F1 Visa Stamping at US Mumbai Consulate – MBA

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Successful F1 Visa stamping at Mumbai Consulate – Thanks to Vijay for posing his visa interview experience at How to get F1 Visa without 221(g)

Interview Date- 3rd June 2010
Location- Mumbai
Time- 8am

VO- Good Morning
Me- gm

VO- Which University?

Which Program?

VO- Why UTA?
Me- Explained

VO- How many universities you had applied and how many admits did u get?
Me- Applied 9 , admits- 8

VO- Name the universities from where you got admit?
Me- said

VO- I think XYZ Univ is better than what you have opted for
Me- Told VO why UTA is better than XYZ

VO- What was your under graduate GPA?
Me- 3.95/4

VO- What is your GMAT & TOEFL Score?
Me- 670/800 and 116/120

How many years of experience do you have? What was your job profile?
Me- 3 Years work experience and Explained my job profile.

VO- How the program you have opted for help you in future?
Me- Explained

VO- Do you plan to return back to India??
Me- Yes and explained the reason for returning back.

VO- Where do you see yourself 10 years from now??
Me- Explained

VO- The program you have opted for is offered in India too? Why USA only??? Why not UK, Australia or Canada?
Me- Explained

VO- Laughed- you gave me enough reasons
Me- Smiled

VO- You did your BBA & MCOM right?
Me- Yes

VO- What was your specialization in both the courses?
Me – BBA- Finance & HR
MCOM- Marketing & HR

VO- How long will you stay in USA?
Me- I said Maximum 5 years

VO- 5 Years?
Me- Yes- Course length is 2.6 years and 2.4 years I’ll work and earn before I return.

VO- Smiled and shook his head

He paused for 30 seconds

I was scared when he paused – I thought I am dead

You gave me strong reasons and am very well satisfied

Congrats Mr.Thakkar you have been granted VISA and you can collect it from VFS today evening.

I could not believe that after such a long and stressful interview I finally got the VISA. I reconfirmed with VO that did I really get the VISA?

VO Smiled and said Yeh you did- have a party.

Me- Thanks

Evening- 5pm on the same day of interview I collected my PP from VFS and was amazed to see that VO gave me VISA for 5 years.

Usually F1 visa will be issued for 5 years. I have seen some students get visa for 2 years.

If you have completed your visa interview, please send your visa interview experience. So, far I have posted about 13 visa stamping.

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