F1 Visa Rejected for Indian Doctor in Saudi Arabia for A Crazy Reason

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f1 visa indian doctorF1 Visa interview Rejected for Indian Doctor in Saudi Arabia . Submitted by AGS.

I am Indian doctor working in Saudi for about 2 years now. I got selected for my Doctorate degree in one of the best University in the US. TOEFL 115.

Have been to the US 7 – 8 times . I was in doubt whether I should apply from New Delhi or Riyadh.

I called up the US embassy and asked about my doubt and they replied that if I am staying at a place for more than 6 months I should apply form that place, so in my case I SHOULD apply from F1 Visa from Saudi.

So this month I went to Riyadh for F1 Visa interview. Here is whatever I remember of the interview.

VO : Good Morning
ME: Morning Ma’am

VO: So you are going to US for studies
ME : Yes Ma’am

VO: Why are you applying from here, you should apply form India
ME: Ma’am I was uncertain of that and had called up the embassy in Riyadh and they informed me that since i have been here for more than 6 months I SHOULD apply form this place.


VO: But when you leave to study in the US you will be no longer a resident of this place, so how can I give you a Visa from here.
ME: I did not think about this as I was instructed to apply from this place by the embassy, otherwise I would have done it from New Delhi.

VO : Why this University ?
ME: Its one of the best university for medical education in the US and throughout the word it is ranked among the best 50 schools.

VO : So what will you do after you finish from there.
ME: I will come back to this place and start working again, and if I have an American degree my salary will be 3-4 times higher that what i get currently.

VO: How much is your salary
ME: this much

VO : Hmm.. so its a good investment
ME: Yeah !

VO: I would love to give you a visa but unfortunately I cannot grant you a visa now.
ME: Zapped !!

VO: Handed me a white slip 214(b)
ME: But why so?

VO: The US immigration law states that you should show ties to your home country or your place of residence , which unfortunately you could not show.
ME: I can show you all my property parents and everything what I have in India.

VO: Thats ok , but you left India to work in Saudi , that means you don’t have ties strong enough which will keep you back in India , and here you do not have any ties , so according to the Law I cannot give you a visa.
Me: so you think if i apply from Delhi I would get a visa from there?

VO: Maybe , but I cannot guarantee , If you show ties you may.
ME: Ok , any other documents which I can show ??

VO: Please leave , cause I have many more people to interview.. or I would have to call the security.
ME: Well no need for that , have a nice day ahead !!

Well, this was my experience.

Please guide me where I went wrong. Now i’m planning to apply from India in June, after completing my job contract here n Saudi, but I don’t know how would I show ties.

I have all my family there , property and everything.

But I will not be having any Job cause I have already resigned from my job in Saudi cause I was supposed to start School in July in US. What are my chances of getting a visa from India , if rejected once.

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