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Here’s a comment from a reader:

Could you please tell me what’s the equivalent GPA in scale of 4.0 for 71% at Jaypee University of Information Technology?

Over 3 articles have been posted here which are related to conversion to GPA. If you were able to read the comments in those articles, it will be very evident that some students either don’t understand English or cannot understand the context.

To understand what it really meant, you must first read the comments.

All those articles have clearly explained that conversion to GPA from percentage grade is not possible. If you need a more detailed explanation, read the GPA Converter post.

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  1. Karthik

    Hello this is karthik am from Hyderabad have completed bachelors from Biotechnology in year 2011 with 57% from top three univeristy in A.P ( Srinidhi Institute of Sciencer & Technology) interested in pursuing Masters inFood Science program for summer 2013. And am having 18months of work experience in Heritage foods India limited company. Could you please tell me am i eligble to apply for Master’s in USA. Could you please tell me some universites which accepts my profile.. and what abt Gre and Tofel score need to get for gaining admission. Thank you in advance

  2. pink

    i have a 90.473% grade from University of the Philippines. Whats is the GPA equivalent of that? I am currently looking for Scholarship grants and Programs to study abroad, so I have to convert my Grade to GPA..

  3. shahnawaz

    i am an indian. my percentage marks in engineering is 74%. what is my GPA score.

  4. trish

    USA equivalent gpa of 3.0 equals what percent? based on the grading system of the university of new mexico? help!

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