I created this 20 Step GRE Exam Study plan to help you get great GRE Score.

By combining this study plan along with  GRE test takers experiences shared by other test takers, you can create a powerful study plan.

Not having a GRE Exam study plan is preparing to fail.

  • #1 Mistake – Don’t register for GRE and then start studying for the GRE exam.

Certain students lack motivation, so they register for GRE first. Then use that as motivation factor to prepare for GRE.

If you lack motivation in first place to study for GRE, how can you expect to get motivated after you register for GRE?

Following GRE Exam study plan will help you get started with GRE Test Prep. As you make progress, make changes to the plan to fit your learning style.

GRE Study Plan

  1. First, you need to know your current skill level and how much you can score with a practice test.
  2. To determine your current skill level, take a practice test using Power Prep for GRE. Lets assume you got 300 in the practice test.
  3. Next set the target GRE Score (Be Realistic).
  4. Your GRE Study plan will depend on the following
    • Type of university you want to attend
    • Score you want to get – Target Score.
  5. So, lets assume you decided on a Target Score of  320. Next you have to plan your course of action to reach the target.
  6. Make a detailed note of your strengths and weakness from the practice test. To improve your scores, you have to work on your weakness.
  7. Determine your learning style.
    • Would you like to spend fixed time every day
    • Like to work with another friend preparing for exams
    • Spend fixed time 2 days in a week, ..
  8. To reach the target score of 320 in GRE Test,  amount of time you have to spend has to be calculated based on
    • Your learning style
    • Time you plan to spend daily
    • University deadlines
    • When you plan to write GRE
  9. If you have only 2 months and I need to score 320 and can spend only 1 hour per week, then you can expect to score in GRE between  300 to 310.
  10. GRE Study Materials: Make sure you have enough and right test preparation materials. If you plan to study for 3 months, then you need to have study materials for 3 months.

  11. Have a notebook to track your performance.
  12. Spend allocated according to the plan. Work on your weak areas ( Verbal Words, Maths Algebra,..).
  13. After completing the GRE practice test, make sure you spend more time analysis the mistakes. If you spent 2 hours taking the test, spend atleast 3 hours to analyze the mistakes. Instead if you spend 30 mins to just see the right answers, you are not improving your weak areas.
  14. Make a note of the mistakes you made and revise them weekly. So, you will not repeat the same mistakes again.
  15. Don’t forget to spend time to practice tests in strong areas of GRE Test.
  16. You need to have checkpoints to track your progress. If you have 4 months to study and need to improve 200 points, then every month your score has to improve towards the target score.
  17. By end of 2 months if you are still scoring 300, then you have to blame yourself. Go back to the study plan and see if you are really followed the plan or just being ad-hoc and not self-disciplined enough to follow the plan.
  18. If you learned new strategies for a section, during practice tests, you have to get the right answers. If you spent 1 week to improve on a section and then end up getting many incorrect answers, then you just wasted 1 week of your preparation time.
  19. For Example if you are weak in GRE Reading Comprehension and you spent 1 week in learning new strategies and if you still get it wrong, then try new strategies. Solve 25 RC’s per day. Live and sleep RC’s, you will get good at solving RC’s
  20. You MUST stick to your study plan and follow it strictly. You need to have self-discipline to follow the GRE Study plan.

Your GRE Study Plan

If you are in the process of preparing for GRE, post your plan and get inputs from other readers, if you have right target and enough time to reach the target GRE Score.

You might get a tempting invite from friends to go to movie, during your study time and you will decide – “I will go to movies and will make it up next day”. If you can really make it up, then you are good to enjoy the time.

If not, you can just yourself  as Just another loser, who is not going to be successful in getting high GRE Score.

Don’t expect your GRE Scores to improve overnight. It takes time and effort.

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  • shalini

    hi…this is shalini..
    am still doing my second year B.E,but want to plan my future. I have the dream of securing a very good score in gre and pursue my studies in an esteemed institution. so please let me know what all steps i can take in order to fulfill my dreams:) will be waitng for your reply

  • chang

    This is chang. I’m planning to give GRE in jun. I’m workingin night shifts and its difficult to concentrate in day time during weekdays. but i can spend my weekends for preperation. can u please give me a study plan based on my above routine to crack GRE with a good score. i’m not very good in Maths.

  • siddharth mehra

    hi i will start with my gre preps from today im looking to give gre by june end and target score above 320 . plz suggest . i am a bit weak in maths and need a way to go about with this . please help .

  • T Teja

    Hi I’m Teja Iam planning to take GRE prep for 45days so please send me the details of scheduling to get score of about 315-325 to get into the Universiteis that accept VLSI Design for my Masters program.

  • saurabh raut

    hi apurva
    my exam is scheduled on the 15th of april.my preparations are on ,i have started with the word list and till now completed about 1000 words but i am a bit skeptical about my preparations regarding the quant section and worried about the time remaining.considering the fact that just over a month left for my exams how should i proceed ??plz guide to atleast get a respectible score in gre.

  • Nitish Gupta


    I am Nitish and currently working in an IT company. I hardly get any time to prepare for GRE due to loads and loads of work. So I am planning to quit job or either take leave for 2 or 3 months (Which is least likely to be achieved.) . Can anyone please help and suggest what to do. Now it is March and I am planning to give GRE in June Beginning.

  • VK

    I have done E&I in my Bachelors with a CGPA of 7.3 and i am working in an MNC and from past one and a half years and now im planning to do my MS in US. m planning to write my exams in april last. Will it be possible for me to study and get good score ?? And will it be possible for me to get in the university within this year 2013 or is it too late?


  • Rashmi


    I am a SW engg in an Indian MNC since last 3.5 years.
    I wanted to know what exactly is this Paper presentation and how can i get it done now. WHat needs to be done exactly.As I am planning for MS in US but I will require scholarship.My Academic bakground was good being topper in the class.Request you to please help me out.


  • santhosh

    hai sir i need take gre coaching in the hyderabad can u guide me for best coaching centers and how to prepare for the gre

  • Swetha


    I have plans to takeup GRE exam within 6-8months-2013.
    I am worried about preparation for exam, as I am a software professional, working for one of the US based MNC and have work pressure at office.

    So could you please guide me regarding the study plan? Also should I take up some coaching class for GRE?? If so good coaching centers in Bangalore or else best websites to get proper guidance.

    Awaiting for your reply…


  • lali

    hi.i am taking my GRE in mid of jan,2013.can you please help me in finding out those universities which could provide me with good practical stuff related to my branch(obiviously) and fair scholarship.
    course: Ms.CIVIL ENGG.

  • sohel khan

    hi kuldip,

    my name is sohel and just wanna get a slight idea from you, i m not sure whether yu can come clean on that , nevertheless, i have applied for University of north texas health science centre at fort worth texas for MS in clinical research management 2013-2015 and i have scored 280 in GRE what wud u suggest in regards of my chance of gettin into this institution. lookin forward to hear from you regarding the same

  • Jagrat

    Hi I am Jagrat….. I have completed my MBA (marketing) in 2011 and have a years experience as of now with a Market Research Firm and still working with the same. I am planning to apply for PHD in US & Singapore in Marketing and looking forward for a career in Academics… I have the below queries and would request you to please help me out with the same 1) I am planning for admission in Summer 2014, what would be the best time to give my GRE exams
    2) With GRE do i need to even appear for IELTS or TOFEL
    3) Which are the best classes in Mumbai who could help me with coaching & test series?
    4) What are the study materials that i need to look in.
    5) If someone can share or donate their GRE test materials…. would be great


    • Jamil

      Have you got any reply from Mr. Raghu? If u could post his reply to me pls……….Many thanks, Jamil

  • Shane

    Want to list up your GRE vocabs through your iPhone?

    WordRemindr is a simple, dedicated to-do list style app just for words memorization. Download the app through http://www.wordremindr.co.kr !

  • rajini

    hiiii shreya…. Im also planning to take gre on nov 7….. how z preprtn going on???

  • piyush bandil

    hi shreya….
    i m also applying for the same…. and it is ok to take gre around 29 oct and infact if you want some more time for your tofel exam than you can extend it till dec first week it is quiet okay with that…… deadlines r generally from april so in that case you have a ample of time…….

    • piyush bandil

      ya shreya….
      you r on the safe side now you need not to worry about your deadlines for fall just focus on gre xam…. i hope you will do better in gre…… just preparing hard and practice as much as possible…. best of luck..

      • piyush bandil

        i have my gre exam on 9 oct ……. and tofel not yet booked …..

  • BOLT


  • Kay

    Also, I am going to try to take it again around the middle of November of this year.

  • Kay

    I need to know a good study plan for the new GRE. I plan on taking the GRE again for the 5th time! AHH! Please help! The highest I have gotten is a 140 on the verbal and a 143 on the quant, which is around a 670. I DESPERATELY need a 295, or around a 900, to get into my program. I am looking at 4 different schools and that is their bare minimum they take. So in all reality, it would be even better if I can get higher than that. PLEASE HELP!!

  • jaspreet

    I am jaspreet, hi i have planned to study abroad, i am a mechanical engineer and curremtly working in a well known private sector automobile lighting company, i have only 4 months of preperation time, but i am in a bias that to crack a gre exam with good score needs lot of time and hardwork, but i doesnt getr time from ma office, i have only 2 -3 hours a day to spend for studies, what i can do in this, kindly give me appropriate advice to overcome this problem, and give me a planning schedule so that i can well plan ma self according to that…please waiting for your reply asap…

    • kuldeep

      hi Jaspreet, dont worry about working up all day. you just need 2-3 hours in a day if you keep going with 4 month plan, http://www.happyschoolsblog.com/gre-exam-study-plan-tips/ this 3 hour strategy will give you the rough idea. First dont do any thing just download powerperp2 and give gre test. Then tell us your score in gre. And if you have 4months then this is enough time to prepare for the gre exam.
      for further details like books sites, strategy contact us over here and update your status.

  • sudharsahan

    HI.. Im planning to get admission in fall 2014 . What is my deadline to give GRE ?? will August or september 2013 help me ??

  • sudharsahan

    Hi HSB,
    I am planning on doing my Masters in Embedded systems, i have a working expirence for 2 yrs in a renowed MNC and been through training in italy for 3 months. I am an undergrad from BITS pilani with anaggregate of 6.3 GPA ( which is not so great ) . Can u please give me an idea about the minimum GRE score i should target to get admission into top 5 universities. I am asking for the minimum coz, i cudnt put much time into preperation as im stuck wid my job. I would be very helpful if you also give me some info regarding job oppurtunities in Embedded field after my masters.

    Thanks in advance :)

  • sudharsahan

    Hi all !! can anyone clarify me what is the minimum score ( according to the new pattern ) should i get in GRE to do my MS in Embedded systems from top 3 universities. I have working expirence of 2 yrs in Embedded field and have been trained in Italy for 3 months. I have an aggreagate of 6.3/10 CGPA from BITS Pilani. And information about job oppurtunities after my MS is also appreciated.

    Thanks in advance !! :)

    • Amna

      I have the same query.

      • kate

        you guys forget that your admission to a univeristy largely depends on performance of other students/applicants. for e.g, in one academic year if the average gre score is say 980 and you scored 1200 you are more likely to be admitted than when the average score was 1200 and you scored 980. in retrospect, you will need to aim as high as you can and hope other students do not do very well in their test. sad but true.

  • yanggemini

    Hi everyone,

    I was reading about everyone’s post and about a study plan for GRE. I will adapt everyone’s recommendation. So I had a poor (2.5) GPA as an undergrad. then went on to Grad school and graduated with a 3.5 GPA. I’ve worked all my school life and is currently working for a fortune 500 company. But I want to continue my education, for a ph.D. I’m considering applying to Standford Microbiology and Immunology. Is there hope? Everyone of you sound optimistic about your education.

    • kuldeep

      hi yanggemini
      your gpa is good in masters. And it is good that you are looking for ph.D. though GPA is good, GRE is required, research work will give 10 percent benefit, additional things like toefl, certifications, volunteer programmes will make your way easier. And don’t worry about GPA. You got your hands on good GPA.
      good luck

      • kate

        your undergraduate GPA will count for nothing soon as you get your masters. The good thing now is that you have a very good GPA for masters and should have no trouble going for Ph.D

  • ashitosh

    Now i m in 3rd yr of computer Engineering my academics is not that much good & m trying to improve it .I already started my GRE preparation .Is there any criteria for universities related to our academics ??? Plz rpy as m vry much worried abt my academics may effect my further study plan???

    • piyush bandil

      don’t worry ashitosh …. if u r not good in academics then there would be no problem …for compensate this you have to score high in gre and tofel …… all the things will gone ur’s way …. don’t worry about the past stay focus on future …… and mainly universities focuses on the GPA of last four semister so you have a time to improve it …….. most of the universities takes GPA 3 out of 4 …… so there will not be as such worrry about dat…. best of luk for ur future…

    • Abhishek Ramkumar

      hello der, my name is abhishek i completed my computer engineering from mumbai university , my acads are very very low i scored 54% overall and it has always been a dream of mine to go to the us and study .and everyone around me has told to drop off my ms plans but ive got a strong determination to do it . so my question to you is on what basis can i get into a good university inspite of having poor records in my academics, and is excellent gre score the only viable option ? and secondly i am planning to work for an year too as i heard that it wld really help me in getting an intership during the second year of my ms programme so is it good to get a work experience ….plz do reply

      • kuldeep

        Hi abhishek, you know what when people can’t do things by themselves and fail to achieve whatever they want to achieve then they say these things to others that you can not do this. Indeed your percentage aren’t that good but it’s beeter to do something than nothing. Get good GRE score and TOEFL score. And job experience will also help you. If you have some time write a research paper but do not loose hope. There is percentage problem with Canada but there is no such problem exist with US.
        Good luck and don’t listen what losers say.

        • Abhishek Ramkumar

          Thanks alot sir , really appreciate your advice

      • piyush bandil

        hi abhishek….
        kuldeep is telling truth only lossers quit frm there goal . In persuing ms frm the usa percentage doesn’t really matter the thing is what u really score in gre and tofel …..
        and another important thing is paper presentation , research and your interest in the research of the professors of the universities which you are applying ……. so don’t worry be positive and don’t concern with those who will demoralize you…….best of luck..

        • Abhishek Ramkumar

          Thank u so much ,I’ll definitely work hard in my gre

  • Shruthi

    I am done with my GRE yesterday. i haven’t sent my scores to schools as i dot know about it. How can i send my score to schools now?

    • piyush bandil

      hi shruthi…
      what is your gre score ? and in which program u waana take admission … according to that u make a list of universities , and then go to a site of ets and choose option view score and then select a option to send these score to different univwrsities which are listed below according to your program……. for furthur assistance visit web site of ets everything will be mentioned there ….. best of luck…

  • Shivam

    Hi…I have started preparing for GRE since last week.
    and i’ll be applying for oct 2013 fall.
    so can u please tell me the possible dates for taking GRE so that I can get ample time to prepare.
    What is the deadline for taking GRE and TOEFL.

    • piyush bandil

      hi shivam…
      u have to done with gre and tofel by end of december , because deadlines for fall session will be started from feb and march and rest will depend on the university and program for which u are applying …… for this u have to visit the website of university which u want to apply…….. best of luck….

  • Radhika

    I’ve registered for GRE on 17th October. So preferably when should I give my TOEFL if I want to apply for fall 2013?how many months do the TOEFL score require to be reported?

    • Anubhav MEhra

      Technically you should give Toefl withn next 7 days after completing your GRE test.Because the concepts you studied for gre would be fresh and you can give toefl easily otherwise you have to go through all the concepts again,rest depends on you.

    • Anubhav MEhra

      For the toefl score ,once you give the test you can choose the uni there and then itself to or later,scores reach within 10-15 days to you

  • Kishore

    Hello HSB people.

    I’m going for German Universities and i’m need 300-310 and i’m in my 4th year of my college. The colleges which i’m applying aren’t really great but i need a good score for a security purpose incase i decide in the last minute to attend US universities. I’m thinking about taking GRE in the month of October, so there is still 2 and 1/2 months left. I think i will have to prepare hard. Like 5 hours a day according to one of the HSB blogs. I’ve already seen my performance, it’s not great or satisfying. Main thing is i lack motivation just to prep for GRE. I guess this post will give me some motivation.

    Thanks a lot to the author. Much indebted.

  • Bhumika

    Hello, i am planning to apply to schools for fall 2014 and would be giving my exam in july 2013. As i had low grades till my second year, i plan to improve my engineering grades in the coming 2 years. I plan on studying on my own(for GRE) for a 6 months(aug-jan) fom books, internet etc. And then i want to join a coaching centre(feb-april) so i can get a better idea and guidance.
    Then again i’ll prepare on my own, practice tests etc and give my exam in mid-july….meanwhile i hope to increase my grades too. How is the plan? Can i get a good college even with low grades?? ( i am still in my researching phase and finalising my 1 year plan)

    • kuldeep

      Yes you can! meanwhile you don’t need to go after coaching. And you have plenty of time for the GRE. 2 to 3 months are enough for gre after that you will be out of resources.
      Some books are here
      1. Manhattan series( highly recommended with official guide.
      2. Gruber’s guide.
      3. Buy kalplan for rc
      4. GRE for dummies
      5 for vocab follow barrons
      And remember new GRE is differ then old GRE, so do not mug up the words learn them in context. Read online material and read it on google chrome it provides google dictionary.
      Some random vocabulary learning sites.
      1. vocabulary.com
      2. mnemonic.com
      3. major test
      If you have any query then mail me.
      good luck

      • Bhumika

        Hi Kuldeep, thank you so much for your reply.
        As i mentioned that i do not have good grades(70% till now), do you think i can get into any good college??
        And also, would it be an area of concern if i give my toefl exam 6 months after my gre exam(i want to be sure that i would get into a univ with my gre score before preparing for toefl) as i read that one should give toefl within 2 months of the gre exam??

        • kuldeep

          Hi Bhumika,
          Sorry for late reply, i am busy in my GRE application process. So, your score aren’t that bad but try to secure above 70 percent because canadian universities prefer above 70 percent. Another thing, while preparing for gre we can enhance our vocab and command on reading so do not delay toefl test after GRE. Try to give it within 20 days. And what i am not getting that why you so curious about your grades. Your percentage are above average. And talk with your teachers and try to participate in presentations and try to help them in writing research papers.
          See GRE+TOEFL+MINIMUM GPA 3.0+paper presented+research work=top 100 university. If you need further info you can write us mail.
          good luck

          • bhumika

            hello kuldeep,I
            I really appreciate. your help.. the only reason I am so tensed about my grade us because I read on a lot of websites that 70% is hardly a 2 .0 on the GPA scale…..anyway,,I know I would have. to write a paper to.the university but that would be during the time of admission,isn’t it? I just wanted to know, what do u mean by research paper……..what kind of research? and, how can I e-mail u? can u plz give me your email is? are u also preparing for gre?? (ps:I am sorry if I am asking a lot of questions)

            • bhumika

              and sorry,my keyboard does weird things.

            • kuldeep

              Hi Bhumika,
              you are worrying about your GPA but i ve seen so many people with low gpa studying in good universities. If you really planning for US then things are in your hands , even you can apply in canadian colleges with good gre score. And see, you have plenty of time for gre and 70 percent is good score ok. Don’t worry about canadian universities which are overly possessive with gpa. Meanwhile you have 10 months to prepare for gre, try to set a goal of 325 plus, as idon’t know your current score so i can’t say anything. And yeah you can go after your senior teachers and talk to them about research paper and yeah do join IEEE. US universities see everything on your application like volunteer programmes you attended in your major. Certifications, projects, extra curricular activities, and paper presentation on various topics. My id is . If you need further help in vocab or related to quant then you can contact me or you can ask me about colleges.
              good luck

  • Bhumika

    Hello, i am planning to apply to schools for fall 2014 and would be giving my exam in july 2013. As i had low grades till my second year, i plan to improve my engineering grades in the coming 2 years. I plan on studying on my own(for GRE) for a 6 months(aug-jan) fom books, internet etc. And then i want to join a coaching centre(feb-april) so i can get a better idea and guidance.
    Then again i’ll prepare on my own, practice tests etc and give my exam in mid-july….meanwhile i hope to increase my grades too. How is the plan? Can i get a good college even with low grades?? ( i am still in my researching phase and finalising my 1 year plan)
    Hope to see your reply soon.
    Thank you :)

  • Radhika

    hi,..i want to apply for fall 2013… so is it ok if i take GRE in Mid October around 16th oct. …..the dates are full…Whats the maximum late i can give my gre for fall 2013???? please reply

    • piyush bandil

      hi …. radhika
      i also wanna apply for fall 2013 ……….. ya its ok to take gre in mid october …. and as per my prior knowledge u can give till nov and dec ……. and if u came to know with some other information plz let me know….. i also have to register my gre date as soon as possible…..
      and deadline dates are also depend on different universities ……..

    • kuldeep

      Hey Radhika do not worry about the dates you can give till dec and TOEFL around january . But make a list where do you want to apply because different universities have different deadlines.

    • piyush bandil

      hi radhika……
      i also wanna apply for the same fall 2013…….. it is ok to take gre in mid october….. i also planned to take my xam in first week of october……. and as per my prior knowledge u r able to give gre till nov and dec……… and if u came to know with some other information then plz mail me ……

      • kuldeep J

        guys just start preparing and @radhika u r on right track. i had also registered for october, lets pray fr good score

        • piyush bandil

          thanks kuldeep for ur guidence ……….
          i will b in touch wid u…….. and we all have to strt preparing hard fr gre…….
          lets hope fr a good score….

          • kuldeep

            Yeah keep in touch and if you need further help in vocabulary and other thing then let me know.
            Good luck

    • Gautam Jain

      Hi HSB :

      • piyush bandil

        hi gautam…
        you have to practise more and more for dat and reading speed is the basic key skill for the rc’s so make ur reading speed fast ………. try to read near about 200 words per minute and read novels as many as possible and english newspapaer daily …… read all the boring novels not to answer the rc’s based on them …. but read them to improve ur reading speed ……. this will really help u in solving ur rc’s….

  • Marisa Arroyo

    Where can I buy the preparation books for the GRE???

  • sam

    whats the qualification required for gre is it necessaryy to hav above 60 per in final year or entire enggg

    • kuldeep

      nothing just go for gre.
      good luck

  • Shruthi

    Guys am planning to give my GRE in a few months, I want to know the difference between old GRE pattern and New GRE pattern in detail. Can anyone please reply me. Thank you.

    • kuldeep

      Hi Shruthi,
      Everything is different in new gre. You can see the difference in official guide of ets.. There are text complitions, sentence equivalence and little more RC passages. First buy an official guide then let us know we will guide you about further reference books. some are(kaplan, kaplan workbooks, barron’s vocabulary, manhattan series, gruber’s guide).
      good luck

  • Rangoli


    Am planning to book ma slot around September 3 0 for August Fall..currntly am wrkng wid a communication consultancy and have been preparng for GRE for 10 days now..since i dont belong to engineering background, am findng Maths difficult…let me knw abt d bst way to improve ma score and enhance ma Vocab…also, do guild e whther 80 days r enough to get 320 score in d new GRE…takng sabbaticle frm offc for the xam…please help

    • kuldeep

      First it is good to take step towards gre, second though math is not that difficult, so, you just need to go through the basic concepts then you can solve gre questions from different books. Start with Kaplan it will give you the idea of exam then follow workbooks of Kaplan series. Manhattan series is best for beginner to advance test takers and after buying this guide you do not need to worry about other guides. Though vocab is good in barrons. And gre is not only about preparing from books it also checks your stamina on exam so start giving practice after finishing with you basic maths. And about 80 days hmm well it depends on your current level first begin with full length test from power perp 2. and see what score comes and then update us here with your score…good luck

  • Varun

    Hi.I have just entered into engineering 1st year.I know i’ve got lot of time for gre but is there any schedule so that i can follow from now onwards and get better at that time? plz reply.i really want to get a good score in gre. Please do reply…

  • Varun

    Hi.I have just entered into engineering 1st year.I know i’ve got lot of time for gre but is there any schedule so that i can follow from now onwards and get better at that time? plz reply.i really want to get a good score in gre.

  • mohsin

    i want to get 1200 or 310 score in GRE & want to appear in next march. wt would be my study plan. kindly give me suggestions.

  • saman khan

    plz help me with the scoring system of GRE. i’m still confused even after reading abt it on the website…… what is percentile score???????? how is it related to the score we get in gre…..
    plzzzzzzzz help,,,,,,, there is lot of confusion in my mind about this….. as i need to plan my target soon……..

    THANKS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ashish

    Hi, I am applying for Spring 2013 and my GRE is on 11th Sept. I want to enroll in Akron University but its deadline for Spring is 1st Sept. So is it possible if I apply for it before 1st Sept and submit my GRE score after deadline? Please help me..

    • carl

      I would check with your programs admissions person and see what they say.. Some programs may wait for your scores, but it is best to have them in by the deadline, as there are many applicants and programs tend to fill spot with completed applications. If possible try and take your GRE in August so will get there in time.

  • sai lalitha magapu

    hi i am planning to do MS in 2013
    please give me suggestions about GRE and TOEFL
    and what kind of universities should i select and wen to start my selection of universities

    • Sam

      This really isn’t the place to ask about universities you should apply to as that is dependent on your field of study and your abilities. Try http://www.usnews.com for rankings in specific fields. As for when you should begin your selection, ASAP. Deadlines are usually around the beginning of December, so you should have a finalized selection by the beginning of the fall term!

      • sai lalitha magapu

        ty sam :)

  • sudichhya

    hi i want to apply for JAN 2013 . By how much time i have to complete my GRE and TOEFl

    • PRashant

      I am also planning for admission in spring 2013 . as far as i read i came to know most of the universities for spring have July and first week of august as deadlines. So you should be done with your GRE at max. by the end of June But i suggest to do more research on this issue and if u come to know something new . please mail me and let me know also. it would be great help…..

      • sudichhya gautam

        Thanks Prashant
        If i got something new information i will surely inform u

        • sudichhya gautam

          How you have allocate time to study GRE . How much you give time separately to study english and math per day . I would prepare myself from your idea

      • vopz

        same here prashant i am going to write my exam at 15th of june. And i am also looking for spring session. And there are so many colleges in which you can apply till october.

    • piyush bandil

      hi i want to apply for fall 2013 . by what time i have to complete with my gre and toefl …. plz guide me……. and by how much time before i should have apply for gre xam date …
      plz guide in a right way……

      • kuldeep

        hi Piyush
        you must give your GRE and TOEFL till december. But if you want to apply certain university then you must go for deadlines because deadlines varies according to university but if you just want to go for random university then bowdlerize every doubt from your cerebral and go for it. December is the perfect time for giving gre.

  • ricky

    hai sir,am studying in ime(institution of mechanical enginners)…..its ma fault to join in ime..because course is too tough and very tough to pass in exams….there are so many students are leave my college and take another course…but i cant sir….is there any way to pass in ime….
    please reply sir…..

  • kumar

    hi every one

    i wrote gre exam on dec 26 th and i got very low score now i am final year student and i want to place in good univ now i changed my plan to apply for spring from now i want to plan to study gre can any one guide me please about how should i plan to get good score above 300 can any one give me good planning plzzzzzzzz

    • trubulu

      Dude, Getting low score after tremendous efforts is really frustrating !!!
      Am also sailing in the same boat as U are! last year of engineering low scores and plans postponed from fall 12 to spring 13!!!
      Am just screwed!……anyways no one can make plans for us!
      We are only the plan makers for ourselves, coz no one knows how we spend entire day with GRE thoughts in mind!
      Just gear up this time for more focused prepping as am to doing the same and wish u luck! (and me too!!!)

  • kirupa

    hi all,
    i took a practice test without preparing anything to jus see my exact position.here are my scores
    i know it is a very bad score…i am going to writ my gre exam by may or june 2012..please to suggest me ideas to improve my score….kindly help me

    • karthik

      keep working on the areas you find difficult in the practice test. Just keep practicing. that will take you to reach your target.

  • kavyavarshini

    hi everybody…..
    i want to get into the university by fall2012… but i still din take up my GRE exam…
    can i get an admission if i take the exam in jan/feb 2012…???
    and also how can i prepare for the exam??
    and can anyone intimate me with the scores they expect in top state universities in US…???
    pls help… i think i’m already late…. and getting restles..!!! :( :(

    • Yatish

      Hey.. if you are serious on applying for 2012 fall then you really got to hurry up. You need to check the university websites for the deadlines. The deadlines start from around 15th of Jan.. You can start filling the online applications and then you specify the date you are taking up GRE. You really got to hurry up.. All the best.

      • kavya

        hi… i’m sorry… it was a typing error…. i want to get into the university by fall 2013 even before that if possible… because i think i cannot apply anymore for getting into the college by this june… or is there any chances of me getting into any of the top universities by this august…??? currently i’m pursuing my final year BE.. or temme a time before which i should crack my gre and toefl for getting into he university by august or by january.. pls reply..

      • kavyavarshini

        mr.hi… i’m sorry… it was a typing error…. i want to get into the university by fall 2013 even before that if possible… because i think i cannot apply anymore for getting into the college by this june… or is there any chances of me getting into any of the top universities by this august…??? currently i’m pursuing my final year BE.. or temme a time before which i should crack my gre and toefl for getting into he university by august or by january.. pls reply..

        • Kuldeep

          so as u said u want to enter by fall 2013 then no worries! there’s much time in our hands!
          As am too preparing for the same!
          Now dont worry just try to focus on studies and prepare for exams!
          U’ll get into good uni.
          accordingly i think we should give exams prior to august (both of them) so that we get enough chances to select the good uni.!

        • karthik

          hi, if u r applying for fall 2013 then u have ample of time for the preparation but you have tp plan well for the areas you are week. I have also planned to take my GRE exam to improve my score. GRE exam is really tricky. I would like to have a study partner if u are interested tel me ?and there is no right or wrong time. I faced the problem wit the verbal section that brought my scores down. So for verbal i would suggest to have a preparation time of 6 months.Engineering students dont find any difficulty in quants. Guess you are clear now !
          Remember jus the GRE score alone doesnt guarantee getting into a good Univ…

          • kaushik

            Hi Guys,

            me too preparing for the GRE , have planned to take the test in june of this year… It will be great if I get any of your email ids ….


            • kirupa

              dats great yaar!!1i am taking my gre on june 18…even i am searching for a study partner..

  • http://www.happyschoolsblog.com sai keerthana

    hello frds
    i am doing my B.TECH(IT). i want to take gre exam.tell me when shall i register
    for that and how to prepare for it? by joining any training institute or by my own.
    plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz reply me.

  • honey

    Hi frnds, can any one suggest me, which books I have to follow for getting gud scores in GRE..

  • navya

    am planning to take gre in february2012 can anyone suggest me where i can get online coaching for gre

    • rahul

      You will get good coaching centres country-wide.Which city do you want the coaching for?

  • my

    Friends, i am planing to take my GRE (General) test in december, could you suggest me which one is the best book for new GRE test. what must be score for admission in top engineering graduate schools.

  • Sreeshaalini

    hi… I am in my final year.. I have very low verbal skills and medium quant.. Registered for test on 19th sep.. I am not at all confident with my prep and decided to give up.. When it would be nice time to fix my date for second attempt? Is 4 months of time for the preparation sufficient? help me out!! thnx in advance…

  • kirthana

    hi…. i have booked my slot on september 15 . i have been preparing from a month but iam nt confident yet on my verbal part . i need to knw wat is the best time for me to change my slot .??? please reply as soon as possible and i am nw in my final year

  • pawandutte

    i liked the above suggestion really motivating and will be helpful for me
    thnx a lot….. Hats off
    i have registered for GRE which will be on 28 sep so please keep helping me in my preparation.
    once again thnx a lot….

  • megha

    hello ,
    can any experienced person suggest me whn to start solving the powerprep

  • Arun Balaji

    Your note had motivated me in a right way. Hats off. Please try to motivate me further so that i can able to succeed even better.

  • http://ets.org.com aravind

    hi guys i would like 2 appear 4 revised gre pattern in sep 1st week ,i need the guidance how 2 crack gre in easy way

  • niv

    hi I want to apply for fall 2012. how much time will be needed for preparation for new GRE pattern . Its august now. I am working professional. is it really possible, whn should I take my exam date? plz help

  • ABBY

    hye fellas .. i would like to appear in the GRR exams by this november..
    as i m graduated and can easily give 6 to 8 hrs to it ..
    i need some materials regarding this new pattern … can any one help me out wid it …
    i will b very thankfull..
    and i need an internet mate .. who wants to appear in the same month 2…. so that v can prepare together… caz in verbal part v have issue and argumentative passages …. so to make it a issue or argument …. it will b good to have a partner …

  • kantetiramnikesh

    ya now it is new pattern please tell me how to hav the study plan in 1and half month time.i want to score a respectable score in new gre.it is for 340 marks..i think 260 is good score ….please send me how to plan for it..

  • G Vinay

    Hi Friends,
    I just now finished my engg. I have 3 months time before joining TCS.
    Hence I have decided to take up GRE around 2/3rd of October.
    Since I am free now I can spend like 8 hours a day preparing for GRE.
    Therefore I have around 12 weeks ( 9 weeks – Preparation & Tests 3 weeks – Only Practice tests & reviews), this is how I have planned to study.
    I just wanted to know if 375 hours of preparation enough to get a score of around 300/340 in new GRE format?
    I have a CGPA of 8.55 ( If its of any help to suggest me)
    Please friends do help me

    • G Vinay

      Edit: 2/3rd week of october

  • rajya lakshmi


    some one guide me, how to prepare for GRE
    am studying 3rd b-tech mechanical , i want wrote gre in 20123


  • preethi

    hi…….everyone……can u pls gve me suggestions to take up new gre friends………….

  • vs

    Friends: is it possible for us to provide atleast one real question or Comprehension Paragraph from the test.
    If we remember atleast one question or atleast one line or just idea of Comprehension Paragraph that was faced by the test taker and provide here I am sure that will be repeating in future tests. Accordingly, if someone locate exactly the same question or comprehension paragraph in some book can share with all.

  • Megha Sharma

    Plz someone guide me how to prepare for GRE exam?
    I want to apply for fall 2012 so when should i give my GRE exam and if i plan 2 givemy exam in november 2011 how should i prepare,is three months’ time ample?
    PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ………. guide me

    • Salim Sopariwalla

      Hi Megha,
      For applying in Fall 2011, in my opinion you should start preparing from this week itself (as warm up, i.e getting used to it) and then start full fledge studies in August. Its good to appear for the GRE in October 2011, latest by 1st week of November. The earlier, the better! Dont go close to the holiday periods…

      Ideal time for GRE preparation…
      First of all ponder over the following questions then only decide how much time you would require:
      1. What GRE score you want to achieve?
      2.Determine how much you can score with your current skill set
      3.Actual test date.
      Your test strategies and preparation time should depend on these three answers.

      Make sure you have taken a exam date first, because when you have the date, you have a deadline! And I believe most of the people make good preparation when they have a deadline.
      All the Best!! :)

    • Harman

      Hi Megha
      I m also planning to give my GRE in nov…..and if u have some idea of doing preparation then plzzzzzz tell me.If anybody tell us how should we prepare GRE in 3 months then plzzzz guide

  • Herbert G

    Hi everyone, I send my suscription for GRE test on October 28th and my preparation style is complicated because I have a soon, anywhere…I need 450 V and 750 Q. In spite of I have been little studied, but you have to meet targets gays I hope success and if we know some guide for the study, I know the grateful…!!

  • Saurabh

    If you are frm maths background then you should try to get 750+ in quants and for verbal there is no other way except memorizing vocab. If still you cant then try to pay attention towards RC during GRE

  • sai

    hey plz help me out….
    my exam is on 4 july…and i started preparing from today…how to get 1200 score????

  • priyanka

    hello guys……….
    my GRE on 1st july 2011,i have 15 days ahead in my hand & i scored 1050(370-v,680-q) in power prep now.plz suggest me how to get 450-500 in v & 750 in quant.my target score is 1200.plzzzzzzzz help & guide……………….plz dont ignore my blog its a humble request to all plz help me………………………………………..
    with greetings & regards

    • rama

      Look at your previous mistakes,cram a little more,no other go,otherwise i’d suggest to reschedule or postpone it,if you are not satisfied no point in attempting

      • priyanka

        thanks sweety for reply but i cant postpone as well coz from 10th july my exam are going to start.so i hv this chance only.

    • rohan

      carry on ….m damn sure u r gonna do dis…:-)

  • priyanka

    hello guys……….
    my GRE on 1st july,i have 15 days ahead in my hand & i scored 1050(370-v,680-q) in power prep now.plz suggest me how to get 450-500 in v & 750 in quant.my target score is 1200.plzzzzzzzz help & guide……………….

  • yogesh

    I need a help here I have completed 2 year as tester in Software Company is it good option to do GRE or MBA?

    • vidya

      I think GRE

  • supreem regmi

    nice one

  • Pradeepta Samal

    hello, I am going to appear GRE on September 13i under the new pattern. Can anybody suggest what type of preparation i should follow. I am a beginner.

    • sahishnu

      hi…u need to first finish ur vocab from barrons and than try to do from kaplan.…..

  • Belinda

    Um.. informative, but you should really proof read this article.. especially if you are claiming to be able to assist someone. You have left out words, and some sentences that you have here, just don’t make sense. “Everyone’s don’t have equal talent.” – and – “it would be nice to score 1600/1600, but you only certain amount of time to study.” Really? You have the ability to teach others when you can’t even proof read your own article?

    • HSB

      Thanks for your comments. You have to understand this blog is written by non-native English speakers. So, there will be mistakes. I will get the sentences fixed.

    • HSB Fans

      Hello Belinda Ma’m,
      If u r having some problem with the blog , stay away from it.A sentence will not ruin a career,and basically HSB has taught a lot,which are much much important than those points which you have pointed above :)

      Thank You

      • G mon

        “A sentence will not ruin a career” doesn’t make sense! If you can’t write or speak correct English then how are you a good student? Obviously, you missed some classes when you were studying English. I am assuming you are Indian based upon the types of words you missed. Different cultures seem to all make the same mistakes when they speak based on their native language. If you are seeking a career/school in an English speaking country then you need to correctly speak the language or people will look down upon that or assume you are stupid. Just FYI. <— FYI means for your information.

        • Suparn Gupta

          Whoa Whoa G Mon (Timon) Dude, or gal, just don’t throw your trifle slandering remarks here about being from India.. There are several other places to look for GRE stuff.. You are not bound to use this blog.. But there is no need for carping. And mind your tongue man (or something else).. The article helped me a lot in my initial planning for my preparation.. Its worth reading……….

  • sindhura

    hey some one plzz temme some online practise tests for gre….plzzzzzzz
    i hv given da xam twice i dint get good score plzz temme some online practice tests foe gre

    • sahishnu

      go for 800 gre tests…..try gre barrons

  • surekha

    This is rekha .I am planning to write my gre in this october 2011 .Can u pls suggest which books are preffered for gre.

  • jamal hussain

    I have fully prepared for the GRE but still feels hesitation as test is going to near…

  • supriya

    heloo everybody,
    I hav 45 days for my gre exam and i’m planned a schedule of 4 hrs daily 2 hrs verbal and 2 hrs maths. am i into right track…!! A very big problemm for me is i’m nt able to memorize 350 words from barrons…so ‘m concentrarting more on maths because i like maths..so plz do suggest me wether ma prepartion time-table is fine or any improvements are need’d.!! and also do suggest about preparing for verbal section.
    Thanking You

    • sharad Pachpute

      Use kaplan method for verbal
      2-3 ways improves vocabulary: 1) Recognize word by etymological meaning ie roots words like given in bok WORD POWER MADE EASY- Norman Lewis (2) Understand similar word group meaning (thesauruses) given in Kaplabn books (3) Proactive reading
      http://www.vocabulary.com, http://www.grebible.com

  • Md. Atiqur rahman

    I have been trying to prepare myself for GRE since i started 3′rd year. Now I’m in 4′th year. But still now I’m same as i was in 3′rd year . I cannot concentrate as there is lots of academic study. Can i have any solution? I’m so much frustrated about my preparation.

  • shiva

    hi.iam b.pharm studnt.basicaly iam a science student.iam poor in quants.plz help me how 2 prepare maths.plzzz…

  • Ajinkya Supekar

    Hello,I wish to give the Revised GRE in jan-feb '12. . .i have to still start preparation for it. .n m clueless abot wat strategy i shud use. .please help me. .

    • HSB

      GRE Prep strategy will be the same, but question types are different. Wait for others to post their experience.

  • Abhinav

    You want to give yourself at least 4-6 weeks to prepare for the GRE, although 2-3 months is probably optimal.

    I would recommend downloading the online practice CDs and taking one of them in the beginning so you know your weaknesses and one of them a day or two before the test. The standard test prep books are good for learning the various tricks for certain question types, and for revising math that you no longer remember, i.e. random questions about angles inside circles. Also get the official question book as this is the only source with actual GRE questions and the math section is all about timing and practice.

    The verbal section is ALL about vocab. Three of the four question types (analogies, antonyms and to a lesser extent sentence completion) can all contain difficult and rarely used vocabulary. I would recommend using an online tool like Studydeck to learn the most commonly used words and latin roots. Reading comprehension can be difficult to learn in a short amount of time but with plenty of practice you’ll definitely improve.

    I got the score I wanted (800q, 700v) using this approach and with about a 5 week buildup.

    • Akshay Deshpande

      Hi Abhinav!My self Akshay from Pune!
      I have seen your comments regarding the GRE preparation.
      I recently appeared for GRE and scored 620q & 290v.
      I was depressed to see such a low score of mine as I expected it to be 1300-1350.
      Please tell me the quant books for preparation as earlier I prepared it from Barrons and vocab from Flash Cards.
      Please help me improving my score.

  • Abhijit

    This website is so helpful ,Thanks a ton for this :-)

  • Pooja Sharma


    i am pooja and want to ask anyone who is giving GRE . please tell me the name of the subjects, which are in GRE. i want to give it in this year. i m middle in english. so please tell me how much time i require to got 1400+ score in GRE.


  • deepak sp

    what is RC?

  • Sridevi

    Hello I want to write my GRE next month.I am making one month plan.At present I am not working.Please help by giving your valuable tips.

  • Prakash Shrestha

    Thank you so much….to those who helped through this website…thank you so mcuh

  • Ashlesha K

    I am planning to take GRE before August 2011. But I am totally perplex about the GRE. Took some mock tests and I am getting in the range of 1460-1560. Have cleared this year CAT with 99%le, so finding GRE verbal easier. I wish to get detailed answers for the following questions from existing MS students or the students who know in depth about admission procedure:

    1. If I get around 1510+ , will I eligible to get 90% scholarship or full funding?.

    What is the procedure for applying to scholarship? and when it gets confirmed that one had got 90% scholarship.

    2. I wish to get into Stanford university, what is minimum GRE score is required to get 90% scholarship for study in Stanford?

    3. Can anybody tell me other criteria required to enter into Stanford besides GRE score?

    4. What are the other universities which accept a score of 1510+?

    5. I dont have that much financial condition that will spend money over education in USA. my max.limit is rs.10 lakhs for 2 years ( for stay purpose)

    and I dont wish to put extra money for the education.

    6. Thus can anybody kindly tell me the scholarships available for the Indian students and when to apply for those?

    7. If I cleared all GRE and Toefl when will I have to start application procedure?

    and how application procedure is to be done?

    8. Apart from this is it possible to have a stay with Rs.10 Lakh in USA if I get 90%scholarship. Have heard from many people that if your GRE score is too high you can get 100% scholarship too. is this correct?. when I visited Stanford university website , it shows that scholarships are available for american citizens only. is this true?

    9. and one more basic questions, are american universities like stanford provide accommodation facility like hostels etc. and how much they cost for it?

    Please help me out of this.

    I need answers for all these questions in detail.



  • Usman Ahmed

    This would be helpful if i get my target score

  • Mayuri Garg

    Hii i have started preparing for Gre now.I need to give the paper around Feb-Mar.I want to score 1300 + in GRE to have scholarship.I gave GRE PowerPrep and scored 270 in verbal and 790 in Quants.As i m working in software company i get Saturdays and Sundays free for studying so i have joined classes on those days.I am weak in vocab and reading comprehension.How should i proceed?Will this time be sufficient for getting this much score?

  • Milad


    As I know there are some books which they are good for preparing for IELTS & GRE exams.If any one wants to know,leave me pm to help him or her.

    Meanwhile, is there any body here who is studying mechanical engineering and wants to continue his/her major in control based research,tell me?

    I have some ideas

    • http://[email protected] ramesh

      i'm an mechanical engineer and i'm in 3rd year i need to know which books r perfect for preparing to gre . ..i'm expecting to take test in may-june give me some guidence steps to score higher marks in gre test

    • Neeta

      Hi Milda,
      Tel me the books that u know arer good for GRE and IELTS.. And let me know whats the difference between the exams GRE and IELTS if you know anyting about this.

    • Shweta


      Can you tell me the names of the books which I should study to get a high GRE score? Thanks.

  • Shruti

    I am a a graduate in engineering .i prepared for GRE while simultaneously working at a MNC.I gave my GRE in November 2010 and secured a score of 880.
    During my mock tests of Kaplan ,i used to score around 1200 to 1250.I have no clue how my actual score reduced to 880.
    i plan to give my GRE in January 2011 again.
    Could you help me out as to how i should prepare in order to score above 1300?I have done the GRE barrons wordlist once.
    thank you.

    • Gagan

      Hello Shruti,

      Gre exam is an mysterious examination, on the exam day if u get perturbed, then u can end up with a bad score, thats what happened to me, in power prep is used score verbal 590 and Quant- 780, i got perturbed while answering there i ended up with 1180, so what I would suggest, since you have done Barron's word list, keep revising it dont venture into new things, start working on Analogies and Sent Comp, and reading compression. work maths everyday, in maths section u need speed and accuracy, both of these come on experience….start full prep two months before itself specially for maths…dont get carried away that maths is easy, both are equally tough, All The Best!!!!

    • Abhinav


      Make sure you take extra care on the earliest questions in the test. It is computer adaptive and so if you make a few mistakes on earlier questions it can take getting a lot of right answers in a row in order to get back up to your appropriate score range. In this way the early questions matter more and so taking care of them will make you more likely to get the score you deserve. Other than that keep practicing and look carefully at the questions you are getting wrong so you can eliminate common errors.

  • Bahjat


    I am a pharmacist ( bachelor in pharmacy ) graduated from university of Mosul, I would like to complete Ph D study in pharmaceutics in one of the us universities. But, I faced by some tests that I did not have. These are:

    1. Offecial TOEFL

    2. GRE test

    3. GMAT test

    4. PCAT test

    Although I have ITP TOEFL test with 480 score

    I want to know if I can fill and submit my application form without these tests. and if I can what are the condition or time within it I must make exam and bring the results. thanks with regards


  • utsav


    I have my GRE on 23 november , my target is 1410 and I am not able to boost my score more then 1100(700 in quant + 400 in verbal) as seen from onlie GRE mock prep . Please suggest some tips.

  • Ajit daundkar

    i gave gre on 1st of oct…i solvd only 22 questions of quant and didnt even randomly markd rest of 6…as a result of it, i got only 670 in quant…it i had randomly markd those 6 questions, would my score be higher?? i want to apply for fall 2011…can i apply ,if i give gre on 1st of dec? kindly reply

  • Milad

    I need to apply for Berkeley for next year but the GRE score should be very high.
    I don't know which books are important for this exam.
    please introduce me all the books I should read such as vocabulary(verbal..),reading books. and what should I do for analytical writing?

  • Nick

    I have taken the GRE for twice. Could not meet the requirement in the first time but following some steps and technique, I passed at the second time.

    The 20 steps plan in your article are really useful. I do agree that stick to the plan is very important as many people somehow get out of track in the middle of the plan.

    And not only for the GRE, there are many study techniques can be share in other exams too.

  • http://[email protected] chandani singh

    I'm Jyotsana Singh. I did M.B.A i'm planing to take GRE in January 2010, I 'm preparing from Barron and Kaplan but i am still confused about GRE, don't know how to prepare how can i get good score,If anybody have same problem, We can form a group & study,what say?

    Please give me suggestions for math & analytical writing,if you can.

    Thanks and Regards

  • Mayank

    Hello HSB,

    i done my GRE today itself,but i got a very bad score of 900 only (V: 300,Q:600).i am very disappointed by the result. like everyone,it's my dream to do my MS from USA.i want to give my GRE again,after 4 months.i want to do hard preparation this time ,as i came to know about my mistakes now.if i will give my GRE in March 2011,then will it be fine or not ?

    and i want to get Stanford University only,for it,what is the minimum score ?

    please help in this.

    • Rahul

      its not at all easy to get admission into Stanford. You have to score minimum of 1300 plus you should have minimum of 3 to 4 international Publications, to get admission there. ( then also its not sure that they will admit you)

  • Sagar Gaikwad

    hey, hi friends, i am sagar ,i am second year it engg. stdnt .

    I am plannig to give GRE ,please guide me regarding study plans & how to choose universities & their admission rocedure

  • ROO


    I'm a senior year student and i plan to take mt GRE by the end of december. However, My university schedule is really tight and i'm loaded with my university work every day. Do you think it's viable for me to go ahead with the test date i have in mind?

  • http://www.facebook.com/HappySchoolsBlog Manav Arora

    i have a couple of questions..it will be helpful if i get answers ..

    Q1.what is a good GRE score for a Good university in USA. means 1200 can work or 1400 is must

    Q2. i have 3 active backlogs..and their result will come in April 2011 ..and i want to go for sept 2011 sesion..

    there is no doubt about active backlogs..i will definitely clear all of them.

    weather it effect anything like applying for XX universities is worthless, i will waste time and money if i apply to top universities.

    Q3. what about visa in regarding whit backlog issue

    waiting for any kind of replay.


  • pradeep

    hi iam pradeep completed my b.tech in 2009 with 55% with 17 backlogs ihave cleared them i have completed my ielts with 6.0 is it possible for me to get admission in to us university? can u plz suggest me?

  • Mohit26n

    HELLO friends !!i am student of computer engineering….i have a backlog in my final semester which ill be answering in nov 2010..i have an aggreagte of 63% with PASS class……..is my class going to matter on my admission to studying abroad ??

  • Haris

    I need some suggestions on improving my score,i gave my gre today and got 1110.Very disappointed as i was targeting 1400 plus.Some tips on how to improve english as i had learnt 3500 words for the test.

  • sindhu

    hai friends. can anybody tell me what are the good universities in kensas state plzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • hsb the best

      hii hsb ,

      plz tell me bAcklogs affect our visa interview?plz tell about it

      lot of students ve backlogs

      • Rajkamal

        Hey ,
        Backlogs should not be a problem if you have a proper reason for it. There is a limit, though. People who never had a backlog have been denied a visa and a person who had 11 backlogs was granted visa. You never know. Good luck with your VI. Make sure you post your interview experience. Contribute to this site :) :) .


  • william

    hi, i am completing my B.Sc in civil engineering from university of juba(Sudan) dis november and am planning to take GENERAL GRE REVISED TEST next year(aug 2011), Can u help me wit hw 2 prepare for de test, and wit preparation materials dat will rise my quantitative n verbal sections in order 2 obtain 1400.

  • Pranav shah

    Hello ppl I wanted some site or book which helps me in analogies and antonyms.. I m lukin out for a site or a book which has something like study some words and then have an analogy or antonym test on d same!! N m very confused for d book to refer for maths! I hv downloaded nova and some other book but m not sure whichni shud refer!! Do reply soon:))) thanks

    • arpit

      hi pranav

      for verbal if u r aiming high work on RC and SC and nova is a better option.

      for math bigbook it sufficient as it is made by ETS (GRE setters)

  • arpit

    Iv already joined(2 weeks) a GRE prep insti they say i should take up the test by 3 months from now….. im pretty comfortable in math but im yet started verbal,my semester exams are in november so i cant work on my GRE prep during my exams… im thinking to book a slot in Jan-end…. would a MONTH gap make any difference on my score…..? im confused when to take up the test, and i haven't even applied for the passport.

  • swathi

    hai friends me cmpltd my btech am gng to write my gre on aug 31st so pzzz tell me some suggestions how to prepare pzzzz

    • http://rediff.com abhishek rampal

      hi swathi! i was just going over the happyschoolblog n saw ur blog.
      its gud that u asked persons to give suggestions so that every bit helps in scoring a gud score.here’s mine :

      i studied “maths 30 days wonder”, a book by Khurana KJS & Markanday.Its great for improving maths skills n clears out many doubts in one shot.what’s more?it also gives u shortcut methods so that u can easily n quickly solve ur problems.really,it has helped me a lot in clearing many exams.u should try it out once.
      for english,there are enuf books suggested by frends n the best tip is to make tarro cards so that u can never leave ur practice.
      i’m writing this to u personally,not for any organization or any promotion.
      so all the very best for the exam.hope u score a perfect 10.
      bye n gud luk
      abhishek rampal

  • varsha

    hi hsb,

    i have been following your blog for quite a while now but have been contemplating about taking the gre or tofel or both. I have completed my bachelors in architecture and was looking out to do masters in the same field. It would be really helpful if i could get to know what my target scores should be.

  • http://sajeewa.wikispaces.com Sajeewa Pemasinghe

    Hey, if u r targeting chemistry in US, try Wayne State University. It is really worth the effort. If u need any help I am the guy to look for.

  • deepak

    hey ppl..m plannin to write my gre exam by nov-dec … can sum1 plz tell me how to proceed wid d vocab part???

    • Neeta

      Hi Deepak,

      Get addicted with the idea if flash cards… It really works… It is helping me to prepare for my GRE.

    • switi


      @ Deepak

      You can try software called Mnemosyn .

      Its flash card program to make your vocab review process more efficient.Easy to use .

  • Neeta

    I am planning to write GRE in Jan 2011. If i do so, which is the very next chance I can join M.S. I mean when ll Ibe able to join?

  • ankur kumar

    Hello frds,I m ankur fom gurgaon.Ihv recently given GRE on 15TH JULY.I scored only 900(600Quant 300Verbal).I want at least 1200 score.I want to do Ph.D in analytical chemistry from a US university,So please tell me that what should i do to improve my score.I have only two month.


    Ankur Kumar

  • sanchit

    hii , i am sanchit. i completed my b.pharmacy in 2009 n now working with Emcure pharma in pune. i got 1100 in gre last year but as i want to go to usa with scholarship i want to score around 1350 , i have the work experience of about 1 year. my ques is , if i get 1200 in gre , n with 1 year of exp , 67 % of academics from nagpur university , 1 poster presentation . wat r d chances of getting into a gud university with sum scholarship ?….. want to do m.s. in pharmaceutics or biotechnology

  • Prabhu.ARS

    Respected Sir,

    Am Prabhu from Chennai. I follow all the blogs of HSB, since it has been a real inspiration and an easy way to know about doing Master's in the USA. Thanks to all the team members and well wishers of HSB.

    I have just completed my BE in Electronics & Communication from a reputed university with an aggregate of exactly 60.02%. Am preparing for the GRE since my 6th semester and i have appeared once. I got a score of 860 (Q-570; V-290). At that time all my seniors told me to give another chance with some coaching from an institute. Now i have joined for coaching and the preparation is going on well.

    But few people tell me that even you get a very good score, there are few chances of not getting the VISA, like they may Visa Officer may cancel my application though i get admit from an university.

    My query is with this academic result, how much would you suggest me to score in GRE or what would be an ideal score in GRE and TOEFL also for a decent university (not top ranking) with some scholarship. I didn't present any papers or research works.But am confident of getting very good "LETTER OF RECOMMENDATION" and "SOP".

    I request you to kindly reply me as soon as possible. Thanking you. Best Wishes.


    • HSB

      Just get good GRE Score and go for visa. You cannot worry about what might happen.

  • Nitish

    hi….. i wll complete my enginnering in july 2011.. so wat is the ideal time for me to take the GRE and other tests for taking admission for MS in USA…. also if i give the test in december 2010 or early january 2011….. wen will i get admission in US……

  • Pranay Sharma

    hi Aayushi,
    I am Pranay, i have done my BTECH CSE this year from DIT,ddun.
    Are you still plaaning to give ur GRE in july.. if u r delaying it den plz lemme knw .. im plaaninng to give it in sep,2010//.. to get into fall of 2011..
    so lemme knw.. y might help out each other in material n stuff

  • naveen kumar

    Hi ,
    This s naveen , am planning to give up GRE by aug 2010 to get admitted in for fall 2o11.I have planned to score 1200(q:700, v:500) , I am preparing for gre with great care , and I have almost prepared with quants section , and I find verbal section (especially the vocabulary) very challenging for me and I haven studied / prepared even a single set of words ,as I usually don mug-up.so please can any one suggest me some good – cheap ideas to get through verbal section in a good way to attain my score.
    Thanking you!!!

  • Sameet A Khan

    My current level is around 1100 in GRE. I scored 750 in Quant and 350 in verbal.
    How do i reach the 1500 mark with around 6 months to go?

  • sumit pal singh/KIET

    hi. i just completed my b.tech(EEE) from Krishna Institute of Engineering & Technology affiliated to Uttar Pradesh Technical University. i started thinking of GRE when i was in third year and the job scenario was not very good. Did some coaching and prepared the vocabulary to start with. i did some research about the studying in UK as well. Apart from taking the exam and building a good profile, i realized another major hurdle in way would be the finance. I don't think ma parents have plenty of that and in terms of property(for bank loan), that's also very limited.

    the idea of studying in the U.S was very fascinating. meanwhile i recently got placed in TCS.

    i need your advice on what is the minimum amount of funds that i should have, so as to look forward in this direction.

    Right now i am thinking of at least preparing completely and taking the GRE exam, as the score is valid for 5 years. whether to apply or not I'll consider it later.

    please comment……

  • badri

    Dear sir/madam,
    I am planning to do my phd in 2012. I have completed my B.Tech IT this year(2010). I got a aggregate of 75%.
    Is 75% eligible enough to apply for phd at america?
    If i preferred to do my phd in US after my B.Tech. will i get stipend for my studies because i am coming from under graduate..
    How long will be taken to complete my phd (after under graduate)?..
    what is the diff between doing phd after post graduate and doing phd undergraduate?

    pls reply ….

    • Adarsh

      Sir/ Madam,

      If i preferred to do my phd in US after my B.Tech. will i get stipend for my studies because i am coming from under graduate..
      How long will be taken to complete my phd (after under graduate)?..
      what is the difference between doing phd after post graduate and doing phd undergraduate?

  • smrutirekha


    i m preparing for gre and i ll be appearing in the month of September.

    i have a target to score 1450 at least because my mom wont leave me until i get scholarship for 1 yr at least. so i need to score as high as possible to get through scholarship.

    so i have 3 months in hand.

    i am memorizing 60-70 words a day and doing RCs also but not so strong in writing skills and quant .

    so can anyone suggest any good strategy to score above 1400 . and i m disciplined to stick to my plan.

    so please help….

    • Pranay Sharma

      Hi smruti,

      I am Pranay SHarma, i have done my BTECH CSE from DIT,dehradun.. I am myself planning to give my GRE in month of september,2010.. so if u lyk to share some materials n doubts then u r most welcome.. we can form a group n help each other out…

      I myself m looking for score in da range of 1400…

      n learning 150 words per day… its prety hectic…. so if u willing to merge studies then plzz lemme knw

      • smrutirekha

        thanx pranay

        i wud like 2 form a group n help out…but hw do we do it?

        do reply…

        • rohith

          i am also planning to join the group and work…..i am writing the exam 2010 ending….so lets start our prep….4 months time left guys…jus follow mw up

    • arpit


      even i would like to join the group… can u suggest me about how to work on verbal… update me if u have any doubts or suggestions… iv got materials..

      • Manas

        Lets form a group , so that v can discuss /review al v did throughtout the day in night.

        V can add each other @ ymessanger OR form Yahoo group to discuss prep & doubts v r facing.

  • chimpu

    hey i am giving gre next week

    not getting to the mark of 1100

    plz someone suggest what can i do

    i scored 9oo in powerprep

    600 in Q and 300 in v

    ohh!! can anyone suggest something


  • switi


    i am planning to give GRE in june 2010

    i am preparing from Barron's.Done with vocablary good.

    How to speed up in maths problem solving?

    Finding essay writing quite difficult,how to improve?

    Thank You

    • Pranay Sharma

      Hi Switi,

      This is Pranay Sharma, i have completed my BTECH CS.. this year from DIT, dehradun..

      I am also planning to give my GRE in September..

      So how is ur prep goin…

      well, as far as maths is concerned only thing to save u is prac,,, pracc n more prac..

      it will definetly get u thru..

      as far as Vocab is concerned i would lyk to ask u how did u complete that.. m very horrible at dat… plzz give any suggestions if u can…

      • switi



        About vocab i m doing it from software called Mnemosyne

        Its flash card program to make your review process more efficient.

        This software is good & user friendly.

        Its really tough to go through all words from a to z.

        We can form a group & study,what say?

        Please give me suggestions for math & analytical writing,if you can.


  • Jill

    Great tips! I bet the author would have gotten a perfect score if his/her English skills were better. This article was littered with mistakes that are common with non-native speakers. Still, that is a great score. I have a Chinese friend who moved here as an undergrad and got a perfect score; just takes practice I guess.

    • Tracy

      WOW! Ask your Chinese (non-native speaker) friend what type of GRE prep materials he/she recommends for the new GRE. They would be helpful to any non-native speaker. Thanks!!

  • Anshul

    hey that was really inspiring. a perfect and systematic plan. I am sure if one seriously follows this plan, good GRE scores are not very far from him.

  • Tabigat

    thanx a lot for the post, especially the last 20 step, that was awesome…;)

  • someone

    I have a question – if I have an average percentage equivalent to a 3.1 GPA in the US system and get a high GRE score, will the GRE score balance out the percentage?

    I am very good with standardized tests.

  • akriti


    I want to study MS in VLSI or Embedded Systems in US. I need to know what score should I try to get in my GRE in order to have a realistic chance of getting admissions in a pretty good University— say in top 50–with scholarship.I am curently pursuing B Tech and have CPI of above 8.

  • Manaswi

    I am planning to give GRE the next year i.e. 2011 (mid of the year).
    I want to score above 1500. What should be my strategy?
    I have a year to prepare.
    Can anyone give me some ideas.
    And will the new GRE pattern be followed??
    Thank you.

  • santosh

    please can anybody tell me how to ask aquestion to administatior of blog

    • lm10

      You're asking when you comment…

      • Anirban


        I am giving GRE in May 2011. Does anybody know how to change the address after completing the registration?