GRE Exam Fees

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If you are planning to take GRE Exam, then you have to pay the Exam Fees. Its not cheap either, but compared to GMAT, GRE Exam fees are much less.

I pulled this information from Official GRE web page. Following fee structure is valid between JULY 1, 2008, to JUNE 30, 2009 [ Updated GRE Cost - After June 30]

GRE Exam Fees

  • $140     General Test—U.S., U.S. Territories, and Puerto Rico
  • $195     General Test—China (including Hong Kong), Korea, and Taiwan. See Bulletin Supplement (PDF).
  • $170     General Test—All Other Locations (includes India)
  • $ 25     Late Registration Fee
  • $ 50     Standby Testing (paper-based test only)
  • $ 50     Rescheduling Fee
  • $ 50     Changing Your Test Center
  • $ 12     Scores by phone
  • $ 20     Additional score report (ASR) requests–per recipient
  • $ 50     Question-and-Answer Review Service—Verbal & Quantitative Sections
  • $ 55     Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure
  • $ 30     Paper-Based Test Hand Scoring
  • $ 30     Score Reinstatement Fee

Also, ETS specifies that Fees are subject to change without notice. The above amounts are exclusive of any Value Added or similar taxes. Any tax is payable in addition to the amounts quoted.

Refer to ETS webpage before you register for GRE Exam. Also, make sure there is an fee for rescheduling the GRE exam. ETS accepts different forms of payment, you can find details of that from GRE Bulletin based on where you are located. If you are preparing for GRE Exam, checkout GRE Test Prep Books that can help to improve your score.

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