Don’t you think world will be much better place if all the universities display the GRE Cutoff score in admission page? I bet it will make life easy for so many students applying to US Universities for Masters Degree and PhD programs. But, not all the universities have GRE Cutoff displayed in their admission web page.

Why GRE Cutoff

In general US Universities display the minimum GRE Score required for admission to Graduate School. Some universities have  average GRE scores required for admission.  Usually students search for GRE Cutoff for the program they plan to apply ( gre cutoff for computer science, gre cutoff score for electrical engineering, ..) But, that data cannot be found for all the colleges in America.

The habit of looking for cutoff came from the format followed in India. Cutoff score is the lowest score, below which students will not be considered. For example if the cutoff score is 89/100 then students applying for admission below 89 will not be considered for admission. So, students applying for US Universities tend to believe that all the colleges and universities in United States will have GRE cutoff score.

GRE Cutoff Doesn’t Exists

GRE Score is not the only factor that is considered to admit a student for Masters degree. Along with GRE Score so many other factors ( College Admission Essay, Letter of Recommendation, Academic background,..)  are taken into account. So, universities don’t have a specific GRE Cutoff score.

Some schools have minimum GRE requirements. But, that’s not hard and fast rule. If minimum require GRE Exam score is 1300 and student with GRE score of 1250 can still apply for admission. If they have strong academic credentials, which will be considered in place of lower GRE Score.

So, stop searching for GRE Cut-off Scores and start searching for Average GRE Scores. You have better chances of finding some universities and department’s Average GRE Exam score.



  1. Hello raghu sir,
    My profile :
    toefl/ielts – not yet given
    BE (Elec and telecomm)- mumbai univ- 65%
    12th -79%
    Strong extra-curricular activities in undergraduate college
    Not yet published any paper but aiming to do so on recent final year project
    Can u kindlycomment on universities for masters in US or outside.

    Major inclinations towards

    North Carolina state University (Electrical engineering)
    University of Arizona, tucson ( MS in optical sciences, am very much interested)
    Virginia Tech (Electrical)
    Lehigh university ,(wireless & Networking engg)
    University of colorado,boulder ( Telecommunications)

    Also looking forward for financial aids.
    may you suggest good universities.

  2. can somebody guide me?

    I have done 3 year B com in India.I was always an average student.
    Is there a way I can do my masters here in US. I do-not wish to do bachelors and then go for my masters as it involves extra cost.
    My advantage- I’m currently in US on a dependent visa which allows me to study full time
    All advices and comments are truly appreciated.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I want to do my PhD in U.S. My percentage is 71% but my B.Sc Percent is 51%.
    Am I eligible to get admission in any University of US with this low bachelors percentage?

  4. i want a list of top 10 pharmacy colleges /universities in u.s.a both public and private

  5. hi
    sir, let me know the academic cuttoff for applying GRE-MS in Electronics

    my Xth score is 72.96%
    XII score is 76.33%

    can i eligible for MS in USA
    can i apply for GRE

  6. Hello sir ,
    i got gre score of 1250 and my acads are very poor. i have an aggregate of 59% in B Tech.
    My 10th class % was 83.5%
    Inter % was 74.5%
    B Tech 59%

    I have certifications like Microsoft Certifie Professional, # months intenship certificate from a PSU on Networking .

    I am planning to apply for Networking related course

    Can i get admission in any good uni @ us

    please guide me sir.

  7. i got 1240 in gre (quants 700 + verbal 540)

    and got a sc0re of 93 in toefl

    i have completed my B.Pharm in 2010.

    My B.pharm percentage is 61.5%

    can u please send me the list of universities in which i can get admission for M.s in pharmaceutics/pharmacolgy in U.S


  9. hello sir,

    i Scored 1310 (quant=800,verbal=510),but by percentage is only 63.73% ,will i get a place at "University of Texas , Austin" or"University of Michigan ". please reply….. :)

  10. hi,

    can you please tell me where i can do masters in Engineering management in the US,and how much financial aid i might get,with what score in the GRE?

    • same query….gre 1300 aggregate till 3rd year 57% (extc)from mumbai university….3 months work ex,1oth-icse-84%,12thcbse-79%…where can i go for engg management also……which are the best

      • Hi Sooday,
        Have you joined in for MEM from US? My cousin is planning to join Engineering Management as well, will be obliged if you can share some info in this regard. His GRE is 1250.


  11. hi

    I am going to take GRE in feb 2011,.

    i wanted to ask.,

    " will my low GPA's in my academics be compensated by my high GRE score to get accepted by a good university,??"

  12. hi,

    my gre score is 1160(quant-760,verbal-400)

    my cgpa in btech is 8.5

    my inter percent is 97.5

    my xth percent is 92.5…please suggest the universities which are best suited for me(interested for computer science)

  13. I got:

    Quant:760, and

    Verbal: 330.

    A total of 1090/1600.

    My is 75% in Electrical Engineering.

    How this score is going to effect my Application towards MS program (EE) in US?

    Can I get a Decent University from this much score?

    Please Suggest

  14. i want to know the universities which will accept my gre score of 630-qua+320-verbal=950 in califonia state universities and texas state universities.

    my academic details are: and communication Engineering) with 79.33%

    XII standard with 93.33%

    X standard with 78.66%

    • hi

      sir can u pls suggest what shud be the score in gre exam to persuade my m.pharm in US? also details about fees to be paid per year in m.pharm universities?

      • Hi Prathibha

        First of all, there is no such thing called M Pharm in US. You either have the option for MS(Master of Science) or Ph.D.

        MS comes as a two year course with wide range of specializations viz. Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, Medicinal chemistry, Industrial Phamarcy etc.

        Ph.D is usually a three yr course for MS equivalent studies but for u it comes as a 5 yr course as Integrated Ph.D.

        Tuition fess vary from uni to uni.

        State Universities have less fees, more scholarships, assistantships and better quality of education and research.

        GRE Requirements:

        Tier 1 Universities

        Pharmacology 1400

        Pharmaceutics 1300+

        Tier 2

        Pharmacology 1300+

        Pharmaceutics 1200+

        Tier 3

        Pharmaceutics 1000+

        Pharmaceutical chemistry 1000+

  15. hi
    i hav a gre score of 1240(790q+450v)..and my grads cgpa is 8.9/10. my class 10 percentage is 90% n plus two is 88.4%. can u tel me which US universities can give me full scholarship for doin MS in Computer Science?

  16. hi

    I am looking to pursue MS in US….…

    ohh my profile…

    i have done B-tech ( Information technology) with 72%

    Research papers- 2 International Research papers

    Conferences – 2 National Conferences + 1 International Seminar + 2 Seminars

    Community Service – 2 Years +

    Cultural Activities – College Cultural head(Last 3 years) + many Certificates both Cultural and Technical

    Work Ex(Part time) – 2 Years with an event management firm + Survey Work for an MNC

    i am looking for MS in Space technology / Information technology.

    i Expect my GRE score Between 1100-1250 and TOEFL Score bet 90-110

    My dream universities are UC Barkeley and Carnegie mellon

    Could u suggest me any piece of advice

  17. i want to know the universities which will accept gre score between 1100 and 1200. i have not yet appeared for gre.

    my academics are

    engineering 75%

    XII 93%

    X 83%

  18. hey can u please let me know the list of good colleges for the score around 1100, in n around chicago and also in ILLINOIS state??

    kindly give the details of average scores also…??!!

    • hiii

      you have got 1100 score and what about your academics?in and around chicago, university of chicago is good…you can opt that……….

  19. dear sir

    i recently gave my gre exam for which i was working really hard last three years acedemic record is really nice in college ..however i did not score good in my gre ..i scored only 750 can i get admission in any coolege in u.s.a i want to do my masters in pharmacy there

  20. hi

    sir let me know universities providing masters in engineering management… my aggregate till 5th semester is 57%.. gpa of 2.9..

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