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Here is the detailed conversation which held at the Karachi US consulate.
Please guys advise me should I re apply for the Spring 2012 session or not. VO didn’t look at my docs at all.

F1 Visa interview in Karachi

Visa Officer: Hello
Me: Hello Good Afternoon Mam

VO: Sorry for making u wait for so long (I was the last one to be interviewed)
Me:Not a problem mam

VO: So Mr W Why do u want to go 4 MS when u r currently on a job?
Me: I feel that I will find a much better job after doing my MS from USA. Especially, in my job in XYZ Company, our work is mostly on control systems and since my specialized field is also Control Systems.It will help me to get a good command in it.

VO; Show me your GRE and Toefl scores?
Me: Shown

VO: Why are the schools listed here are not ur applied ones?
Me: It is because I didn’t decide at that time where to apply so I picked schools randomly

VO: How was your results in University (she ws half sleep by this time….it ws very hard for me to hear her)
Me: I got very decent scores especially in the final 2 years

VO: How many schools did u apply to ?
Me: I applied to 6 . 5 accepted me and I got rejection from UT Dallas.

VO: Name the schools where u got accepted?
Me: Wayne State, University of Houston, Wichita, NYU poly , UTA

VO: Why did u select UT Arlington?
Me: It is in Texas which is relatively cheaper than other states and its engineering programs are ranked higher too

VO: What does your father do?
Me: He works in a leather based firm in Karachi

VO: What work?
Me: He is in the accounts dept

VO: So who is sponsoring u?
Me: My sister is my main sponsor . Apart from her my brother can also support me as well as my father

VO: Where is your sister?
Me: She is in US

VO: What is her Status?
Me: She holds a green card

VO: How did she reach US?
Me: Her husband was in America so he invited her to America. She is a doctor by profession

VO : So, her husband worked there?
Me: Yes my brother in law works at a bank

VO: For how many years has she been living there?
Me: Three

VO: Where did the marriage took place? (She was continuously typing something in her computer)
Me: It took place in Pakistan.

VO: Where are your other siblings?
Me: My other sister is in Karachi and my brother is working in UK. He is a British citizen

VO: What is the age of your sister who is in Karachi and is she married?
Me: She is 28 and yes she is married

VO; Where does your brother live and his occupation
Me He lives in Reading and works in a telecom Company

VO; What is the status of your parents ( A crucial one)
Me: They live in Pakistan and I live with my parents

VO: Where are they now
me: They are on a visit visa to US to see my sister

Then she typed some thing for 2 mins and said……..
” I am afraid Mr W, You don’t qualify for the student visa.”

By this time, my whole world was shattered but i asked her in a very low tone : ” Why mam what was the reason being this denial”

She said : “Academically u have good records and I have no doubts about ur qualifications but its just that u have no strong ties with Pakistan . ur brother is in UK .. ur sister is in US ..ur parents are also there on a visit visa and ur other sister is also married and you are single. You can get settled very easily . I am sorry”

What went wrong? I’m waiting for your replies. Please Tell me where I went wring? Should I apply again or not for student visa to USA?

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