FI Visa Approved at Hyderabad after 221(g)

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Hello HSB, Firstly I would like to thank Happy schools blog admin and the members. I have attended my F1 visa interview on 28/10/2011 in Hyderabad Consulate. I was given 221(g) yesterday i.e on 23/11/11 i received my passport stamped.

Back Ground and profile:

  • Stream : B.Tech Mechanical Engineering
  • Academic percentage – 73.
  • GRE : 990
  • IELTS : 6.5
  • Applied For : Masters program in Aeronautical Engineering, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Daytona Beach Campus, FL.

Here’s my VISA Interview experience

VO : Gud Morning,
ME : Hello,Very good morning.

VO : which University?
ME : Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.

VO : Why Embry Riddle ?
ME : As it’s the one of the best university in the world of aeronautics. I chose ERAU.

VO : Why Aeronautical?
ME : I’m very much interested in this field.

VO : Why you are interested?
ME : Umm, aah.. Because I would like to know about the design of the modern aircraft’s and I love to fly.

VO : okay, Whats your GRE?
ME : 990

VO : Percentage?
ME : 73

VO : Any backlogs?
ME : 1,

VO : Show me your documents, I need to check.
ME : Okay, here they are.

VO : Okay, Whats your father?
ME : He is running his own business.

VO : what Kind of business.
ME : Business related to food industry, Catering.

VO : Catering? What is the specialty?
ME : said

VO : Whats Your annual income?
ME : It’s around 5 Lac’s.

VO : Okay, What all the other universities you have applied?
ME : ERAU, University of Alaska Fair banks and Florida Institute of Technology.

VO : Okay, I will send you an email please reply to that and with in few days you’ll come to know your status in the website.
ME : Okay, Thanks.

VO : Good Luck, Bye.
ME : Good Bye.

I was Quite confident through out my interview and I gave all short and straight answers. After 21 days of suspense I received my VISA.. :-) All the very best to all who are going to attend the interview’s and thanks to HSB again….

Its shopping time.. ;-) :P

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