GRE Prep Time Table for 2 and 4 Months

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In this article we will look at 2 months GRE study plan and 4 months GRE Study Plan.

GRE Study Plan – 4 months

Lets assume you have 4 months for your GRE Exam from today. Your daily GRE preparation study time table should look like the following

  • Weekdays: 3 hours
    • Morning:
      • 1 Hour: GRE Verbal (Strategies and Words)
    • Evening:
      • 30 Minutes: GRE Verbal (review words from morning)
      • 30 minutes: GRE Math
      • 30 minutes : GRE Practice test (or study)
      • 30 Minutes Test Review
  • Weekends: 6-10 hours
    • Sundays: 1 full test

Above study plan will work well if you have 4 or more month to study for GRE. Spending 3 hours just for GRE test preparation is not an easy task. It takes lot of dedication and motivation. If you are a college student, it will be  lot tougher to allocate 3 hours per day. But, you have no other choice, but eliminate all the distraction and concentrate on improving your GRE Score.

GRE Study Plan – 2 Months

If you have just 2 months left to study for GRE, this 2 months GRE Study plan will help you maximize your time for preparation.

  • Weekdays: 5 hours
    • Mornings:
      • 1 Hour: GRE Verbal (Strategies and Words)
      • 1 Hour – Math (Strategies and formulas)
    • Evening:
      • 1  hours: GRE Verbal (review words from morning)
      • 30 minutes: GRE Math
      • 1 Hour: GRE Practice test (or study)
      • 30 Minutes for Test Review
  • Weekends: 10 to 15 hours
    • Sundays: 1 full test, Study.

When you have less then 2 months for your GRE Exam. 5 Hours per day should be the minimum time you have to spend on GRE Preparation.

Your GRE Time Table?

If you are planning to appear for GRE exam in near future, do you have a time table like the one above or you just randomly spend less some time for test preparation? Can you vote below and if you have additional comments, do leave a comment (with your GRE Score and how much time you spend per day)

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