How to Score Above 330 in GRE – with Ganesh Kohli [Video]

By Raghuram Sukumar GRE, Videos Edit

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I sat down with Ganesh Kohli – Founder and Chief Mentor at KIC Education, who coached Ashiwini Nene to get perfect score of 340 in Revised GRE.
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We had wonderful discussion where he reveals some Amazing GRE Preparation Strategies on How to Score Above 330 in GRE.

Quick Overview of the GRE Strategies

  • Balanced Approach towards GRE Prep
  • Spend equal time with Answer Analysis
  • Practice to fight fatigue in GRE Test
  • Practice for longer hours
  • Refer to several books ( atleast 4 authors)

Question For you

  • Did you guys learn something new from this video?
  • Does the GRE Tips discussed going to help you?
  • Do you want do see a follow-up video?

Based on your Likes, Shares and questions, I can do a follow-up video with more GRE Test prep strategies.