GRE Scores and Scholarships

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Students applying for Graduate Schools in US belong to two categories based on those who understand the Impact of GRE Scores on Scholarships and those who don’t. This article is purely intended for students who don’t have good understanding of admission process.

Some of the comments from such students

I scored 980 in GRE, can I get admission in US for Masters in Mechanical Engineering with full scholarship?

I’m applying for Fall 2011 semester, can I get admission in Top Ranked US University for GRE Score 1050, if so send me 5 universities ASAP

My GRE Score in 1150, I want to know if I’m eligible to get Scholarship in US

GRE Scores and Scholarships

Above comments clearly shows that they don’t know how Graduate School admission process. They come to the blog by searching in google and read 1 or 2 articles¬† and comments and assume that posting another comment will get them answers.

Responding to every such comments is time consuming to repeat the same answers. If they hang around the blog and read few more posts, they will get an idea of US admission process and true impact of GRE Scores and Scholarships.

In general, if you have GRE Score way above the minimum required GRE Scores for admission, you have high chance of getting some form of Financial Aid ( Scholarship, RA, TA, Fellowship) with admission.

But, students don’t understand that ans they like to see a table like this

GRE Scores Scholarships Universities
less than 1000 No Scholarship List of schools
1000 to 1100 Yes/No 5 Universities
1200 and above yes list of universities

Wouldn’t it be nice to have such a list for all possible GRE Exam scores to department and universities. I would love to have such a table or software that can do that work. If there is such a table, soon all the US education consulting companies will be out of business.

If you belong to student group who believes that for any given GRE Score there are universities that will give admission with scholarship, you are wrong. You need to have exceptional skills above the minimum requirements for admission to get scholarships.

Raghuram SukumarGRE Scores and Scholarships