GRE Analytical Writing Topics

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GRE Analytical Writing is part of GRE Exam, which is evaluates on the scale of 6.0 points.

During GRE preparation, its important to give equal importance to Analytical Writing section too. Having GRE Score of 1300 and Analytical  Writing Score of 2.5 will not look good. So, make sure you spend enough time to prepare for Analytical writing section in GRE.

GRE Analytical Writing Topics

The GRE analytical writing consists of two analytical writing tasks

  1. 45-minute Present Your Perspective on an Issue
  2. 30-minute Analyze an Argument

In Present Your Perspective – you will be have choice of two Issue topics. Each states an opinion on an issue of broad interest and asks you to discuss the issue from any perspective(s) you wish, so long as you provide relevant reasons  and examples to explain and support your views.

In Analyze an Argument Analytical writing task, you will don’t have a choices. The Argument task presents a different challenge from that of the Issue task: it requires you to critique a given argument by discussing how well reasoned you find it.  You will need to consider the logical soundness of the argument rather than to agree or disagree with the position it presents.

How to Get High Score Analytical Writing

If you think, on the GRE Exam day[ How to register for GRE Exam] , you can directly tackle the topics, you are making a huge mistake. Getting high score in GRE Analytical Writing section requires

  • Practice during exam prep stage
  • Time management
  • Typing without mistakes
  • Write your essay, don’t correct mistakes while typing.
  • Allocate 3 to 5 minutes at the end to correct the sentences and grammar mistakes

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