brother is working in USA, would you do the same?
  7. Where did your brother/ parents complete their studies?
  8. Where do your parents live?
  9. You have sisters and brothers and how do you think your sponsor will pay for your education
  10. Do you have a brother/ sister, or any other relative already at this university?
  11. Do you have girl friend?

Work/Job Related F1 Visa Interview Questions

  1. Why are you leaving you current job? (if you are working)
  2. Show your work experience letter
  3. What is your current salary?
  4. How much do you have in savings?
  5. Do you plan to work in USA?

General Student Visa Questions

  1. Why did you choose US but not Canada or Germany?
  2. What kind of good things do you know about America?
  3. What do you expect after returning back?
  4. Why do you plan to do MS?
  5. Why are your GRE/ TOEFL scores low?
  6. You look like a potential immigrant or I don’t think you will come back?
  7. What do you know about US education?
  8. Why are you applying for Fall only?
  9. What will you do after completing MS?
  10. Why study in USA?
  11. Did you get any scholarship?
  12. What are your plans after graduation?
  13. Tell me how you can prove that you are going to come back? ( else Rejection under 214(b))
  14. Have you ever been to America?
  15. What will you do after coming back from USA?
  16. Do you know anyone (in USA) in your university?
  17. What will you do if your student visa is rejected?
  18. Will you come home during summer?
  19. Why do you think the university is giving you a scholarship?
  20. Why do you wish to study in the USA and not in India?
  21. Why did you change your field ( Mechanical or Electrical to Computer Science)

If you know other templates of F1 Visa interview questions you can be asked or you were asked during the F1 visa interview experience for USA, you can write a comment to this article.

Note – Share your F1 Visa interview questions in the comments section. Your questions will help me create and update this list.

  • Harish

    I am 2013 passed out student going for 2014 fall and i did not anything this one year just joined in my courses but didnt get the certificate, course still in progress. So what is your advice?? how to cover this one year gap??

    • http://www.happyschools.com/members/raghu/ Raghuram Sukumar

      Given the reason for the gap. Speak the truth.

  • Albert Elias

    My kids are born in the USA. Their Mother is a US Citizen and we are not Married Yet. But I have to see my kids.

    I am a Ghanaian National.

    What type of Visa do I apply for?

    Thank You.

  • imtiaz uddin

    I got the I-20 from the Wichita state University for 1 year Intensive English Language and 4 years for Economics. now I am preparing myself for visa interview. can u guide me? what should I do now? will u tell me how many questions I have to face? how much time the interview will happen?

  • S_rose

    hi ,i am on f2 visa ,living in USA now ,i did engineering and i m thinking to do go on f1 visa to studying here.so do need to go India for change my status.can i change my status here in USA.If i will apply here what difficulties ll occurs. i know that i can apply through Canada also but i want do it here only.guide me ,now i am preparing for TOEFL And GRE

  • anudeep

    what if I say a fake answer and the vo cross checks that?? will it affect in the next attempt??
    can I say about loan for my study?
    what are the documents they check to prove job experience?? do they ask for bank statements/pay slips n form 16??

  • samuel

    sir i apply for f-1 visa and am going for my interview this july 17,if my step father become my sponsor do i need to show any document of divorce because am not answering the surname of my step father rather the name of my father will that required any documentation to prove it.please reply me soon

    • tunde

      how did your interview go bro?

  • Amanda

    Do you have any information on obtaining a student visa for a minor? I have a sponsor child in Africa who is 16 turning 17 in a couple of months, but he is in 8th grade. I want to bring him to the US to finish his schooling, but I am having difficulty finding information on bringing a high school student to US on a student visa. Thanks!

  • Clem Dominion

    I already have a Bachelors degree but I am going to do an Associate degree now. What good reason can I give for this, when asked by VO?

    • Clem Dominion

      Does anyone have similar experience? Anyone been in my shoes before? Please help with your experience or thoughts. Please do.

  • Satish

    the passbook or bank statements can be of any member of my family?

  • Kumari Nidhi

    What should be the answer if our work experience in India is not related to your specialized subject in B. Tech which is very hard to get in Indian PSU.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mudunurirajesh.varma Mudunuri Rajesh Varma

    explanation about backlogs