15 Graduate School Admission Decisions: All Denied

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I was shocked to see graduate school admission decisions. I’m about to complete my undergraduate in Electronics and Communication in India. I had applied for Graduate school admission Fall to around 15 universities in the USA and all 15 universities rejected my admission.

I’m planning on reapplying for spring though. I am really disappointed since i know of many people with lower credentials than mine who have secured admission into good universities in the USA. Please help me out with suggestions for universities I could apply to for spring.


  • Estimated C.G.P.A after i complete my course in July: 6.90/10
  • GRE score: 1280 (700-quants, 580-Verbal,3.5- Essay)
  • TOEFL score: 111

I really do not know why all graduate school admission decisions was negative. I’m planning to get admission for Spring semester. Please help me out asap with names of some good universities i can apply to for spring and hopefully get in.

List of Universities -

  • University of florida
  • University of pennsylvania
  • Carnegie Mellon
  • Arizona State University
  • Ohio State University
  • Texas Dallas
  • Texas Arlington
  • Illinois institute of technology
  • Colorado state university
  • Virginia tech
  • University of southern california
  • University of washington
  • University of north carolina
  • Northeastern university

Graduate School Admission Decisions

So, what could have gone wrong to get denial from all graduate school admission applications?

  • There could be definite reason for denials or just a coincidence.
  • Looking at university list, you could have selected few more “safe” universities.
  • Without reviewing your Statement of purpose, resume and other documents, its very hard to predict why graduate school admission decisions were all negative.

Don’t compare your profile with others who have scores/credentials. When you compare an apple, you have to pick an apple. You cannot compare an apple with an orange.

Other friends who got admission cannot be compared with your profile.

Spring Admission

Before applying for Spring semester

  • Find out reasons for admission denial.
  • Use better and improved statement of purpose. ( sample statement of purpose for reference)
  • Don’t apply to same schools, unless profile changes.
  • Get strong recommendation letters

If you apply to similar set of schools without improving your profile, then you could end up with not so good graduate school admission decisions.

Readers – Do you have any more tips for Rohit?

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