F1 Visa Rejected Due to My Fault

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Another F1 Visa interview Experience posted by a reader. He says F1 visa was rejcected due to his own fault.

I got rejected of my own fault and I was not prepared much. This is how my interview went

VO – When did you complete your B.com
ME – In the year 2005

VO – What were you doing since then?
ME – I was assisting in my father’s business.

VO – What kind of business?
ME – Said XXX business with XXX returns (stammered)

VO – What were you doing in your father’s business?
ME – I was supervising in his business.

VO – How much is the output of yours father business?
ME – Said.

VO – How many workers?
ME – Said.

VO – What is your percentage?
ME – Said.

VO – Sorry, I can’t give you the visa.

It is my nervousness that let me down and I was not prepared much.

How to overcome this.. as I am approaching for the second time.

Will I be asked the reason for being rejected and has he taken note of whatever I have said. Please help me.

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