F1 Visa rejected for Golden Gate University.  Read the possible reasons for rejection. It was obvious to see why visa could have been rejected.

F1 Visa Interview – Experience

me: good morning sir

vo: very gently good morning
vo: can i have the passport and other doc.
me :yes sir

vo :which university.
me: goldengate.

vo: how many admits.
me: iam still waiting from two universities( cal state hayward and uc riverside) and got rejection from texas univ.

vo:what did you choose golden gate over cal state (from which iam still waiting admits).
me: because faculty members are actually vps and directors of big enterprises and the best curriculum which cater to logistics , which is my area of interest.and blaaaa laaa lblaaa.

vo: did you went to usa previously.

me: yes in 2009

vo :what was the purpose
me: tourism

vo: any family member
me:yes my brothers

vo:what they do
me: i said one is studying masters

vo: in what field.

vo:what other is doing
me:opt about to come back.

vo: sorry sir we cant give you visa. we will keep b1 b2 with you sorry.
me: sir i have 10 years b1 b2 visa. i have no intentions to stay back.(he just need to convert 10 years visa to two years visa i dont know where i gone wrong.)

Possible Reasons for Rejection

Its easy to guess possible reasons for your F1 Visa Rejection.

  1. 2 Brothers already in USA
  2. Financial Stress for your parents
  3. Golden Gate university is not the best of the schools
  4. Choice of university shows your are an below average student.
  5. 2 Brothers already in USA, implies strong ties in USA (maybe)

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How to Improve your Visa Chances

If you want to improve your visa chances, you can get high score in GRE, get admit in much better university than Golden Gates. Admission with funding will improve your visa chance. Its easy for you to say they just have to convert 10 year visa to 2 years, but tourism and education are not the same.

Your Comments?

Do you agree to the reasons, add your thoughts/reasons for rejection.

  • sheena

    Hi my name is sheena I was a trivalley student got my visa on tri valley university in 2010 aug how ever I landed in US on dec 24 2010. My course was suppose to be started in month of jan 11 and 18th the university was shut. basically i dint get a chance to study in trivvalley.after which i wanted to transfer my self to another school, so i took admission in KSI called school in chicago. My parent and family is a green card holder there. I m married and settled in india but wanted to study my masters in US.Now m back in india as the transfer and I 539 was taking a long tym i thought i would come to india and apply again which i did in FINDLAY UNIV. I wanna know my visa chances as m really tensed. I have my I 539 on decision stage…plz help

  • Jk prez

    Same thing happened with my brother, who applied for J-1 visa, and was refused visa although he had b1b2 visa for 10 years and traveled to USA 3 times in last 2 years , reason of rejection must be elder brother already staying in USA on H-1 visa

  • Shveta

    Hi,I am doing my Masters in supply chain management from University of Texas at Dallas on H4 visa.My husband’s I-140 is approved(second stage of greencard processing).I will gradute in Spring 2012 so before that I want to go to India and get my F1 stamped. What are the chances of rejection? Has anyone faced the same situation as mine?

    • HSB

      They will be curious to know why you are getting F1 when you are going to graduate in Spring 2012.

      • Shveta

        My aim to become eligible for OPT ,start working as I don’t want to sit at home after completing my Masters. (My husband will get his EAD card after 3.5 years so till that time I can’t work on my visa.)
        But should I say this true reason? Will this create a bad impression? Can you please suggest some diplomatics answers based on your blog experience.

  • Anudeep

    Yes, I agree with those Rejections & Acceptions …. which is very guide ful. If you wanna get any guidence regarding to the US or According to their Universities….. just logon to these sites – - – >> ” http://www.usnews.com“, “www.ustodayeducate.com “…

  • Niko Bellick

    Ha Ha ha… Goldengate university has an open admission policy, that means everyone who applies there, gets accepted !! . This should be a strong reason to deny you a F1 Visa.

  • sq115

    Selection of university shows you’re not that good of a student.

  • P R

    Weird!!! How come you traveled before to the US and it is still an issue!!

  • masoom

    i have never been to the US. does that lower my chances of going there for higher studies?

  • eric

    I have my parents and sister in the US. how should i go about the VO interview when they ask me about it. Cos having a strong tie in the US is a sure rejection. What can i say when they ask about my family

  • Bolortuya

    I've recently rejected ma visa in ma first time. Cuz ma sister study in there.So first I fiiled into ma application to mentioned ma sister. so VO asked me Where do u live? then I afraid of lieing. Immedatelly I responded " i live ma sis.She's study in there".After VO gave me ma documents and asked me another one question.I litlle bit doubted.But he insisted ma documents again and required ma sis's transcript.Actually i didint bring any of her.So gave me yellow slip.2 days later bring her transcript.Therefore i waited 30 days after they called :ur visa denied, take ur documents". they didnt tell me any reason.Now I thought I have to hide ma sister,if it does ma visa already approved.What will i do next interview?Could i hide ma sister next time?(everone one suggested to me) I've planned to ma interview next month……HELP ME…!_!

    • john smith

      No wonder you got rejected . Its so obvious from your language skills

      • P R

        Consular know that people whose native language is not english is not capable of expressing themselves fluently in english….. I don’t think that’s the reason! John, I don’t think you are helping!

    • Sonu

      Bolortuya sorry for ur visa rejection…………
      u have been rejected because of ur communication skills……………so work hard with ur communication skills before applying for visa……………and yes dont say anything about ur sister………..but if they asked about your family then donot lie there…………because they have stored each and every single word of ur interview that u have gave last time…………..so donot lie there…………and all the very best for ur next interview…………..

  • Sahana

    Iam a HSB fan and love to read ur comments and tips and find them really helpful.
    Iam a physical therapist who has 3 yrs of work experience after my masters and planning to go to USA for my PhD. Please do tell me your opinion about the Miami university in this regard.

  • azaar

    hi i got 221 g visa so is it surely i will get visa r not ?

  • http://www.facebook.com/rajmohan92 Rajmohan

    i would agree with HSB.Having two brothers already in USA and having got admitted into an avg univ would ve surely made the VO to think.Had he made a good score and got an admission to a good univ "the two brothers blah blah" would not ve made much impact on the VO.Folks don't forget the Tri-valley univ incident and it's aftermath.

  • Sahil Sampat

    I don't think having brothers in the US made much of a difference. If it was the case, your 2nd brother would not have been issued a visa.

    The thing that blatantly stands out in your interview is when u mention that the faculty members of the said university are vps and directors of big enterprises.

    This gave a clear indication to the VO that you're going there with the sole intention of getting into one of these big enterprises and make money.

    Remember, they will always be under the impression that you are a potential immigrant unless you manage to convince them otherwise.

    Keep this in mind when you appear for your next interview and try to show that you are genuinely focused on getting a masters degree to improve your knowledge and not just a formality in order to get a high paying job.

    Good Luck


    Spare this guy's soul ! he was alright in answering all the question.on the contrary , the VO takes a prespective F1 student a potential immigrant 10 outa 10 times..these useless corrections {u might have said this or that } is utterly useless. because the F1 is given on the sole dicretion of the Visa officer…if Mr HSb is not agree with this than kindly discuss the fact that this guy has a 10 year visitor visa..he can go there and vanish if he want to do it but he took the right path and fell in the hands of these "racist" and "biased" monsters…stay strong buddy..i was rejected twice for the same , had a decent profile but…anyways..i am here in canada now…pursuing master's….

    • HSB

      Vanish into the woods, live with fear of getting caught and deported? If he truly wanted to study in US, then Golden Gate university is not the best of the schools. Taking easier route when 2 brothers are already in US shows his intentions is just get admit in some school and enter US. Even now he's got time and chance, get better score, get admit in better schools, then his chances of getting visa is very high.

      • yemoo

        please i need an advice…. is it wise to tell on the ds-160 if one has a relative in US. if the relative in the State as file for the person and is still in progress or i should state that i don't have any relatives there…. please i will your advice

    • HSB

      Where in Canada and which university?

  • Gourish

    Quite interesting post. I made it out from many of the posts in this blog that if the candidate's relatives are in US already many a times they will get 214b rejection (correct me if I'm wrong). So now in such case is it okay to not to reveal such facts &/or in fact LIE to Vo? Will they make search on family stuffs? :)

    • Hari Krishna Veturi

      When they take your passport they will obviously see your visa stamped for b1 or b2. The answer for the person was inevitable. He must be rejected as said by HSB, He must be having strong ties in the US. And as the saying goes, one lie will lead to several lies… So its better you don't lie