F1 Visa Interview – Approved – Cal State Northridge

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Thanks to Suraj on successful F1 Visa interview Stamping.

I had applied to Cal State Northridge, for B.S Microbiology.

The course expense as on I-20 was $30,100 (INR 13,87,000).

The expected family contribution as on I-20 was $38,700 (INR 17,83,000).

My Bank account statement along with certificate from Manager had liquid cash of $65,413 (INR 30,12,875) of which 15 lakhs was personal savings and 15 lakhs was loan.

I had a CA (Charted Accountant) certificate showing land, car, jewelry, LICs etc showing up to $500,000 (INR 2.5 Crore) All these documents were 100% genuine and I was present when they were drafted.

  • My appointment was at 8AM, reached at 7.15, security will let you in at 7.50.

Security will scan folders and files, and will throw your papers haphazardly so take a transparent plastic bag to save time and energy.

NEVER carry envelopes ( whether opened or sealed, because you will be sent out to open them and throw the envelopes, making you lose 10-15 mins)

I was called at one of the many counters and asked for my fingerprints. Sticker on the blue HDFC receipt was stuck on the passport. My I-20, my marks cards and TOEFL score were put in a plastic bag. They instructed me not to add or remove any docs from the bag.

I was sent to the next building (Visa Bay). Wait time was not even 5 mins when i was called to the adjacent hall, and made to sit with interviews going on before me.

After 5 mins, We were called to join the queue, and my turn came. Of course, the VO will look at the queue even when he’s taking a interview just to evaluate your body language. So be confident, and have a smile on your face.

My interview was like this:

VO: *smiles* “Good Morning, How are you today?”
Me: *smiles* “Good Morning, I’m fine, How are you?”

VO: “I’m good, Slide the folder please” Takes the folder, looked at the PP, I-20 etc.
VO: “Place your right hand index finger on the red screen please”
Did so, fingerprint matched. He turned away from the comp and faced me. Now the game starts, look into his eyes, no matter how much you want to see below or behind him.

VO: “So, why do you wanna go to the US to do your bachelors?”
Me: “I want to get into a teaching profession later. If I want to teach somebody, then I must have State-of-art knowledge, which only US can provide”

VO: ” Tell me why do you wanna get into Cal State Northridge?”
Me: ” Because it is the No.2 university in all of US where most graduates go on to become teachers and get Ph.Ds”

VO: “But why do Microbiology at CSUN only?”
Me: “Because in all of the west coast, its the prime university having its own in-house bacteriology lab. It has its own DNA sequencing facility.

VO: ” How much did you score in your high school?”
Me: “93% in class 10 and 91% in class 12.”
He then looked at the Marks Cards and my Science Talent Certificate in which I had been placed 2nd All over India (spent 10-15 secs reading them).

VO: ” You’re so young, how did you decide to pursue a career in Bacteriology?”
Me: “A lot of people in my country die from these diseases. I lost my grandfather to Malaria two years ago. That inspired me to pursue this”

VO: ” Did you apply to any other Universities in the US?”
Me: “Yes, SFSU, Cal State Fullerton and Cal State Sacramento”

VO: ” Do you have any relatives in California?”
Me: “No.”

VO: “Then why did you choose California?”
Me: “Because California State University is the foremost Univ in the US laying stress on teaching. It has won several Presidential Awards for best teachers.”

VO: “Who is funding your studies?”
Me: ” My parents and my grandfather”

VO: ” You said your grandfather passed away. Is this the other one?”
Me: ” Yes, this is my maternal grandfather”

He goes back to type something. Then he threw the I-20 and my Marks cards into the tray at which point I felt like fainting. The next second he said “Ok, Your visa’s approved. It should reach you in about a week by courier.”

Be sure to smile and thank him later. He will return the smile and say you’re welcome.

I was shocked because he didn’t ask to see my financial docs like CA certs, Bank statements etc. Anyway, I’m flying Aug 13th to USA.

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