F1 Visa Renewal – Interview Waiver and Dropbox in Mumbai, India

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student-f1-visaHere’s a F1 visa renewal through interview waiver program in India.

Interview Waiver Program in India allows visa applicants renewing their US visas that are still valid or expired within the past 48 months may submit their applications for consideration for streamlined processing, including waiver of a personal interview.

Earlier this year, USA Visa interview waiver program in India option was announced.  If you met the eligibility requirements for Interview waiver or dropbox, then you can apply for USA visa renewal without attending the visa interview.

Following post was shared by Roma who recently got F1 Visa renewed via interview waiver by submitting visa application and documents via dropbox at Team Stanley.

F1 Visa Renewal  Interview waiver in India

I have been an avid reader of this blog and it has some really good tips. I would like to share a unique experience. I renewed my F1 visa for masters successfully through the Visa Dropbox service.

Visa Interview Detail

Submitted DS 160, and since I qualified for the dropbox renewal, I decided to opt for that.

I prepared all the documents needed and took them in a folder and headed to the Stanley office/dropbox location in Mumbai

There were people waiting in a line to get the 10 fingerprints and since I was there with the dropbox confirmation letter, I was let right in.

I waited for about 5 minutes and the rep only took

  • DS160 confirmation
  • Passport
  • One photo
  • I-20

He said I would hear back from them in about a week.

Lessons Learned from your interview

I prepared all the documents as the website suggested, but to my surprise they only took the documents mentioned above, nothing else.

I was tensed since I thought this was weird as they didn’t ask for any bank documents as such.

The consulate website states that this facility is only for those who are “returning to the same school and same program”, but mine was approved even though it was a change from BS to MS ( KEEP IN MIND THAT UNIVERSITY HAS TO BE SAME).


  • Documents dropped off on the 22nd of November 2013.
  • 25 th  November- Online status tracker showed “Ready” and later that afternoon “administrative processing”
  • 27 th November- status updated to ‘Issued”

In short, if you qualify for dropbox, go for it. It is a hassle-free process and in most cases gets approved. All the best.


That was simple dropbox experience isn’t? Check eligibility criteria and if you qualify, then opt for USA visa renewal via dropbox.

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