Another F1 Visa interview Experience posted by a reader. He says F1 visa was rejcected due to his own fault.

I got rejected of my own fault and I was not prepared much. This is how my interview went

VO – When did you complete your
ME – In the year 2005

VO – What were you doing since then?
ME – I was assisting in my father’s business.

VO – What kind of business?
ME – Said XXX business with XXX returns (stammered)

VO – What were you doing in your father’s business?
ME – I was supervising in his business.

VO – How much is the output of yours father business?
ME – Said.

VO – How many workers?
ME – Said.

VO – What is your percentage?
ME – Said.

VO – Sorry, I can’t give you the visa.

It is my nervousness that let me down and I was not prepared much.

How to overcome this.. as I am approaching for the second time.

Will I be asked the reason for being rejected and has he taken note of whatever I have said. Please help me.

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  1. hey hi guys,
    i’m bhavya sri, i’m frm hyd, i am done with PGDBM from UK,(manchester)2010
    then i came back to india, aftr that did kinda job in networking field,
    now i want to apply for USA, for doing MS. will it be a plus point of having a UK visa + PG .
    will it be an added advantage.has my brother is in US(green card holder)
    kindly suggest me

  2. i have taken my interview on 15 th 2011.i got my visa rejection,becoz of my ustanding with vo,i men questions,will der any feedbak about dis to the vo of 2nd interview.pls give me sug…bros n sis……….

  3. what is the exact academic percentage we should get in graduation to go to US and tell about backlogs also…?

  4. I completed my studies in march 2010 and I am applying for spring 2011 instead of fall 2010. Is it an issue really to worry with? What should I tell the VO abt the reason?

  5. i am reading that whenver they see a gap between your graduation date and the sem your applying for they ask what you did during that gap.The course that i am applying for is MIS and the university says that they do not require one to have work experience.If i am not doing anything and directly just applying for an MS will my visa get rejected?i passed out in 09 and will apply for fall 2011.What do they expect you to say when u have taken a break after graduation?

    • Need u put on a valid reason for that dude…Get some fake experience certificate the gap is in years no other go i believe.If its in mnths can manage saying i did this course that project wrk blah blah..providing valid certificates !!

      • but isin’t fake work experience risky, Thought they wont see that much, they” just have a glance at it. but still………..

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