Good GRE Score for US Universities Admission

Raghuram Sukumar GRE

What is considered as good GRE score for US Grad School admission.

It depends on your relative understanding of the term “good”.

I was reading through the comments to respond and I did find one common question among those comments about GRE Score.

Same question was asked in different flavor by different students

  • What is Good GRE Score?
  • What is the minimum GRE Score required for admission to U.S. University
  • I scored 295 in GRE, is that score good enough to get admission?
  • I want to PhD in biotechnology, what is good GRE Score for graduate school admission
  • What is minimum GRE Score required for admission in M.S. Computer Science

So what is Good GRE Score?

I’m really not sure how to answer the question “What is good GRE Score”. I’m sure, they are still in the process of learning about GRE Scores and how this whole U.S. Admission process works.

I strongly suggest them to read the free e-book Student Guide to U.S. Universities.

I think what they want to know is average GRE exam scores required for admission to universities or minimum GRE Score required for admission. But, there is nothing called good GRE score or bad GRE score.

There is only one GRE Exam Score, i.e what you have scored and its now up to you, to find if that score is sufficient enough to get admission.

Good GRE Score Examples

If you  apply to few universities, get admission, then I-20 and visa, then we could say that GRE test score is good or maybe not.

But, there are other questions that you can see above, which is difficult to answer.

There are so many colleges and Universities, responding with one answer like “Minimum GRE Score required for admission with PhD in Biotechnology with scholarship is 30 might not be possible.

Aim for the best posisble score you can get with a good study plan for GRE. Then pick the good college that matches your profile.

Raghuram SukumarGood GRE Score for US Universities Admission