F1 Visa Stamping Experience at Chennai US Consulate

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Yesterday Deepak’s F1 Visa Stamping experience was posted and today Jeevan’s successful F1 Student Visa interview at Chennai

  • Decision : Accepted
  • Consulate:Chennai
  • Date: 17th june
  • University heading to : UFL
  • Program: MS in Chemical Engineering
  • Cost on I-20: $41573
  • Funded/Unfunded/Partially funded (details): Partially Funded
  • Financial Summary : personal savings + parents savings
  • Work Experience : NIL

The interview went rather smooth, and lasted for about 2 minutes.

Visa Interview at Chennai Consulate

Me: Good morning, mam.
VO: Good morning..
VO(checking the docs and digging up the sevis info in her PC): Can I see your document.
Me(hand over the docs)
VO: So, you are going to the University of Florida to pursue your masters in chemical engineering?
Me: Yes
VO: you have graduated from Anna university,…. SSN college of Engineering this june…. May rather..
Me: Yes

VO: Did you get any other admits..?
Me: one from SUNY, buffalo

VO: why did you choose UFL over that?
Me: told her abt my research interests and abt the greater no of research projects at UFL.

VO: So, your parents support your education… how?
Me: Parents have been working for ** years and started saving for my education fom the very beginning.

VO: How much do you currently have in account?
Me: $42000

VO: Ok, your visa has been issued, you’ll get it in a week…. and we are organizing an orientation for the students leaving this fall, here is the info (hands over a slip)
Me: Thank you, mam

Those who have their DS160 form photos with spectacles on…. you’ll need to take 100 in cash… they will have you take a new photo in the consulate (takes around 20 minutes)

Thanks to Jeevan for sending his visa interview experience. Good luck to him for his journey to US and Masters degree.

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