Book : Kaplan or Barrons for GRE Test Prep?

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Confused about choice to book to study for GRE Exam?

Here’s my take on the 2 of best choice of books available for GRE Exam preparation.

I have used both Barron’s and Kaplan and have seen friends who used only Kaplan and Barron’s along with ETS GRE materials.

Kaplan or Barrons GRE Book?

After using both GRE tets prep books to prepare for the test and I find that Kaplan’s practice tests and exercises are not as challenging as the Barron’s GRE.

Kaplan provides really good test prep tips and strategies. For Essay section, Kaplan provides very good strategies.

Barrons would gives harder practice questions. If you this post Magic Formula to Score 1410 in GRE, where the person used only Barrons and Kaplan GRE Books to score 1410 with 30 days of prep time.

  1. Kaplan GRE Books - Use it to learn strategies, essay section.
  2. Barrons GRE – Use it for practice test, verbal word lists and quantitative.

Kaplan GRE Books are well known in GRE Test prep market. Some test taker might not like the way book are presented, be it Kaplan or GRE. Understand your need and find the right test prep books.

Its not possible to buy all the available GRE Test prep materials in the market. Barrons and Kaplan have good reputation for their GRE Test prep books.

Both Barrons and Kaplan have published book for New Revised GRE.

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