F1 Visa Rejected – 2 Brothers in USA

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F1 Visa rejected for Golden Gate University.  Read the possible reasons for rejection. It was obvious to see why visa could have been rejected.

F1 Visa Interview – Experience

me: good morning sir

vo: very gently good morning
vo: can i have the passport and other doc.
me :yes sir

vo :which university.
me: goldengate.

vo: how many admits.
me: iam still waiting from two universities( cal state hayward and uc riverside) and got rejection from texas univ.

vo:what did you choose golden gate over cal state (from which iam still waiting admits).
me: because faculty members are actually vps and directors of big enterprises and the best curriculum which cater to logistics , which is my area of interest.and blaaaa laaa lblaaa.

vo: did you went to usa previously.

me: yes in 2009

vo :what was the purpose
me: tourism

vo: any family member
me:yes my brothers

vo:what they do
me: i said one is studying masters

vo: in what field.

vo:what other is doing
me:opt about to come back.

vo: sorry sir we cant give you visa. we will keep b1 b2 with you sorry.
me: sir i have 10 years b1 b2 visa. i have no intentions to stay back.(he just need to convert 10 years visa to two years visa i dont know where i gone wrong.)

Possible Reasons for Rejection

Its easy to guess possible reasons for your F1 Visa Rejection.

  1. 2 Brothers already in USA
  2. Financial Stress for your parents
  3. Golden Gate university is not the best of the schools
  4. Choice of university shows your are an below average student.
  5. 2 Brothers already in USA, implies strong ties in USA (maybe)

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How to Improve your Visa Chances

If you want to improve your visa chances, you can get high score in GRE, get admit in much better university than Golden Gates. Admission with funding will improve your visa chance. Its easy for you to say they just have to convert 10 year visa to 2 years, but tourism and education are not the same.

Your Comments?

Do you agree to the reasons, add your thoughts/reasons for rejection.

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