How to Score Above 330 in GRE – with Ganesh Kohli [Video]

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You must remember How to Score 340 in GRE – Ashwini Nene

I sat down with Ganesh Kohli – Founder and Chief Mentor at KIC Education, who coached Ashiwini Nene to get perfect score of 340 in Revised GRE.

We had wonderful discussion where he reveals some Amazing GRE Preparation Strategies on How to Score Above 330 in GRE.

Quick Overview of the GRE Strategies

  • Balanced Approach towards GRE Prep
  • Spend equal time with Answer Analysis
  • Practice to fight fatigue in GRE Test
  • Practice for longer hours
  • Refer to several books ( atleast 4 authors)

Question For you

  • Did you guys learn something new from this video?
  • Does the GRE Tips discussed going to help you?
  • Do you want do see a follow-up video?

Based on your Likes, Shares and questions, I can do a follow-up video with more GRE Test prep strategies.

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