F-1 Visa Rejected, But Why?

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I had my F-1 Interview on May XX, 2011 for Georgia State University (GSU) for MSIS program. Luck really played a hard ball with me. Please help.
I am sharing my F1 Visa to USA Interview experience please help so that I can learn about it from different perspectives.

F1 Visa Interview

VO: Good Morning! How are you this morning?
Me: (With Smile) I am good sir, How are you doing?
VO: (with Smile) am good as well.

VO: So why did you selected this university?
Me: Sir, before applying I scrutinized about 10 univ and applied in 6 and got admits from 5 of them. GSU has…
[interrupts me]

VO: what were other univ you accepted from?
Me: (all were decent one) told me.

VO: tell me about your educational background?
Me: Sir I graduated from XYZ university in 2010 and working in ABC company as software developer since July 2010. Recently I have also started learning SAP on weekends in my company only.

[Gets up and leave for 1-2 min!!]
[after coming back]
VO: How much are you earning right now?
Me: Told him.

VO: How are you supporting yourself?
[as I was about to tell him without taking a second's pause, he flips through the pages of my I-20 and pops next question]

VO: What does your father do?
Me: Told him but in excitement also told him his salary figure and that I am also being sponsored by my mother who is (her profession).
[Here I think I made a mistake by saying more than required].

VO: Do you have anyone in US?
Me: No Sir

VO: So Why do you wanna leave your job now? You seem to earn good to me here.
Me: Sir with current education I cannot move up much in the management ladder like being a manager and VP. Indian MNC’s like (stated their names) are recruiting people for database, project management like never before. After graduating when I would return, expertise earned in USA would really boost my career.
[Now I think mentioning 'moving up the ladder' was wrong but I think it should not be big deal though]. [Could have mentioned couple projects in my company coming up etc but didn't wanted to lie].

VO: I am sorry. Your visa is not approved.
Me: Can I know the reason sir?
[VO gave no expression]

Friends please help me out. I wasn’t nervous at all but didn’t wiggled my body too. There’s is nothing I love but to pursue my MS at GSU. I knew everything and did pretty good digging by contacting professors etc but this VO didn’t gave me chances. Please please help. Any input is highly appreciated.

Next Steps

  • Give few days to reflect what could have gone wrong.
  • Think and re-think your interview response
  • Apply again.
  • Post your GRE/TOFL Scores and other universities where you got admits.

Time between F1 Visa Interview

Is there any time limit between the gap of two visa interviews and how many attempts are there for a student in a calender year. some said 2 in 12 months..some said its total rubbish. your precious comment please?
about  the mails i had everything handy….correspondence with 3 very honorable prof from GSU but iff only the VI had given me a chance. seemed to me he wasn’t even interested in listening to me.
what he did was- there was this guy at window when my token number popped up. all i heard was his rejection…before me there was this girl who was going for MBA (heard through eavesdropping)…approved after less a min and mere 2-3 ques…then my turn came and he was least interested…
m sorry to write this up but this is just frustration of preparing something for more than 2 years and finally hitting a wall..

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