GRE Score Range Calculator

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Do you want to know how much you can score in GRE, even before taking GRE Exam?

GRE – Time and Strategy

GRE Exam is all about strategy and timing. I have meet and spoke to so many students who took GRE and I was able to find a pattern, that will allow to estimate how much you can score in actual GRE Test. Wouldn’t it be nice to know the score range even before you take GRE test?

When Can I know GRE Score Range

You can find out how much you can score in GRE only 3 to 5 days before your actual GRE Test date. But, having an idea will help you to decide on which 4 universities to forward GRE scores. That will save more than $100 during graduate school application GRE score forwarding.

GRE Score Calculator

  • I have suggested to take ETS Powerprep exam only 1 week to 5 days before actual GRE exam. That’s the only source where the tests are scored using the same patten as GRE exam is evaluated.
  • You can take powerprep practice tesst many times. Only few questions will be repeated.
  • With 2 gre practice test in ETS Powerprep, you can take more than 5 to 8 times. Make a note of scores you get in powerprep.
  • Don’t take powerprep exam as yet another practice test. Make evey attempt to take it seriously and put your 100% effort to score more.
  • For instance, you can score 400 in gre verbal section first test and score 500 in second gre practice test. So, if you take 8 powerprep gre practice test, then make a note of the score and save it in ascending order.
  • Test 1 – GRE Verbal 400
  • Test 2 – Verbal 410
  • Test 3 – Verbal  400
  • Test 8 – Verbal  450

Interpret GRE Score Table

  • If all the scores for example are within the range of 400 to 450, then its very much likely your GRE Score in actual test will not go more than 500.
  • Lowest score you can expect is 350 to 380.
  • Which implies, you can score anywhere from 380 to 430 in actual GRE exam. This applies to both GRE Verbal and Quantitative sections in actual exam.

How True is the above Said GRE Scores?

I have seen so many students who take powerprep and when they say the scores to me, I can very well say, how much they can expect to score in actual GRE CAT.  Here are some examples of my formula to estimate your GRE scores

  • Jones - Friend of mine from work, took GRE Exam yesterday. His score range in powerprep was 400 to 600 in Verbal, but majority of scores around 480. GRE quantitative, he was scoring around 740 to 780. In actual GRE Exam, he scored 490 in Verbal and 750 in quantitative section.
  • I was getting around 400 to 450 in Verbal, 750 to 780 in Maths and ended up getting within the above range.
  • More Examples : I’m collecting details from more students who recently took GRE.

I scored more than Practice Test Range

Is that possible? To score more than  that maximum score in Verbal and Quantitative section. Yes, if you scoring 750 in Math section, you can score 800, but if you are getting 700 to 750 in GRE Practice test, it will be tough sk to score 800 out of 800. But, for Verbal I really doubt, you can increase the score overnight from 450 to 650+.

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