Tips to Improve GRE Reading Comprehension (RCs) Test Score

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If you are preparing for Graduate Record Exam (GRE) offered by ETS and have taken practice test, by now you should have realized, scoring in GRE Reading Comprehension is going to be easy.

Majority of the time, students spend time studying for GRE Verbal words and fail to put in time and effort to improve GRE Reading Comprehension skills.

If you talk to those who took GRE and had RC’s in first 1 to 8 questions, end up getting lower score in GRE Test. So, how to prepare for GRE Reading Comprehension?

GRE Reading Comprehension – Practice

Spend lot of time solving RC’s. After you spend enough time, you will see a pattern emerge about RC’s. During practice test, make a note of time it takes to complete a set of 5 to 8 questions. See where you spend most of your time

  • Reading Entire Passage First?
  • Reading the Question and choice of answers first and then reading the passage?
  • Read few lines and then reading the question?

Once, you understand problem solving process, then you can start implementing the strategies from GRE Verbal Books [ Top 9 GRE Test Prep Books]. If you learn a new strategy, try that out in few practice test. See which strategy helps you score more in less time. Then find ways to improvise on that.

GRE Verbal Books

There are many books that has good practice questions and strategies to improve your Verbal Score. Remember – Buying books will not help to improve the score, you must be willing to spend time taking the practice tests and implement new strategies.Checkout the following books for GRE Verbal

Improve Reading Skills

If you have more than 2 years to prepare for GRE Exam, consider reading some magazines like The Economist, Business Week, National Geographic, .. and novels like

So, the key to improve your GRE Reading Comprehension Test Score is by reading a lot and practicing.

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