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Following is the list of F1 Visa interview Documents. Required documents vary between country and consulate. Make sure you check for updated list before the interview.

  1. F1 Visa Interview Questions
  2. F1 Visa Interview Tips

You have to understand that having right documents will not get you student visa. You have to know what to expect and prepared to handle any kind of tough questions related to documents.

Bank Related

  1. Bank Statement
    1. Sample Bank Statement-1
    2. Sample Bank Statement-2
  2. Affidavit of Support
    1. Affidavit of Support -1
    2. Affidavit of Support – Sample 2
  3. Fund Flow Statement
  4. Assets Summary Statement (CA Statement)
  5. Bank Transactions (or Passbook)
  6. Student Loan Approval Notice


  1. Degree Certificates (or diploma)
  2. Marksheets (transcripts)
  3. Provisional Certificate (if degree is not yet available) + Course Completion certificate.

Exam Scores

  1. GRE/GMAT Score Report (original)
  2. TOEFL/IELTS Score Reports (original)

Grad School

  1. Form I-20
  2. Admission Letter
  3. Any email exchanges with professors.

Visa Interview

  1. DS-160 Online application form
  2. Passport
  3. One Photograph
  4. Visa Fees payment receipt
  5. SEVIS (I-901) Fee receipt

For more details refer to US Consulate website ( VFS site in India).