GRE Scores for Canadian Universities

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What is required GRE Scores for Canadian Universities? Is it possible to get admission in Canada without GRE Scores?

I searched to find the GRE Scores for Canadian Universities.

There are so many schools, but with few minuets of search, I pulled the following information about required GRE Scores for Canadian Universities.

Save this page for more info on GRE Scores for Canadian Universities.

Unlike schools in US, universities have GRE as optional.

GRE Scores for Canadian Universities

GRE Score requirements fall into 3 categories

  • Some universities don’t require GRE scores for grad school admission.
  • Some Canadian universities require GRE scores, but don’t specify minimum scores
  • Some require GRE score and have minimum GRE Scores for admission.

Simon Fraser University – GRE Scores

  • Computing Science Department – We look at the complete application to get an understanding of the applicants suitability to our program. No single criteria exists that uniquely determines this fact. Hence, even if your test scores don’t perfectly fulfill our requirements, we still consider your application to look for outstanding personalities.

McGill University

  • Biochemistry: International students who have received their degree outside North America should submit the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), either the General or Subject test in Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology. The minimum score is 550. The GRE is not required but is strongly recommended.
  • Electrical and Computer Engineering : Applicants who have not completed a degree (undergraduate or graduate) in Canada must provide a GRE score on the General Aptitude Test. Applicants must achieve a combined score of at least 1100 on the verbal and quantitative sections and a minimum score of 3.5/6.0 on the analytical writing assessment section.
  • Biotechnology – GRE Scores Not Required

University of Saskatchewan

  • Computer science – Taking the GRE is not compulsory but GRE results may be submitted with your application.  A strong performance on the GRE will enhance your application.

University of Toronto

  •  Rotman Business School – GMAT/GRE Score: A GMAT or GRE score must be submitted. The GMAT range for the 2011 class was 550-780 and the average score was 663.

University of Waterloo

  • Computer Science, Health Informatics, Pharmacy, Physics, Physics (Nanotechnology), Psychology  – Required

University of Alberta

  •  Chemical and Materials – Applicants are strongly encouraged to submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores
  • Computer Science – GRE: score of 700 in quantitative portion of the exam and 4.0 on the analytical writing

Additional Universities will be added to this list. If you required required GRE Scores for Universities in Canada, leave the name of the university and department as comment below.

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  1. Got a GRE score of 296, with verbal 14 6 and quants 150 AWA 3 and a GPA of 6.02 in NIT college in india, have completed internships with Thermal power corporation and samasung is there any chance for me to get an admission in any decent college in canada for a masters in industrial or mechanical engineering?

  2. I got a score of 294 in my GRE .Will I get admission into University of British Columbia for MS in structural engineering?

  3. Hello,
    I have a GRE Score of 290 (Quants : 156 , Verbal : 134, AWA : 3).
    I have a IELTS score of overall 7 (Listening : 8, Speaking : 7, Writing : 6.5 and Reading : 5.5)
    I have a of 3.508 / 4.
    I also have one completed project experience for a software company.
    Will I get admission into Queens University(Canada), University of Alberta, University of Calagry and Western University?

  4. I got a score of 291 in my GRE, Will i get admission into Mcgill or University of Toronto for MS in Computers?

  5. I got a score of 282 in my GRE. Will I get admission into University of British Columbia for MSc in Immunology?

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