Herguan University – F1 Visa Interview Experience – Visa Denied

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News Flash – Herguan University Raid – 450 Students in Trouble.

Herguan University F1 visa Interview experience.

I received email from a reader today and it was very obvious to see why he F1 Visa was rejected. Please, don’t ever make this mistake again and hope everyone learns from this experience.

I applied for Herguan University and today was my interview where I was rejected but I am not sure about what exactly went wrong with my case.

I completed my bachelors in 2006 since then I am working as System Admin for a company. Now I planed for my higher studies in US and I got I20 from two different universities and I selected Herguan University from the options.

My interview went for only 3 min

Me: Good Morning Mam
VO: Good Morning

Me: How are you doing today?
VO: No answer.

VO: Your Passport and Sevis receipt
Me: Handed over to her.

VO: Your I20 please
Me: Handed over my I20 and asked do you require acceptance letter of the university?

VO: No

VO: Why are you going to US?
Me: For pursuing Master’s in Computer Science.

VO: When did you completed your bachelors?
Me: In 2006.

VO: Since then what were you doing?
Me: Working as a System Admin for so and so company since 2006.

VO: Why are you leaving your job?
Me: I not leaving my job, I was granted a long leave for pursuing my Master’s and I will be supporting my company remotely.

VO: You mean you will be working for your company from US?
Me: Not exactly but if there is any issue I will be providing solutions through mail.

VO: Started writing something on a paper and handed over a white slip saying we are unable to issue you the visa.

In the white paper there are three check boxes from which she marked on second check box which says that


  • They are a bone fide student and the primary purpose of travel is to be a student;
  • They have sufficient funds to cover the first year total expenses, plus access to a continuing source of funds to cover all subsequent years of study; and
  • They have a residence abroad they intend to return to following the completion of their studies, demonstrated through family, social and economic prospects, etc

I am confused in these three points what would be the issue in my case. Can you help in this and what should be my answer if the same question were asked.

Should I resign from my duties and get a re-leaving letter from the company or what?

Like I am having a gap of 4 years from my bachelor to masters is that be a problem, how should I answer if they ask about my job.

When can I reapply for my next interview as my joining date is 9th Sep, can I fill my DS-160 today itself so that it will take three days for paying the fee.

If I fill DS-160 today can I pay the fee tomorrow and block the date after two day? Is that possible? Please help me in this, I will be thankful to you. I need your help as soon as possible.

F1 Visa is not Work Visa

How can you expect to get F1 visa when you admitted that you are going to work in USA while studying. When you apply for US Visa, you have to know the immigration rules. You can work while in US in F1 Visa under 3 conditions

  • Part Time job within Campus
  • Internship using CPT
  • With approved work authorization due to financial hardship

Working outside campus is illlegal and against the law. How can you expect to get visa when you have admitted to take part in illgeal activity?

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