I Used Fake Certificates for US F1 Visa Interview

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Comment from a reader

Dear all, I went for visa interview with fake certificates, after interview VO gave me blue form to wait for documents process. Should I write back to them and confess that I have use fake documents? Because I have original certificate and friend dceceived me. Pls help.

Fake Certificates for F1 Visa

Well, you should have posted a comment like

My friend is asking me to use fake certificates for visa interview. Can I use them, will I run into trouble?

We would have advised to not to do that. Now, you made the mistake and you must decide what is the best course of action.  If US Embassy finds that your documents are fake, then you will have to  face the consequences. Your friend is not going to be affected. Seriously, if your friend asks you to commit a fraud, you just go with it? Its easy to give advise when you are not going to be affected. If you were to be caught, you can be banned to enter into US for life or several years.

Visa officers try hard to find fake documents and certificates. Some cases they cannot find and candidates go on to US to tell the story that they used fake documents.

Don’t even try to use fake bank statements or certificates, degree, mark sheets, ..etc. If you decide to use them, then you have to be ready to face the impacts (negative) that may come with it.

Over to you

What  advise would you give the person? Do you recommend the person to disclose to US embassy that they used fake certificates or wait to hear the results from the embassy.

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