F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate in USA : Approved in 59 Seconds

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F1 Visa Interview for UndergraduateAvanish Mishra write about his F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate degree in USA .

It was June 11th 2013. It was a very important day for me. Here is my F1 Visa interview experience.

  • University- Virginia Tech
  • Date- 11 June 2013
  • US Consulate- Kolkata
  • Attempt- 1st
  • Status–Approved
  • Counter-6

I had a 10.00 am appointment at the US Consulate in Kolkata. When I reached inside the consulate, it was full of Visitor visa applicants.

When I lined up, found a another student, who was going for his Masters degree in in University of Pittsburgh.

He had his visa rejected. It was because, he was answering those question which weren’t asked.

The VO asked why this school to him and he started saying about his bank loans and his family income.

F1 Visa Interview for Undergraduate

I was sad to see him rejected. Hoped it was not gonna happen with me. Then my turn came
ME – Wished properly. Good Morning Mam, how r u doing.

VO – I am Good. Pls Pass me your I 20, DS 160, SEVIS fee receipt.
ME – Passed over the documents and made an eye to eye contact.  (She had a glare at the I 20)

VO -  How many schools did you apply?
ME – 8 Schools.

VO – Can you name it?
ME – Harvard, Princeton, UTexas at Austin, UCB, UMich Ann Arbor, Columbia, VTech, Cornell

VO – Admits?
ME – Mam, UMICH Ann Arbor, Virginia tech and UTexas at Austin

VO – Why not UMich Ann Arbor? U are going for Bachelors in engineering and it is a good school?
ME – Mam, cost is a big factor involved. The tuition fees at UMICH is $39,000 pa, at UCB it is $33,000 and UTexas at Austin is $29,000 pa. While at Virginia tech it is $25,000 pa.

I felt that I will be getting the same quality of education with better cost effectively.

VO – Suddenly, Ok I’m approving you visa, Study Hard and enjoy your stay in America.

My suggestion would be to be confident and trying to apply at good schools. I feel if one applies to good school he is almost certain to get a visa.

Thank you HSB. :D

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