“I’m Planning To Take GRE Test Again in January”

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Venkat Asks

hello sir,i took my gre last month but got a low score.am planning to take the test again at the end of jan.can i take test in jan and still apply for fall semester.please reply for my query.

First of all it’s hard to understand why a student planning to study in US cannot write an email/comment without mistakes . If you happen to write something like above question in AWA or Email to professor, chances are your are not going to reply and get score less than 2.0

Second Time GRE Exam

When students take GRE Exam for the second time in 1 or 2 months, because of low GRE score in their first attempt, they assume that GRE score will improve automatically.

In last 4 days, 3 students have appeared for GRE second time and couple of them scored less than first GRE attempt and other student improved the score by mere 60 points.

Unless your skill level level have changed considerably in 2 months before second attempt, you will get similar score as first time around ( -100 to +50). If you have scored 1000 in first attempt and during second attempt you can expect to score between 900 to 1050.

You might argue that ” I was well prepared, but somehow during exam day, I was not at my best. Second time around, I will score above 1300.”

GRE CAT scores exactly reflect your skills. If you don’t score above 1100 in Powerprep practice test consistently,  for sure you can expect to get similar score in second attempt.

There are exceptions to above scenario. If one student were scoring 1300 consistently in PowerPrep practice and got 900 in actual GRE test, then during second attempt, that person can score well above first attempt.

But, during your practice test, if you were scoring on an average of 1000, don’t expect to score above 1200 in actual GRE test. You score exactly reflects your SKILLS. Out of the blue, you are not going to get magic skills on exam day and get 1300+. GRE Score Range Calculator was designed on basis of above said statements.

Fall Semester 2010

If you take GRE in Jan, you will still be able to apply for Fall 2010 semester. You will have to be prpeared with list of Universities and apply by end of February.


If you decide to retake GRE, lets given an challenge for you. Can you report your score to Happy Schools blog readers after taking GRE for second time? If above statements were to be truen, you will NOT see huge improvement in your Scores.

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