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We often get lot of questions from students about GRE Exam Eligibility. Questions like

I’m 3rd year student studying Computer Science, am I eligible to take GRE exam?

I’m studying BSC in India. I heard that Us universities only accept 4 year degrees. Do you think I’m eligible to take GRE exam?

GRE Exam Eligibility Criteria

Actually there is no eligibility criteria to take GRE Exam. You need to have the specified identification requirements to take the GRE Exam. In most cases you will require Passport and another form of photo Id to register for GRE.

Then you have to pay the fees, register for the GRE test.

Make sure that name you use to register for the test is same as the name in your Passport or other primary document [ usually your passport if taking GRE in India]

At testing center you can only correct the spelling, but not the entire name.

You can also check ETS website for more details. But, there are no other eligibility criteria that will prevent you from taking the GRE test.

Some students register for GRE test even before getting the passport. If the name in passport is different from Name you registered for the test, then you cannot take GRE Exam.Make sure you have passport to register for GRE Exam.

More than eligibility, you need to be prepared for the Test. ITs not worth wasting $175 to take GRE Test when you are not prepared for the test.

Understand your skills with test prep, then estimate how long you need to prepare for the GRE. Then plan to register for the test based on your study plan.

Good study plan is required to ace the GRE Test. Without a study plan, its tough to crack the GRE test.

Don’t expect miracle on the test day with little preparation.