F1 Visa Rejected – US Embassy Delhi

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Following Student Visa (F1) appointment experience is an perfect example of how not to answer the question – Why This University?

Student Visa Interview

I had my F1 visa interview in Delhi consulate on couple of days back for Spring 2011 semester.

Me : A very good morning sir
VO : Good morning sir

VO : So you are going to university of north texas
Me : Yes sir

VO : But why this university?
Me : Sir because the university has granted me admission in the course what i’ve always aimed for.

VO : But why this course there are 1000 other courses in US
Me : Sir because I always had a keen interest in this health management and policy making

VO : But y this university??
Me: Sir I have a senior who graduated from the same university and also gave me the feedback that the university is good for this course.

VO : (sarcastically) Ohh so u’r friend
Me : Moreover all the universities I applied in this university has granted me the best course and curriculum

VO : What all universities did you apply in?

VO: Sorry sir I can’t grant you a visa this time
Me : But why??

VO : I don’t find you a credible student and you should be well versed with the US immigration policy

He shook my world…after realizing that yes I wasn’t that well prepared for visa interview am again applying for visa and I am preparing and this is going to be my second attempt……If anyone can help me with possible suggestions and tell me what shall I expect when I face the VO again then please help me.

Seriously, its very tough to get visa when you give provide answers this. I would say, VO didn’t shake your world, its was 100% due to lack of preparation and being immature.

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