Do you want to know how much you can score in GRE, even before taking GRE Exam?

GRE – Time and Strategy

GRE Exam is all about strategy and timing. I have meet and spoke to so many students who took GRE and I was able to find a pattern, that will allow to estimate how much you can score in actual GRE Test. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the score range even before you take GRE test?

When Can I know GRE Score Range

You can find out how much you can score in GRE only 3 to 5 days before your actual GRE Test date. But, having an idea will help you to decide on which 4 universities to forward GRE scores. That will save more than $100 during graduate school application GRE score forwarding.

GRE Score Calculator

  • I have suggested to take ETS Powerprep exam only 1 week to 5 days before actual GRE exam. That’s the only source where the tests are scored using the same patten as GRE exam is evaluated.
  • You can take powerprep practice tesst many times. Only few questions will be repeated.
  • With 2 gre practice test in ETS Powerprep, you can take more than 5 to 8 times. Make a note of scores you get in powerprep.
  • Don’t take powerprep exam as yet another practice test. Make evey attempt to take it seriously and put your 100% effort to score more.
  • For instance, you can score 400 in gre verbal section first test and score 500 in second gre practice test. So, if you take 8 powerprep gre practice test, then make a note of the score and save it in ascending order.
  • Test 1 – GRE Verbal 400
  • Test 2 – Verbal 410
  • Test 3 – Verbal  400
  • Test 8 – Verbal  450

Interpret GRE Score Table

  • If all the scores for example are within the range of 400 to 450, then its very much likely your GRE Score in actual test will not go more than 500.
  • Lowest score you can expect is 350 to 380.
  • Which implies, you can score anywhere from 380 to 430 in actual GRE exam. This applies to both GRE Verbal and Quantitative sections in actual exam.

How True is the above Said GRE Scores?

I have seen so many students who take powerprep and when they say the scores to me, I can very well say, how much they can expect to score in actual GRE CAT.  Here are some examples of my formula to estimate your GRE scores

  • Jones - Friend of mine from work, took GRE Exam yesterday. His score range in powerprep was 400 to 600 in Verbal, but majority of scores around 480. GRE quantitative, he was scoring around 740 to 780. In actual GRE Exam, he scored 490 in Verbal and 750 in quantitative section.
  • I was getting around 400 to 450 in Verbal, 750 to 780 in Maths and ended up getting within the above range.
  • More Examples : I’m collecting details from more students who recently took GRE.

I scored more than Practice Test Range

Is that possible? To score more than  that maximum score in Verbal and Quantitative section. Yes, if you scoring 750 in Math section, you can score 800, but if you are getting 700 to 750 in GRE Practice test, it will be tough sk to score 800 out of 800. But, for Verbal I really doubt, you can increase the score overnight from 450 to 650+.



  1. Is there any way to see the answers to the gre exam you take? I remember stumbling on a link that asked for gre exam date and regstration id. But can’t seem to find it now. :(

  2. hi

    I got 87 in tofel. my gre exam is this month end. How much I should score to get admission for MPH in good US universities.

  3. hi
    my tofel score is 87. How much I should score in gre for getting the admission to mph in good US universities.

  4. Hi HSB
    I had taken the GRE today. I have a predicted score of 145 in verbal and 163 in quant. I have a good academic record. I am currently working at CSC India and will apply for the 2014 session. What are my chances of getting into a good University?? I have my TOEFL coming up too.

  5. Well, so far what I have made out of it is that the minimum score is 130, and the maximum 170 with 1 point increment, leaving you 40 points in between. Now for verbal or for quant there are 40 questions, hence each question will be of 1 point.

    However, I have a doubt because the test is section-wise adaptive.

  6. hi..
    i got 136 in verbal
    and 158 in Quant
    2.5 in AW
    I completed my btech with 79%
    what range of university rankings I may have chance to apply for my program computer science on scholarship???
    pls reply….

  7. I hav a doubt regarding the scoring system in they actually giv u the number of correct questions as the score..or is there a different system by which they calculate it? Please i need an early gre is on 11th july.

  8. I took GRE exam yesterday. After the exam these grades appeared.
    Are these scores reliable?

  9. Hi friends…
    My score was 291/340
    Verbal :136
    Quant :155

    I had applied for
    university of North corolina charlotte
    texas A&m university Kingsville
    california state university,sacramento
    Illinois institute of technology

    My X % 89.8
    12th % 88.2
    MY acads upto 3-1 are 78.3%

    I am planning to go For Fall 2013 for Civil Engineering
    Do i have any chances to get into these universities based on my profile
    Can anyone suggest me some more Universities for my profile

    hat about university of Idaho, lousinia state univ,univ of lousinia and texas alrington,colrado state university,idaho state university sunny albany

  10. hi,
    i got a score range of 430-530 in verbal and 710-800 in math…can anyone please tell me…where my new gre score will be??

  11. i am going to take gre .
    what’s the score is going to useful for my ms computers
    i just complete my with 59.75%
    so tell me the way for doing my ms

  12. hey i have a gre score of 1290 that is 570 in verbal and 720 in quants.i feel my toefliBT score is a bit low its 94.i have 7.485 in my academics i wanna do ms in computer science .i’m planning to apply for the following 8 colleges
    1)university of utah,salt city
    2)university of texas ,dallas
    3)north carolina state university
    5)oregon state university
    6)ohio state university,columbus
    7)arizona state university
    8)oklahama state university
    i want to know which college can i make it through with these marks?? and of those which is better for ms in computer science

  13. hi..
    i got 143 in verbal (23%)
    and 154 in Quant (67%)
    2.5 in AW :(

    Toefl 82

    which US university could accept me on scholarship???
    plzzz reply………….

  14. i got my new gre score. its a pretty messed up low score 282/340. can i expect any university admissions in US?

    • it completely depends upon which department you require. for example if you want computer science [ in ms] then you should get minimum of 300 for getting admission.

  15. The range that we get after gre test… is that accurate.. will i get the actual score in between that range or it can be like anything????? plzz rply…

  16. hello i just got my revised gre scores and i got 158 in quantitative wat does that mean out of 800??

    • samer, did u manage to give ur gre without even knowing d revised score is goin to b outta 170 verbal nd 170 quant????????

    • hello….
      i got 154 in quant and 145 in verbal…wat do u think bout such scores ? were u able to gather any info?

    • Hey guys,

      Just took mine yesterday – here is the pdf with the conversion between the old and new scores (scroll to pg 19-21 for the actual charts)

      And I ended up with a 145 Q and a 155 V … which apparently is equal to about a 530/540 in each subject. I preferred the test on the computer compared to previous paper-based experiences – it made the writing section a breeze!

      Good luck :)

  17. hello,
    I took up the revised gre yesterday. i found the verbal pretty tough.
    I scored:
    320-420 in verbal &
    740-800 in quantitative.

    Could anyone please tell me if theses scores are good enough for me to get into a top-50 grad school for an MS in electrical engineering. I have a B.E. in electronics and communication with an aggregate of 72%
    I would much appreciate your replies.

    • your quanitative is fine, but I would say that, while engineering schools aren’t looking for anything too amazing in verbal, theyll probably want it to be around 500.

  18. hi HSB please doe tell me the lowest tuition fee university in whole USA for my masters in CS for spring 2012
    know the risks when one chooses low tuition university
    And would also like the HSB viewers if want to go for low cost universities then to go only for universities which are recognised in usa
    I am at present studying my masters in usa in texas and want to transfer as i have some financial problem-hence would like HSB to advice me

  19. hey! I took my gre today… my verbal score range was 370-470 and quant 690-790. Can anyone tell where do I stand now? I am a biotech student and want to pursue Phd program. Will I get through good US schools?? HSB plz help…

  20. I am an prospective international student for graduate school. I took GRE test 3 days ago (20 Sep). My raw score is 540-640 verbal and 740 – 800 quantitative. However, during my practice, I got verbal around 300-400.

    I think the new type of question in verbal section has an effect on the performance of the test takers. For me, even though I can remember many vocabs, I usually stuck with the question when I practice. However, on the test day I gain concentration by being calm not to panic and that’s my score on the test day!

    Meditation can help. I meditate 15-30 minutes a day/ four days a weak. It helps you calm and not get upset easily.

  21. So I took my revised GRe yesterday. My Verbal score was totally different from what I was getting from practice tests days before my actual exam. I ended up getting 350-450 V and 720-800 Q.
    I was getting pretty consistent verbal scores ranging from 460 to 590/600 from timed practice tests including from kaplan, barons and ets power prep. My actual verbal score turned out really bad I don’t know if it was my anxiety during my exam or what. I’m kind of upset about my v score range compared to what I was getting from practice tests.

    • Yes, me too!  I took the revised GRE yesterday as well and got the same verbal range.  But I always score highly on the verbal component, and I only received one verbal section.

      • Also, I was so frustrated at the fact that I practiced so hard and my actual exam scores turned out bad. When I was doing timed practice tests, I strictly followed all the instructions and timing just like in the exam room. Now I don’t even know what to expect. If it’s because of the new test changes or what? I practiced every single thing- Barrons, Kaplan, Mcgraw Hills, Princeton, Manhattan, and last but not least ETS Power Prep which gave me 540-640 V and 720-800 Q two days before my real exam. 
        Another thing is I was a little nervous on the test day, and I don’t know if that was also why I couldn’t focus quite well and affected on my Verbal portion. 

    • In fact, while I’m speculating on why our verbal scores were so terribly low on the same day, may I ask – at which testing center did you take your GRE?

  22. Hai,
    y esterday i gave the new GRe.My range was verbal 250-350 and quants 450 to 550.CAn i know what will be my possible score?

  23. Hai,
    eysterday i gave the new GRe.My range was verbal 250-350 and quants 450 to 550.CAn i know what will be my possible score?

  24. Hi, yesterday i gave the new GRe.My range was verbal 350-450 and quants 720 to 800.CAn i know what will be my possible score?

  25. hi,
    I gave my GRE on 4th aug. and at the end i saw written verbal:300-400 and quantitative:640-740. What does that mean ? can anyone tell me what score do I get at theh end of the day ?

  26. hi,
    i wanna ask a question. i am gonna take gre exam after tomorrow. at sentence completion section, i correct generally two blank of three blank at one question. in this case, is my answer completely wrong?

  27. i took my GRE revised test yday and i have a score of 1410 (verbal 660, quants 750) im interested in MS in biotech or cell and mol bio…i dunno if this is a good score since v few ppl have given the new GRE and i have no data to compare…anyone in the same situation?? if any of u have given the new GRE plz help me make sense of the whole scoring range thing…thanks…….

    • Sindhu, how come you know your score if the ETS has provided any official scores yet?
      ETS gives you unofficial ranges right after the test.

  28. hi
    please help me in understanding the scoring scale of new gre 2011, it is in the range of 130-170 for each section i.e, verbal & quants.
    for example : is that score start at 130 even all the answers for verbal section goes wrong..
    please clear my doubt..

  29. I took the revised GRE yesterday (first day it was administered).

    At the end of the exam, it gives a range for both V and Q based on the old scoring scale, because the new scale has not been finalized.

    My range was 590-690 V and 440-540 Q. These scores seem to be the reverse of most people who take the exam. I am applying for School Psychology Masters programs. Do you think my scores are too low?

    • Nick – Can you send your New GRE Experience? Scores seems to be be low for Psychology program (depending on your target schools).
      How was Reading Comprehension Questions?

  30. I just took the GRE today with a score of 1410 (660 V, 750 Q). I took two PowerPrep Exams and my verbal scores were much lower (480,490). My quantitative scores were about the same (710 and 750). Unfortunately, I’m applying to math PhD programs so my quantitative score is low. Hopefully my subject test, GPA, and recommendations will make up with it. If anyone has experience with math grad school admissions and has advice for me (or knows if the 750 isn’t the end of the world), please let me know.

  31. Hiee…i gave my GRE on june 16th and scored 1260..
    can i know the number of correct and incorrect answers ??
    Do ETS provide such facility?

  32. Hi,
    My GRE score is 1310( Q-800, V-510) can you suggest some good universities for me, and im expecting a Toefel score of around 100-105.

    • it is related to your area of interest.
      if you ask me, my favorite universities are berkeley and caltech

  33. Hi friends,
    I am chemicakl engg, Last Monday i gave my gre , got 1150(verbal-520& quant-630).
    Is there any possibility to get avg university?. Kindly suggest any univ.

  34. Sir/Madam,

    I have taken my GRE exam on 26th May 2011.
    I got 1170 (800 in quantitative + 370 in verbal).
    I have 89 % in 10th, 95% in 12th & 8.6/10 in my B.Tech.
    I have done internship under reputed scientist in a research institute which will also count to my resume.
    Please suggest me whether i have a chance of getting better universities for MS in Food Science. If yes, kindly help me in selecting US universities for the same.

  35. can i get i20 with my score 880 in us universities?quant 640,verb 240.pls pls pls tell me

  36. I got 1100 in my GRE which i took in may 2011 with quant 790 and english 310… please suggest me a good universities in US….Iam expecting a TOEFL score about 88-95….

  37. Hi!

    1.In powerprep lots of questions are being repeated……so, how can one trust the scores obtained in powerprep?

    2.Please suggest some websites where i can take a few free online GRE mock tests.



  38. My CGPA is 3.48, GRE 1480(V-680,M-800), TOEFL-87, Can I go for UC Irvine, UC Davis with full funding in Biomedical Eng….Please comment

  39. I want to pursue MSc in Industrial Engineering in the US. I scored 1280 for the GRE(560V,720Q) my undergrad percentage is 67 and i got 86 in 12th and 87 in 10th

    what kind of universities can i apply to??

  40. In the practice tests available in the Powerprep software, my verbal score range is 590-760 (4 tests- 590, 760, 630, 720) and quantitative score range is 790-800 (800, 800, 790, 800). Can anyone tell me what my GRE score is likely to be?

    • I bet you’d get 800 for the quant, unless you get very nervous. For me time passed much faster during the actual test, probably because of stress, so while doing practice tests I always had spare time, on the test I actually run out! Remember to time yourself every time you practice.
      And for the verbal – I had kind of same thing as you – my scores ranged from 550 to 750, which was pretty annoying. In the end I got 600, which was a disappointment, but again – the stress didnt help.

  41. I got GRE verbal 450 and Quants 710 and wtite for 6, what kind of univesities could accept me? Thanks.

  42. Hi

    How about writing section? could you please tell me if the score of writing section is important for universities?

    Thanks in advance.

  43. HI

    I GOT 1070 IN GRE ON AUGUST 27,2010.






  44. Hi,

    I took GRE on AUG 27,2010.

    I got 1070. 690 QUANTS + 380 VERBAL.

    I got 87 in TOEFL.



  45. Please can anyone tell me when to appear in GRE for admission in Spring 2012.
    How much can I delay it ? What would be my deadline for the GRE and TOFEL then ?

  46. sir……

    The syllabus of GRE is going to change next year in Aug 2011. I m preparing to give GRE in current syllabus….

    If i apply for MS after 3 years…..than what will be consideration of my marks ……will they compare my old syllabus GRE score with new syllabus scores………and how the comparison will be …….??????

  47. hey HSB
    A friend of mine is panning to do MS on score 900 could u please tell me the benifits/ drawbacks of this score….

  48. Sir, my GRE score is 1290. I will have around 2+ years of relevant experience in a good company before applying for MS in CS. My acads are average(ranging from good,bad,to very good in last year). Also, I m from reputed engg college. But I want to join only good univs. as i don't think going to Ok univs and investing lot of money is worth. sir, I will be grateful if u could guide me abt whether i should take GRE again or not. and other things that i shud do now to improve my chances.

    • You need to seriously improve your written English if you want to work in the United States. It's not all about grades and good GRE scores, you need to write better than that!

  49. Hello.

    I am really confounded by the way PowerPrep software calculates scores. I took two verbal practice tests consecutively, only the first being from Practice Test 1, with the scores of 690 and 520.

    What baffles me most is that in both tests I got 23 questions out of 30 correct. Only noteworthy difference in between, is the order of the questions I answered correctly.

    In the first one I got: CCCCCCFCCF (C stands for correct)

    while the second one is follows : FCCFCFFCCC

    As far as I know getting the first ten questions correct is important. However, could this layout engender such an immense difference in score? I will most appreciate it if anyone here elucidates the mechanics of score calculation. Thank you very much in advance.

    • The GRE scoring is an adaptive one. It starts with an average question which 50 percentile of people attempting GRE are most likely to get correct. Depending on the answer the software reduces(if wrong) or raises(if correct) the level of the subsequent questions. Thus scoring the first few questions correctly is important as it raises the level of questions following which a wrong answer won't bring down the score so much. As you have correctly answered your first 6 questions in the first test, the level might have been quite high when you got the first wrong answer, meaning you answered a difficult question wrongly. In the second test you have answered the 2 out of your first 4 questions which have dented your chances of scoring high.

    • What the CAT does with your initial 10-14 questions is that it sets a level as a test taker for you.

      Now considering your first 10 questions, it must've given you a range of 520-580. Generally if you get all of them right you get a range of 720 to 800. After doing so, it asks you questions that stand on that high a level. However, it also fires some "test" experimental questions in the middle in order to gauge you further.

      Now, I don't really think your second one is stable because you have got a consecutive pair of questions correct, in which case the CAT takes your level down.

      So yeah, I guess the 520 is kind of correct.

  50. HI Guys,

    I have scored 730 in quant section and the amazing part is that my first and fourth questions were wrong. I made 5 mistakes in overall and was wondering if there anybody who properly understands the GRE CAT philosophy can understand why I scored relatively high with the mistake in first question.

    Also, I recommend everyone to purchase this soft Just take a look how great the costumers comments are. This soft include 15 CAT tests and costs only 40$



  51. hi i m planning to take up GRE. i want to know what is fall year/summer in usa.tell me the correct that i can schedule my gre exam accordingly to that intake in particular semester

  52. i m having exams on 29th october.i.e. after few days..can u suggest me on which topic i should concentrate more.?.& if u r having any material helpful to me..plz send….

    thanks in advance..

  53. hi… Am having my gre exam 2marow, i mean oct 9th. so can plz tell me what are the thing i need to follow 2marow before exam.. and wht colleges should i prefer with a score of 1100+ score?

  54. Hello,

    I have GRE Score of 1030 and i have 3 years of experience in Project Management as a Project Lead. Is it advisable to go for MS in Project Management field ? My main criteria is to get a decent JOB in US in Project Management field so will it be worth to go for MS in Project Management ?

    In case it is advisable then could you please suggest the Colleges for this course.

  55. sir i have scored 1110 in gre – 450 verbal and 660 math. toefl score is 102. i want to do my masters in pharmaceutics or drug regulatory affairs or biotechnology.can you please suggest some universities where i can get admissions on basis of my gre score

  56. hi i hav taken GRE my Score is 920.and ielts score is 6 band.can i get admission in USA university.would i face any visa problem.

    plz reply me

  57. hi..

    i want to aplly for masters in pharmacy but my gre is 800 and tofel 105..can i get any i20.please suggest me some uni/

    • with ur score of gre and toefl which look promising i hope that u should look out university where u want, i mean u need to have clear idea regarding the the tution fees, accomodation and also see job prospect after completion of ur degree. so u can also look for scholarships in some program.

      • hey i dont no that u can get admission to the good pharmacy program but with ur toefl score being good u myt get scholarship in some university where gre is not mandatory.

  58. Hi , I am planning to take the gre test in oct 09. Please tell me what is the minimum gre score( for quant and for verbal) that is required for getting through for MS-Indsutrial Eng- Logistics and distribution programe at University of Houston, texas.

    please do help and also suggest some techinques to improve math score as i am facing some difficulty in this section.

  59. thanks for replying.

    to find rankings of university in nort est part pf usa what is the key..

    pl let me know.

  60. ALL the posts I see on various blogs/websites, they list universities for scores in this range: verbal 500-570; Math 700-780; Writing 4.5 – 6. Most frequent questions and requests I have received are for following range:
    Verbal 350-420;
    Math 700-780;
    Writing 3.5-4.5.

    I have tried to help my friends as much as I can with what I know (with about 60% success rate). What are your thoughts about such applicants? Most of these folks have 3.4-3.6 GPA (Not too bad I think.) So, how should one tackle that Verbal score issue? Do you think Verbal scores are a highly weighed when a student is trying to get into an Engineering program, in lets say University of Virginia?

    Appreciate your comments and insight.

  61. Hi can you suggest on the toefl Ibt test, like how to prepare for the speaking and the listening sections , as a lot of rules have changed since CBT and a lot of funding opportunities depends on toefl ..hence it would be very helpful for students appearing for toefl IBT to get some expert suggestions before appearing for the test.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi, TOEFL these days is mostly recommended based on scholar ship basis.The speaking is the most important aspect. I suggest you to take over 3 to 4 English movies per day so that you can improve both your listening and speaking abilities. There are many websites which provide you current information regarding any topic. So just go with it daily and you can get a respectable score.The writing section has to be practiced based on the essay writing skills and it is a bit easy and no points should be repeated and the message or the point should be made strong and clear in the essay.Just go through lot of magazines and news papers for the recent issues going on the world and this could really survive you. I have done this and when exam is fast approaching, worked out some practice tests and i scored 118. you could follow this if you like and i am for sure you would score high

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