F1 Visa Rejected under 214(b) – They Were Unfair

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Another F1 Visa Rejected under Potential Immigrant Section 214(b). Here is link to all F1 Visa Interview Experiences posted in  the blog so far.

They were Unfair. I just had my visa interview and got rejected under 214(b).

F1 Visa Interview Rejection 214b

VO – hi, how are you ?
Me – I’m very well sir, how are you ?

VO- Where r you going?
Me- USA for my M.S

VO- Checked the I-20 & said oww ! So you are going to  CAL STATE, NORTHRIDGE ?
ME-  Yeah ! That’s  right.

VO- why this university?
ME- offering courses of my specialization BLAH BLAH !

ME- I did a good bit of research about this UNI BY myself and some seniors had given me positive feedback about its EE DEPT.

VO – What about other admits?
ME- TOLD HIM all the 3 names.

VO – do u have any experience?
ME- No sir.

VO- Do you have anything related to your UNDERGRAD?
ME- I have all my DMC’s and PROVISIONAL DEGREE, I passed the the same.
ME- I did my b.tech. First class with Distinction with a total AGGREGATE of 78 %

VO – I believe you and smiled
VO- watcha parents do?

ME-BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and I’m there only son

During all the interview time, he kept joking around with someone beyond him.

He saw me in the eyes for 2-3 times and I was 200 % sure I would sail through.

There was not a tinge of doubt about that.

While toking to his mate he uttered “i dot think you have strong home ties & according to 214[b] of U.S immigration Law.i cant give u the visa.”

While saying all this he had started giving me my PASSPORT BACK and i thought it was not necessary to convince him about my home ties because everything was over..


They played unfair.

THE VO din’t even ask me anything that “will i be coming back or such sorts.

After going through my I-20 and just my degree Certificate, he just pronounced his decision.

These people choose randomly ……]tell me if anyone could find a fault in this experience.

My Thoughts

I think you could have done better based on what you have posted. Answers were not impressive at all. Above all to everyone going for visa interview remember this very important point.

When VO asks a question, just give exact answer to the question.  In your case above

VO- watcha parents do?
ME- BOTH of them are in GOVT SERVICE for the past 30 years and i am there only son

VO didn’t ask if you have any brothers or sisters. Why did you say you are the only son.

I’m not sure what VO could have thought, but if I were you I would have said just about my parents.

Also, for question about Why this university, you were no way near to give that best answer.

You don’t decide on a university because your seniors said its good. It’s your life, you do the research about the university and you must be in charge on what you decide. Not your seniors.

You should have said – My area of interest is so and so.. Professor XYZ is working on that area. I’m interested in working under him.

I will let other readers comment on your Visa interview. They should have different thoughts and suggestion. You can definitely give another try.

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