Confused about choice to book to study for GRE Exam?

Here’s my take on the 2 of best choice of books available for GRE Exam preparation.

I have used both Barron’s and Kaplan and have seen friends who used only Kaplan and Barron’s along with ETS GRE materials.

Kaplan or Barrons GRE Book?

After using both GRE tets prep books to prepare for the test and I find that Kaplan’s practice tests and exercises are not as challenging as the Barron’s GRE.

Kaplan provides really good test prep tips and strategies. For Essay section, Kaplan provides very good strategies.

Barrons would gives harder practice questions. If you this post Magic Formula to Score 1410 in GRE, where the person used only Barrons and Kaplan GRE Books to score 1410 with 30 days of prep time.

  1. Kaplan GRE Books - Use it to learn strategies, essay section.
  2. Barrons GRE – Use it for practice test, verbal word lists and quantitative.

Kaplan GRE Books are well known in GRE Test prep market. Some test taker might not like the way book are presented, be it Kaplan or GRE. Understand your need and find the right test prep books.

Its not possible to buy all the available GRE Test prep materials in the market. Barrons and Kaplan have good reputation for their GRE Test prep books.

Both Barrons and Kaplan have published book for New Revised GRE.

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  • kushagra

    hi raghu, your blog seems to be more then helpful, i had a query. I completed my in 2012 but due to backlogs , i had extension in my degree. If i score good in gre and toefl , will that b helpful in applying for MS in USA ??

    • Raghuram Sukumar

      Good score helps.

  • josh

    I have recently purchased kaplan’s premier GRE 2013 on kindle but i am unable to register the book since i cannot see the page numbers . Does any one know the answer to the last word in explanation of question 4 on page 40

  • Annie


    I just wanted to know that i have 18th edition of BARRON’S GRE ………can i still use it for the preparation of revised GRE…..???? i have to give the exam in March 2013….???

    • Raghuram Sukumar

      If it includes Revised GRE pattern then yes. If not use it just for practice tests.

      • Annie

        ok means only pattern is different. The questions are of same type???

  • samarth gupta

    hi, i am doing my btech, presently in third year in Production and Industrial engg. , can I purse MS after giving gre in Computer Science from a reputated university or will they reject my application since I m not from CS background?

  • aadil

    respected sir/madam,
    i am in my third year B.E. in computers ( going in 4th year next month), i am planning to do my masters. what would be the right time for giving GRE and also what is the procedure and everything? could you please guide me. my aggregate in 52%..


    Hey there! I am currently in my final year of B.Tech in Computer Science and Technology. I wish to pursue M.S. in the U.S. I want to do Masters in Engineering Management as I want a management degree without changing my technical field.(as an MBA would completely lose my engineering value). When should I plan to give the GRE and TOEFL exam? is it too late for FALL 2012 ? please help me.

    • Ojus Save

      You can opt for MIS i.e Management Information Systems or even EIT Elements of IT project

  • ashish

    actually which book is prefered for students who are starting prep freshly without basic ideas for gre??

  • sanyam

    am gona write my exam as per revised pattern starting this august ,is above statistics is valid for new gre baronn’s and kaplan too? please help …

  • salim shaikh

    I want to write kaplans gre practice test can you send me those questions set

  • Madhuri S

    I’m a student of B.E biotechnology and i have an aggregate of 80.84%.I would like to know which books to use for both verbal and quant apart from the princeton review materials i will be getting from my classes.I really need help with quant,so could anyone plz suggest good books? Kaplan’s Barron’s or both? Is buying ETS:GRE Big book a real help? i am aiming for a score of 1400 minimum.

  • gudra hembram

    how can i get an e version of barrons and kaplans books for for preparing GRE and what are the syllabi of GRE and TOEFL

  • Bharath reddy

    Sir/Madam I am still doing my B.E. I am currently studying 3rd year my academics average is just 59% without any backlogs but I am thinking to write GRE can I write the exam? What should be my score to get admitted in good college? Pls help me


  • vaibhav chauhan






  • vaibhav chauhan

    Greetings of the day
    Sir/madam i have only one question that is. Is ' g.r.e. math bible written by jeff kolby and derrick vaughan 2008 edition published by nova press' is more than sufficient ? i'm asking it because the level of question presented and exercise question is much more higher than the barron's 2008 edition and i 'm thinking of the time frame of 20 days of completing this book,if the answer of question i asked above is 'yes'.
    vaibhav chauhan

    • HSB

      Nova press math prep is one of the best books. Once you are done with that take tests from other books.

  • vinach

    Sir/Madam I am still doing my B.E. I am currently studying 3rd year my academics average is just 59% without any backlogs but I am thinking to write GRE can I write the exam? What should be my score to get admitted in good college? Pls help me


    • HSB

      Yes you can write GRE. Read other blog posts for more details.

  • vinay christopher.j

    Sir/Madam I am still doing my B.E. I am currently studying 3rd year my academics average is just 59% without any backlogs but I am thinking to write GRE can I write the exam? What should be my score to get admitted in good college? Pls help me

  • Rishav

    Well, if you are trying to make a good score in GRE then i would say-
    1> Buy Barron's GRE 18th edition… its available in Indian print for the first time in 2010 for less than Rs.300/-
    The printed price is 425. But most good technical book shops give good discount_ I have got it for 275 only.
    2> Download the e-book version of Kaplan. Its available on Rapidshare or just Google it. Its good to use Kaplan as e-book as it costs more than Double(over Rs.600) than the Barron's. Sure u may buy it if u have enough money.
    If u want to know more, then reply here or mail me …
    [email removed]

    • deepak

      could u please suggest best books for both quants and verbal separately. waiting for Ur reply…Deepak

  • Arjun

    hi please suggest me with some good books for preparing the GRE exam..Thanks in advance

  • Shilpa

    hi, i am using Barron's GRE book..please tell me few more material as i don't think that it would be sufficient and i'll b taking GRE exam in mid-october so would it be the right time for the admission for the fall semester 2010?

  • Johan


    I am planning to write GRE after 2 months. I took the Barrons diagnostic and scored 360 v and 800 Q. Normally, I am applying for a research assistantship position in USA, and I have agreed with the proffesor on many terms. I do have a sound GPA and strong references. Moreover, I am pretty comfortable with the quantitative part, and am certain to score well on that. My problem is the verbal section. English is my second language and my vocab. skill is not appreciable. I have started studying Barrons, but it is a way hard, for me, to cram all the word lists. However, I am stuggling day and night to do my best.

    As I have only two months, I am thinking to switch to Kaplan for my preparation. Do you guys believe kaplan to be sufficient for the verbal part?

    What do you advice me to improve my verbal ability with in two months in a way that will enable me score >600 on the verbal part.

    I thank you in advance,

  • pranith

    i have acads around 61% and GRE date is on 26th aug r there bright chances of me gettin into a good univ?? should i go ther even during recession?

  • Karthik Bharadwaj

    admission to universities is the least of ur probs dude.. the real hurdle is the visa.. as said above, ace ur gre and prepare a super sop and u;re thru. atb :)

  • Rahul

    Hi there! Its a very useful resource for MS aspirants. I have 1 question here. I've completed my BE with 68% aggregate. But i had 12 back logs during the span of four years. However I've graduated in 4 years with a first class degree. Will these past back logs hamper my MS chances? I am yet 2 take up my GRE.

    • Raghuram

      Thanks Rahul, If you have good GRE score, it will be help increases your chances to get admission even with 12 backlogs. Also, having good recommendation letter and SOP will be helping factor.