Fall 2011 – F1 Visa at Chennai – Stamped

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Hai guys I got F1 Student Visa at Chennai US Consulate admitted at Texas A &M commerce.

Guys nearly 6 of my friends applied at Hyderabad US consulate got rejected. I did my interview on may 5th. Hyderabad consulate services are not good. Today my friend Shabana got rejected.

Student Visa interview – Chennai

Me: Hello sir good morning?. How are you?.
VO: I am fine. How are you?
Me: I am fine sir

VO: Why have u choosen Texas A &M commerce?
Me: It is the largest university which has lot of autonomous universities in USA. I fumbled and then I said it offers a good and reliable courses.

VO: why Texas?
ME: It has a moderate climate where I can comfortably pursue my master’s

Vo: wat is you division at B.Tech?
Me: First division

Vo: wat is your aggregate?
Me: 63.55 sir

VO: Are you the first person from your family to fly to abroad?
ME: yes sir

VO: after your MS?
ME: want to do PHD and return back to India and work as a professor.

VO: Then I should issue VISA to you
ME: Thank you sir

VO: hey listern pal
ME: yes sir

VO: you are not suppose to enter USA 30 days early before our classes commences. If you enter USA before 30 days of your classes/ you will be sent to prison or deported back to INDIA.

ME: yes sir. Certainly I not going to enter as per the rules. Thank you sir. Thank you very much. Good bye sir

Vo: with smile all the best

Congrats to Tarun on his Visa and thanks for sharing his Student Visa experience.

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