Good Consulting Companies for H1B Visa 2012 Sponsorship

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I’m a first year Ph.D student in Computer Science, currently on F1 visa.  I’m thinking of moving to the software industry. I wanted to know -

  • Do Ph.D students have CPT or OPT?

Yes, PhD students get CPT and OPT.  You have option to search for Internship, get CPT and have the company sponsor your H1B visa, if they can hire you as an employee.

  • How to apply for jobs in U.S? I’m looking for software development or networking jobs.

Read the following articles to understand job search process.

  1. Read the Career Guide Section
  2. 7 Steps in Job Search Cycle
  3. The Ultimate Job Search Guide
  • Any good consulting companies?

We don’t recommend consulting companies for H1B Visa 2012 sponsors.  You would have to find a job and hopefully they would sponsor your Visa. By the way why are you looking for consulting company to sponsor your H1 when you are just learning the job search process. I would suggest to look for a full time job (direct hire).

  • If any other Ph.D student has done a similar thing in the past, kindly share your experience with me.

I think only about 50% of students who start PhD actually graduate. So, there should be plenty of students out there you have done the same. Challenges is finding them and having them share their experience.


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