First step towards taking GRE Test is to book GRE Test Dates. If you are an international student planning to register for GRE exam, then you have to get started by booking GRE Test dates. You will need to have passport for GRE Exam registration. [ How to Register for GRE ]

GRE Test Dates

ETS ( Educational Testing Service) offers GRE Exam. GRE Test is offered in two formats

  • Computer Based GRE Test
  • Paper Based GRE Test

So, you will have to decide which exam format you plan to take and then book GRE Test Dates accordingly. Planning is very important while booking GRE Test Dates. You will need to know how well you are prepared and which semester you plan to apply. Based on that you can book your GRE Test Dates.

Usually there will be heavy rush to take GRE exam during the month of November and December. It will be hard to get your required GRE Test Dates, if you don’t book GRE Test dates well in advance.

If you are planning to take GRE exam in test center located close to your place, then try to register for GRE exam well in advance.

GRE Test Dates

  • The General Test is given year-round the year
  • Appointments are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You may take the General Test (computer-based and/or paper-based) only once per calendar month, and no more than five times within any 12-month period.

Since GRE is offered all round the year, reserving GRE test dates few months before actual exam dates will give an sense of urgency to prepare for GRE Exam. GRE test dates can be reserved online or by contacting regional GRE registration centers.There are many students who first reserves GRE testing date, then start preparing for GRE Exam.

GRE Test Dates – 2009/2010

Register early to get your preferred GRE test dates. Some of you might think registering GRE test dates in month of September to December will be hard to score, than, plan accordingly.If you decide to book GRE test date toward end of your senior year, than you may have to appear for GRE Exam in test center that is not located near your place.

To apply for Fall semester, try to complete GRE by November of previous years. So, based on how much preparation time required, book GRE test dates well in advance.  If you need 4 months to study for GRE Exam, then register for GRE sometime before July of that year.

  • jey

    pls send the dates available for in chennai in july 2011.

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    Can i egister for GRE without passport because i have applied for it and i want to take date early?

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    how to block the gre date

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    nice but little more info is missing, abt question paper pattern n marking

  • Manisha Sharma

    I want to go for Jan 2011 semester, Can you please tell me if i give GRE in April 2010, will i be still left with sufficient time to send applications?

  • srinivas

    plz send me the list of gre exam time table for after Feb-2011

  • ramya

    hello. i wanna appear for the gre exam in the month of july since i can have my preparation for the exam in the 2-month summer holiday before july. so my question is : are the gre exam dates available in the month of july??

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    @saroj—> i m facin the same problem..!!!

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    plz help to me how can i enroll or subscribe myself for gre

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    pls send me the list of gre exam dates after 20 auguest2010

  • saroj

    I was going through prometric website for finding dates for appearing in JULY 2011 (AS STATED IN YOUR BLOG FOR that all students would rush to appear for old GRE format) .Till months dec 2010 dates available were clearly mentioned,where as for months 2011 jan onwards I got the following message

    No seats were found that match your request. Please choose a different month and click the 'Go' button or choose another test site that may offer more convenient appointment options.

    SO WHAT DOES IT IMPLY that all dates are booked or registration of

    dates have not started?

    In general how many months early should we register for july 2011 GRE exam?

    Kindly help

    • hermy


      well im facing the same problem … i also wish to give GRE in july 2011 . n it doesnt show any dates…. :(

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        i was wonderin wether we r allowed to give the exam jus a month b4 the exam pattern is changin..

        i wana give it in july 2011

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    pls… can u tell me the dates to write GRE and also tell me which time will be appropiate for write GRE to join at 2011august reply me as soon as possible

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    I want to take up the GRE exam in Dec 2009. Can you please help me out with the dates? Can you please give me a link which gives the dates available in Dec 2009?

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    Hi I am planning to get admission in August for doing my MS. So can any one help me out in knowing at wt time I should give my GRE exam and what is the minimum time period required for the preparation?

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      if you have the patience and time to explore

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    I want to take GRE date in Jan 2010.I want to know the process and time of booking the date .It would be helpful if you provide the information at earliest.

  • Ddruba Chaudary


    I have read your posts.I want to take GRE test date in Jan 2010.I want to know the process of booking the date.It would be really helpful if you provide me the information.

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    I want to know about the gre test dates.last date 2010

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    I have read your posts and and I want to book my GRE test date in a day or two.I don't know the websites to book the dates.I visited but that didn't help,can u suggest me how to book the GRE test dates.It would be really helpful if u do.ty in advance

    • Shruti Pawar

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    I’ve been reading your posts and have turned very useful for me. I am looking to book my GRE online test in a day or so. Will taking test in mid-october be a problem, will it be too late for August 2010 intake? Please guide me as to how long I can extend.