H1B Visa 2013 Cap count updates will be tracked in this page.

USCIS will start accepting H1B Visa petitions from employers starting April 2, 2012, since April 1, 2012 is Sunday for H1B Visa fiscal year  2013.

Which means with new iCERT LCA processing, attorneys must start H1B processing atleast 15 days in advance. Only then they will be able to submit H1B Visa 2012 petitions on March 31 and it would reach USCIS on April 2, 2012 .

Learn more about H1B Visa FY 2013 season.

H1B Visa 2013 Cap Count

H1B Visa 2013 Cap General Cap Masters Cap
April 4, 2012  ~14,957  ~7,366
April 9, 2012  17,400  8,200
April 13, 2012  20,600  9,700
April 20, 2012  25,000  10,900
April 27, 2012  29,200  12,300
May 4, 2012  32,500  13,700
May 11, 2012  36,700  14,800
May 18, 2012  42,000  16,000
May 25, 2012  48,400  17,500
June 1, 2012  55,600  18,700
June 7, 2012  NA FULL
June 11, 2012  FULL

Above listed dates are tentative. Based on H1B Visa 2013 Cap count updates from USCIS, table will be filled.

Links to H1B Visa Cap count updates table.

If you are going to apply for H1B Visa for the first time during H1B Visa 2013 Cap season, then start  reading about H-1B Visa Work Visa.

In the above link, you can learn about following H1B Visa basic guide.

  • What is H1B Visa
  • How to get H1B Visa 2013
  • H1B Visa 2013 Quota Limits
  • H1B Visa Application Processing Time
  • H1B Visa Application Deadline
  • Working on H1B Visa in USA
  • Latest H1B Visa Cap Count
  • H1B Visa Stamping and Interview

If you have additional questions about H1B Visa 2013 cap count, processing time, quota, applications, H1B labor, etc post them in the comments section below.



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  2. Hi Raghu / Guys…. I have a doubt… my H1 was filed for an inhouse project and we got RFE asking for further documentary evidence for the in-house project and few more documents as well.. while responding to RFE my company is planning to apply with a different in-house project along with its evidence… My doubt is initially we told one project and now we give evidence for some other project saying am going to work on this project… is this accepatble? coz in one denial case study USCIS mentioned that “USCIS [U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services] will disregard these material changes, and will consider
    only that evidence that was initially submitted with the petitioner.” am afraid whether i will fall under this umbrella… please guys throw some lights on this :-(

  3. hi,
    i have got my documents and in the client letter, its mentioned as HIM instead of HER. will that be a problem to attend for stamping with this or should i request for a new one? Please suggest. am planning to go for stamping next week.

  4. Hi,
    My case is RFE now, do you know anyone,whats kind of Document need to this review ? how much time to need approval? Know anyone please……………?


  5. As of today, USCIS wesite updated with the following. They have processed all the peititions till date respectivly

    CSC( starts with WAC) – June 4, 2012
    VSC ( startes with EAC) – May 7, 2012.

  6. Congrats Jyotiee :) where did you go for stamping? Can you pls explain little more about the process..this would be helpful for me..mine is on next week

  7. Thanks Shan.Good luck for You too :)

    Guys-anyone from this forum who attended for Stamping at Hyd recently?

  8. hi all,

    Did any one received approval for h1b filed around May 28?
    Mine is H4 to H1 and still it showing inital review.
    It was filed on May 28th and USCIS recieved on May 29th.
    Hardly waiting for the approval.
    Does anyone has similar case around the specified time frame?

  9. Hi Srini,

    Per my understnading, Biometric test is not an interview and Normally it happens on the same day of interview (My earliar experince :)). I am sure consulate people are knowing that people are coming from far places and hence they can not schedule/propose two appointments.

    Still get this confirm (I will also do, thx for heads up) from consulate.

    Best luck for interview, Shan !

    • Now as per the new process you have to go twice to US consulate. First for OFC appointment which is just biomatric and photograh. Next is actual interview – face to face to with consuler.

      I have gone through this process on 27th, 28th. Its pretty simple process now and takes very lit time.

      I got my H1B stamping :)

      • Jyotiee, can you please let me know the steps after your H1B petition approval… The steps that i learnt from online is
        1. Take digital photo of 600 x 600 resolution
        2. Fill D 160 form online
        3. Make Fees payment at Axis/ Citibank
        4. Fix an appointment for OFC and Interview
        5. Take an interview

        Having following queries:

        * What is the fees amount we need to pay. Are there any banking and courier charges or any other charges.
        * Should we put in any documents in a VFS drop box before/after the interview?
        * Can you please let me know what are the questions you were asked in the interview
        * Were there any other steps that have to be followed in the stamping process?

  10. Hi Guys,

    My long wait also got over and I have a good news to share with you that my petition got approved.

    Processing : Normal
    Receipt starts with : EAC
    Receipt date : 29th May
    Approved on : 2nd Oct
    Time taken to get approval : 4 months, 3 days

    Guys, have patience, and Best of luck, Shan !

  11. HI Vik,

    Can you please let me know about the new H1 process. I am planning to go to Hyd for stamping in the 3rd week of october. we have got a group announcement that we need to take 2different appointments from the consulate-one for biometrics and one for intw. Is this correct? i tried calling the call center, but it keeps on asking me the options to select for language though i select one. Can you pls help me with the interview process

    • Hi,

      My petition was filed on 14th May, till now status is “initial review”. I have seen many of us got their “approval” having filed their petition after 14th of May. Can any one guide me why it is taking too much time ?


    • I aplied on May 7th and now it says Request For Evidence. It says the letter was sent on Sept 28th. What’s usually the reason for a RFE? Did I do something wrong? Im starting to worry at this point

    • status on Sept 29, changed to RFE. it has been for a long time in Initial Review state. Any idea..how much more time it will take?

    • Hi
      Congrats. Can u tell me which center did u apply? And is it regular and your application filed date? Mine was filed on may 14th at vsc. But still initial review. It will be great if you share your details. Thanks in advance.

    September 19, 2012 – Relocation of Visa Application Centers

    Dear Applicants,

    Please note that we are relocating into our new premises on 24 September. Below are the new addresses:

    City Branch Address
    Mumbai Bandra East, Mumbai – 400041 Trade Center, Gr. Floor, G Block, Bandra Kurla Complex
    Chennai Teynampet, Chennai, Tamil Nadu – 600018 No 3, Cenotaph Road
    Hyderabad Begumpet, Secunderabad – 500003 502, Gowra Grand, S.P.Road
    Kolkata Kolkata – 700017 Jasmine Tower, 31, Shakespeare Sarani (1st Floor)
    New Delhi Nehru Place, New Delhi – 110019 S – 1 American Plaza, (Hotel Eros Managed by Hilton), International Trade Tower

    Also from 26 September onwards there will be a new visa processing system throughout India that will further standardize procedures and will simplify fee payment and appointment scheduling through a new website at http://www.ustraveldocs.com/in and call centre +912267209400/ +911206602222 /+13106165424(USA local number).

  13. hi! I have a US masters and right now in OPT till december, my program dont have step extension, its related to marketing research/statistics. My visa is rejected, my company is will ing to fill it again and my lawyer says even when quota is full, we can refile it, as i m already in cap gap. Can anyone confirm this?

  14. Hi , I am s/w engineer having 2.5 yrs exp in development and working in pune, india itself.
    I have some questions like if i want to get H1B what i supposed to do now? Do i need to buy any service like h1b base to find sponser?

    waiting for reply
    plz help me out….
    thanks in advance …

  15. Hey all,
    My painful long wait is over. (which included finding an employer who was willing to file H1b)

    H4 to H1B
    Premium processing
    Applied on 15th Aug (within USA)
    RFE on 24th Aug
    RFE response sent on 4th Sep
    Approved on 18th Sep

    Stream: Architecture & Construction ( just wanted to include this, so that readers could get an idea)

    Everyone, please hang in there. Do not give up. You will get the result you desire. Good Luck with you all.

  16. Hi there,

    Does anyone one know what date they are working with now in the vermont center. My visa filed on the 23rd april still in initial processing.

  17. Hi Souji,

    I would suggest you not to go for it. The scrutiny for premium and normal processing are same although in premium processing you get your result (approval/rejection and so on) in 15 days.
    Yes, You can go for premium processing now if you want, however it would not guarantee that you would get ‘approval’ only as I already told the reason.

    Mine was filed on 29th May and it is also on ‘Initial review’ and if you see all the comments here, then you will find similar cases as yours. So I would suggest to have patience !

    Moreover, premium processing is advisable in case you have some urgency or you have to be in US on October 1st to join your company. If this is not the case, then wait for some more time as others do. ?

    Again these are all suggestion from end. Eventually decision should be yours. !

    Best Luck, Shan

  18. HI ALL,

    My H1B was filled on May 21st in VSC.It is still in initial review.In some sites it is showing present H1B processing date for VSC is April 16th. So I am planning(I have to pay the amount my employer will not pay) to do it in premium processing now.Any suggestions please??

  19. Hi , I am s/w engineer having 2.5 yrs exp in development and working in pune, india itself.
    I have some questions like if i want to get H1B what i supposed to do now? Do i need to buy any service like h1b base to find sponser?

    waiting for reply
    plz help me out….
    thanks in advance …

    • Hi Mohan/Shan,,
      getting confused with this word APPROVED. does this mean you have got a call regd the appointment or stamping is over? have you applied from India only?

      • Hi Shwetha,

        ‘Approved’ means the petition is approved by USCIS and candidate can go for stamping. However, there are chances that visa might be rejected at the time of stamping even if you got approved in petition from USCIS.

        • Ohh ok..so, you have got any mail from them asking to attend for stamping process? how will we get to know? for me it is mentioned as-On April 19, 2012, we received this I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER, and mailed you a notice describing how we will process your case. Please follow any instructions on this notice
          and the status is intitial review..what does this mean?

          • This means it is in Initial review.See the status on the basis of which of the 4 circles on the page is darkened.Once it its approved or RFE it will goto Post Decision Activity.

            • Paul, does RFE mean Request For Evidence? I notice there is still another stage namely Request For Evidence response review. I’m wondering how long will it take to make the decision after request for evidence?

              Thank you very much. I’m still awaiting for my approval.


          • Hi Shwetha ,

            It seems that you are not aware of the full process of H1B. Please dont take me wrong here and please get the process understood first and then in case if you face any prob then you would already have workaround for it or would already have known to whom you can contact.

            FYI, Once you get approval then you need to get appointment from your nearest consulate. Once you will get appointment then you would either get visa stamped or visa rejected.

            Once you have your stamping done, you are ready to join your US employer starting from Oct 1st. (or 1o days prior of it).

            BTW, the things you have mentioned means your petition has been received by USCIS and they also sent you (or your employer) the notice of receipt date and since then your petition is on REVIEW.

            Hope this would help you !

            Best Luck, Shan !

            • Thnx Shan for the info..
              i frequently chk the USCIS status and its in review….since it was in that phase for so many days..was lil confused..

  20. Hi Raghu,

    One quick question, Would all the H1B petitions filed for year 2013 be addressed (approved/rejected) before last working day of october or Would it extend in November?

    Thanks in advance, Shan

  21. Hi,

    My H1B was filed on June 11th (last day)
    and I haven’t received the confirmation number yet. and I’m starting to worry.

    Anyone with the same situation? Shouldn’t I have received the receipt number by now? Is it gonna be ready by October 1st?


  22. Hi All,

    Mine was under VSC. Receipt date is Apr 12th and last Modified is Apr 25th. It is still in Initial review. :(

    Does any one have similar dates and got approved??


  23. I had applied for new work visa H1-B for fy 2013. Stil in initial review(VSC).

    Please let me know the processing time and also kindly let me know what are the application they are reviewing at present.

    Seen in one website that they are still processing with the April 2nd week’s application only.! Is that true.?

    Appreciate your quick response.

  24. I was on an L visa from a company and had to return while the extension was in process. Now my company has filed H1. My question is if I get approved for the H1 visa what will be the tenure? Will it be for complete six years or will the stay in L1 be counted in? What if I stay out of US for a year and then return?

  25. My H1B petition was filed on May 8th but still i havnt received the petition number? When checked with my employer , they replied as they are following up with onsite team. Do any one yet to receive H1B petition number?

  26. Mine was filed on 4/10 , receipt date 4/12 , Vermont service center.
    Still Initial review. When is expected to be approved ?

  27. hi,

    Received: 9th April
    Center: Vermont
    Processsing: Regular
    Status: Initial Review

    Any one like me?? Any idea why it is taking long time. Its benn more than 145 days now :(

    • Me too the same case

      Received: 9th April
      Center: Not sure (Can anyone tell me how to get the Center)
      Processsing: Regular
      Status: Initial Review

    • Mine is at Request for evidence since June 28th. Two months have passed, I’m still waiting for the approval.

    • My case is the same (April 9, Vermont Center) but it’s been at Request for Evidence since June 28, I’ve emailed to my employer and the lawyer, one month ago, the lawyer told me that my employer was working on the documents requested. I emailed the lawyer again a couple of days ago, so far no any news. I don’t know what to do now expect wait.

      Wish everyone gets your approval soon.

    • Hey Vik,

      Are you done with interview and all??
      Am bit curious to know about further steps after ‘Initial Review’.


  28. I applied/receipt date is on April 17th (CSC – Regular Processing), & on Aug 20th Moved to RFE. My company is going to submit the documents required. how many days it will take for approval/denial after submission. & what are the chances to get a positive result. Pls let me know.

  29. Hi,
    my H1B was received on June 4th, 2012 and is atill in initial review (CA center).
    Looks like everybody has the same problem. Is USCIS heavily understaffed?

  30. I would like to know when will the process for H1b start for next year. if someone has h4 visa do theyhave more chances to get h1b.

    Also if someone has already stayed in US in past does that also make them more eligible to get one now.

  31. Hello All,

    I just got the approval notice last Friday night (yay!) Mine was filed @CSC , master’s quota & regular processing. USCIS received date: Apr 12.

    I think they are still processing the petitions that are received in the first two weeks of april.

    Good luck to all! :)

  32. Hello…
    Any updates on your H1B petition yet?
    Mine is recvd on 9th, receipt date is 19th and VSC.
    What is going on this time? It has been 5 months already…

    Please let me know if any updates…

    • Same as you case. Received by ISCIS on 9th April 2012, VSC , regular processing.
      Waiting for a long time. Hopefully we will get some updates this week :)
      Fingers crossed !! How/ where do i see my receipt date ?? I am not aware of this

      • Hey Vik,
        On the receipt you will have a NOTICE DATE. That is your receipt date.
        Hope to hear by this week…Do post when you get a status update and so will I.
        Good Luck…

  33. I appreciate your reply Mans. I got to know recently that , for a person who has H1B stamped and now he wants an amendment for transferring his visa from one client to another client from the offshore i.e. before going to US .
    In that case if the no of months b/w the amendment approved date and the visa expiry date is less than 6 months ,then he has to go for a visa interview .Otherwise there is no need of that .
    In my case the no of months would definitely be less that 6 months .
    What i want from this forum is that , i need anyone of you to please check whether my understanding is correct on the above is right .
    Thanks Mans once again .

    • Rajesh – its not possible for you to transfer VISA without enter and work in US through old employer. please recheck on this before trying for transfer.

  34. Hi HSB,

    My fresh H1B was filed on 5th June 2012 -regular processing Vermont Center and its still in Initial Review.
    When can i expect the Decision for my Application. Can you please tell me any tentative time based on your experience.

    Thanks in advance.

  35. Hi,

    My H1B was filed on 21st May 2012 – regular processing Vermont Center and its still in Initial Review.
    Is there any one whose application has been approved??

    • My new h1b was filed on 16th May, still initial review. I spoke to lawyer regrading this. he said , it will take one more month. Now they are processing Aprils 2nd week petition. i think your case will be approved on Sep 2nd/3rd week.

  36. Hi,

    My H1B was filed on 5th June 2012 -regular processing Vermont Center and its still in Initial Review.
    Is there any one whose application has been approved??

    • My new h1b was filed on 16th May California center , still initial review. I spoke to lawyer regrading this. he said , it will take one more month. Now they are processing Aprils 2nd week petition. i think your case will be approved on sep end.

  37. Hi ,
    I am very new to this blog. I hope i could find an answer to my question .
    I got my H1B application approved and also done with the stamping on may 2012 . But to my bad luck , as there are no projects from client who filed my H1B i decided to transfer my H1B visa to an other client which has some projects that suites my profile .
    As my visa tenure is only for one year , and my amendment transfer is going to filed on August last week . So when my transferred petition approves i would be having only 4months from the visa expiry . So in that case i need to attend visa interview again to make my travel.
    So in that case , if i go for stamping again (as my stamping is done earlier with other client) will there be any changes of rejection in visa interview . Please let me know on this.

      • I had done with my stamping in home country .I.e Hyderabad, India . And after my visa transferred to other client ,again i am again going for visa stamping in India only . In that case will there be chances of rejection on my visa , as i had stamped visa earlier with my old client and now once again i am going for fresh visa stamping with new client.

        • As far as I know, you don’t need a new visa stamp if your old stamp has not expired. You just need the new approval notice at the port of entry everytime you leave and return to the US.

          • I appreciate your reply Mans. I got to know recently that , for a person who has H1B stamped and now he wants an amendment for transferring his visa from one client to another client from the offshore i.e. before going to US .
            In that case if the no of months b/w the amendment approved date and the visa expiry date is less than 6 months ,then he has to go for a visa interview .Otherwise there is no need of that .
            In my case the no of months would definitely be less that 6 months .
            What i want from this forum is that , i need anyone of you to please check whether my understanding is correct on the above is right .
            Thanks Mans once again .

    • You can verify this receipt number on https://egov.uscis.gov/cris/Dashboard.do , However this page does not reveals beneficiary name and only shows current status. I am also eager to know the other way to verity that the receipt no. I received is for me only.

      Moreover we can also call to corresponding center in US, but they will not reveal the info of beneficiary. So I guess we only need to rely on our employer only. In case others have any info, then pls share.., Thx.

  38. My employer applied and got the receipt number in that it says May 9th application received. and it is still initial review. Still how long it will take for the decision. I heard that some people are going for the visa interview means for them it is approved.what it means mine is still initial review from ~3months.

  39. I submited my application at the end of april to the Vermont center and the USCIS received it on 5/7/2012. It is still in initial review. Is there a delay? and if the CAP is over what does that mean…that the ones in Initial review will be dismissed? I didnt pay premium processing btw.

  40. Hi ,

    I have filed my petition on May 30th 2012 H1 B Premium Processing. I have got a petition number#WAC**********. Its in intial review since then and when i expect a decision from USCIS.

    • i have filed my petition on May 17th and received case number. It is also Initial review. I have noticed that there is no case handled my USCIS after April 9th.

      • i have filed my petition on May 25th and got the receipt number.. it is still in initial review.. Does anyone know how long the process takes to hear anything from USCIS..?

  41. Hi All,
    I can see there is a name spelling mistake in my H1B petition doc. What could be its impact and how to resolve it? If someone faced this issue, plz post the experience…Thanks

    • Hi Vikrant

      Go to your acount on uscis.gov where you check your status. There you will see ‘e-request’ link on left hand panel.

      Click that link and follow the instructions. This link is specifically for spelling mistakes.

      HOpe this helps.

      • Thanks Aravind and Jyotiee for your replies.
        Name spelling issue is done by my company Immigration team while creating the petition doc. Its not USCIS mistake. Going to e-request link will get the USCIS ppl informed about it. Actually when i talked to my company Immigration team, they are telling it will not have any issues and let it get stamped. After that will raise an amendment for name change. But i feel so there is an element of risk during approval and stamping process.

        • I am not sure but this question may arise while stamping. Stamping is done against your passport name. They might ask you if you have informed USCIS about spelling mistake or not.

          Pls talk to your lawyer clearly about this as one of my friend has faced similar issue 2 years back. Fortunatly she was having a acknoledgement from USCIS about spelling error to show at the time of stamping.

          • Jyotiee, USCIS will provide any kind of document if its a mistake from their side. But in my case its my lawyers mistake. If i will inform them i am afraid it could turn into RFE or even rejection of petition.
            Could you plz ask your frd and get into more details if poz. Thanks in Advance!!

  42. Hello, My H1B has been stamped but my employer is in no mood to send to US. Can you please suggest if I can change my employer in India and could work for him US on my existing H1B (2013)? If no, can you please suggest the process which I may need take follow?

    Thank you very much.

  43. I have file my petision ( California Service center )on 9th April 2012 still in Initial Review . How long it is expected to take ?

    • Applied : 4/30/2012
      Receipt : 5/1/2012
      Center : CSC
      State : Initial review

      Any one applied on or after 1st may got approved from CSC????

    • Applied : 4/16/2012
      Receipt : 4/25/2012
      Center : CSC
      State : Initial review

      My lawyer mentioned that there might be delay by a month for CSC center this year as they are loaded with green card process as well.

      Pls let me know if anyone has got to approval stage at CSC.


    • Hi,

      Joytee… mans… bank… if u get ur approval notice keep us posted in this post… i will also do the same once i get approval… till today mine is still in initial review state :-(

        • Aravind,

          Mine is also in intial review stage till today…Not sure if anyone from same time frame has got approval.

          Any idea how can we get the latest news from USCIS?


          • Applied April 9th
            Receipt April 14th
            Status Initial Review

            my friend got his accepted yesterday, he applied on 9th too

              • Hi Jyotiee

                No reply yet. More of my friends who had receipt issued on April 9th got their accepted (friday and even monday).

                I applied to the California center. I hope to get it soon

                How about you?

                • I also applied on April 9th at CSC but haven’t heard anything yet. Still in review. In 8 days, it will be 4 months!

    • My petition was filed on 9th April and now is still in Request for evidence since June 28. I was told by my lawyer that my employer is working on it. It’s been more than one month.
      I hope to get news soon and wish everyone good luck with H1B.

  44. I want to know is there any possibility of filing directly green card in EB2 category while working on OPT? Assuming Priority date is current. All we need EAD from green card and we dont need H-1 any more. Is this possible?


  45. My employer applied H1B visa for FY13 and got receipt number. In that is states that May 9th Application received and still it is in initial review. So how long it takes to approve.

    • Buddy, i think you need to wait lil more coz people who applied in April are still in initial review but still everything is in CSC hands. Actually the result will take time from 2 – 6 mths.

  46. Hi,
    My husband and I work for the same employer.He has recently moved to USA on H1B.
    I have my H4 stamped and my H1B is under processing.It was filed in april 2012 and current status is initial review.
    Based on everyone’s review it looks like this years processing time would be more.
    so, can I go to USA on my H4 visa and come back to India when my H1B petition is approved to get my H1B stamped?
    Also, is it possible to get the H1B stamped in USA?? since my husband is already there, my employer would be sending me to the same city in USA.If its possible it would save me long trip.

    • On H4 you can come to USA and if you file get approval, still you can go outside the country but to return back you need a stamping.

      About Stamping in USA:- If you are from India then the First time H1B stamp should get stamped from India only, then later renewal can be done any other country but not in USA. (Stamping is done only outside USA.)

  47. Hi All,

    I am non-Comps background with 6+ years exp in IT. I have been to US on L1 visa and B1 visa. I filled my H1 this year and got RFE related to my degree. Does anybody faced similar situation and if yes then what is the best solution.


  48. What are my options if my H1 gets rejected? Am on OPT now. Can I reapply for 2013? or do I need to pursue other courses in US?

  49. Hello All,

    My H1 B visa is in “Approved” status but still i have stamping process.

    Could you please tell what is the rejection rate while undergoing “STAMPING” process?


    • Hey Thiryagu,

      When did you apply your H1-B ?? What’s your receipt date and have you applied in Premium Processing or regular processing ??


  50. My application has been delivered to USCIS on 6th June and I have not heard anything from them yet. I have no clue if the application has been accepted or rejected. I didn’t get a receipt number too. Any idea what might be happening?

  51. Hi Folks,

    USCIS received my H1B application on April 17, but it’s still in initial review. This is outside the standard/average processing time of 2 months. Did anyone who applied around the same time in regular processing receive a response yet?


    • Sagar,

      My application is still in Initial review as like yours at Vermont from April 9th..
      Not sure why it is taking a long time.


      • Hi

        My application reached on April 9th and is still under initial review stage. Please update anyone if any petition approval has happened during that date / week range


        • hi.
          My application is still in Initial review as like yours at Vermont from April 9th.. On June 28th, USCIS mailed my lawyer for additional information, so my case is at the stage of Request for Evidence. and has been suspended since then. Not sure how longer it will take.

          Good luck, everyone!


          • Hey Lian,

            Did the status of your application change to “Request For Evidence” on USCIS’s website?

            Good luck!


          • lian, how do you know that the status is “Request for Evidence”… i know they will send email to lawyer… my question is, in this case ur status will be “Initial Review” or “Request for Evidence” when we track through receipt # on USCIS website? Pls reply

      • I am in the same boat. y application was filed on 4/4/2012. Surprisingly, USCIS received date is 5/1/2012. Status: Initial Review. Not sure how long it will take since a huge number of applications were filed April 2012.

      • Application files 04/03/2012
        reached 09/04/2012
        approved 07/12/2012
        Vermont center
        regular process

          • Application files 05/14/2012
            reached 05/22/2012
            approved 07/18/2012
            Vermont center
            regular process

            • Application files 05/14/2012
              reached 05/14/2012
              Initial review
              Vermont center
              regular process
              Is anyone else got approved who applied on the same time?

              • Application filed: 04/05/2012
                USCIS received date: 05/01/2012
                Vermont Center
                Regular quota, Regular processing
                Initial Review

                From the trackers, it looks like Vermont ha started processing Masters quota applications filed in April and May 2012. Not sure when they will get to applications filed under regular qouta.

  52. Hi,

    For petitions that reached on or after June 12th, did anyone receive a receipt/case number
    Any information is greatly appreciated.


  53. Hi,
    My Visa has been filed on 13th April but didn’t recieve File no yet… anyone whose case also filed on 13th April???????????????


    • Hi,
      My case has been filed on 31st May, and I got my receipt number already.
      This time regular processing may take longer time. Good Luck.


    • Ask your employer, he might have got the receipt number. that’s the only proof that he filed or ask him to show the tracking signature proof.

  54. Hi,

    My company filed my H1 during second week of april and my petition was in Initial Review. My manager to know my outcome of H1 in advance so that he can be ready with plan b so he made my company to initiate premium processing this week. I checked USCIS site for my petition status and found out that it is changed back to Acceptance with today’s date.
    Can you please let me know what happens if somebody initiates premium processing during initial review phase.

    Thanks in Advance!

    • Dear,
      I think, when u check ur status u will see why ur case is back.if ur employers account have not sufficient money than is also back.i think but not sure,ok, bye


  55. I am a BE Computer (University of Mumbai), with 2+ Years Experience in the IT Industry
    currently working in a IT firm in Mumbai as Software Developer.

    I would like to work in the US what should i exactly be doing.

    How do i go about looking for US jobs and is my degree sufficient enough to qualify me
    for a jobs in US.

    I came to know about H1B Visa from this website , i guess the quota of applications for year 2013 is already full, so will i be now only apply for job in the year 2014.

    How does this whole apply for a job in the US thing work its very confusing if someone could explain this in short and simple or provide links to some already written article it would be huge help as i am really confused about the whole process.

    Any help would be highly appreciated.


  56. Hi,

    My petition case status is shown as ‘post decision activity’ in USCIS website. Can some explain what this actually means?

    • Hi,
      Can you please tell us when did you receive your petition receipt number ?
      looks like your case if of previous financial year .

        • Hi Raj,

          Could you please let us know if you have applied in the H1B petition in Regular process or the premium process.

          Seems only those who applied through the premium processing are getting confirmation, i have applied in the first week of April,i do have the receipt number but have not received the approval confirmation yet.

          Thanks….Good luck with your further processing.


          • Mine was filed on Aprl 2nd. I received the receipt on Aprl 18th, Received the approval notce on May 23th. I actually do not know whether it was filed in premium or regular. Any way to find that out from USCIS case status? Also can anybody let me know when I can go for the VISA interview

            • As your petition approval took more than 15 working day, it should be regular processing. You can ask your attorney about the same.

            • check your initial approval notice, If it say’s notified through eMail, then it’s premium else it’s regular.


    • Dear,
      I think your case is reached final decision step.So, u can apply in ur local visa office.


  57. Hi HSB,

    Did you come across anyone who’e petition reached after June 11th and was accepted or on the contrary rejected

    Thank you

  58. Hi HSB,

    Did you come across anyone who’e petition reached after June 11th and was accepted or on the contrary rejected.

    Thank you

  59. Hi HSB,

    Can you please suggest if there is any way out to validate the petition number against beneficiary/ employee name apart from asking employer/ attorney or is it only employer/ attorney who can do so?

    TIA & HAND


    • What do you mean by validate? USCIS send docs to attorney, you can get it from attorney or form your employer.

      • I mean I’ve a peition number with me, which my employer says is for my petition, is there any way that I could confirm with USCIS if thats really my number (i’m not doubting my employer, this question just came in my mind and i put it here out of courisity).

            • ahh, finally I received an email from USCIS (as I had registered on USCIS website for updates on my case) saying that my petition has been approved! A sight of relief but stamping processing is still there yet. Thanks HSB for all of your suggestions in clearing my doubts at every stage! And Good Luck everyone seeking an approval!

              HAND && Cheers!!

  60. Hi HSB

    My petition was received by USCIS on June 11 at 11am and I did receive the receipt number from USCIS. However, when I checked the receipt number on USCIS website, it says that “On June 13 we received…” According to press release from USCIS, the cap was filled on June 11.
    Does this mean that my petition is accepted?

  61. Hi All,

    Do you know what is OMB number & expiration date?
    While I was checking our current case status for form I129F, I saw a notification below (in red) says: ”OMB control no. 1615-0080, Expiration date 6-30-2012”. Can you please advise?

    Thanks in advance.

    • I checked the website too without entering any information and already it says the same thing. I think it is something on the website itself, no anything in particular. Check it again before entering any information.

      • Hi Shankar,
        Thanks for your responses, i too encountered the same behaviour but still would like the HSB team to reply over this because although the numbers coming up irrespective of the petition receipt number but still the numbers seem to be pretty indicative .

        HSB team, it would be really great if you could share your comments over this .


  62. Hi All:

    I use my receipt number (I got this receipt number one month after my employer filed my petition. )to check the status of my case (regular file ) , it shows my case is sill under the initial preview. My employer filed my visa on April 2, and from the page of my status, it says that On April 9th, they received my I129 PETITION FOR A NONIMMIGRANT WORKER.
    I have also checked that the processing time at Vermont Service Center is 2 months.
    Could you please tell me how long I can expect to receive the final decision notice?

    As I’m told that the processing time tells how long it will take to process your case after the receipt date.

    Thank you very much for your help and advice in advance.

  63. Hi HSB,

    I am Masters student, my petition reached morning of June 12th, (according to UPS tracking).

    I am wandering if USCIS considers the post mark date which is June 11th on my application (i mean, UPS picked up the application on June 11th)

    Do you think USCIS will consider post mark date as application, like IRS does when we send our tax forms.

    Thank you

  64. Hi my H1B petition is filed on june 8 . I need to wait for approximately 1 month to get my receipt number . is there any chance of my petition getting cancelled due to cap count exceeded???

  65. Hi, My employer filed my h1 in master cap and sent application on june 6th..USCIS said master cap closed on june 7th but i think my application reached on june 8th …

    I have following question plz help me ASAP….

    1. if master quota filled so i automatically transfered to the general quota which closed on june 11th???
    2. they are telling that they still accept application for exempt application so i m that???
    3. they wont consider my application???

  66. Hi HSB,

    A very quick question running into my mind, which ofcourse may help many with this query, is now that quota being full, would USCIS accept more petitions under cap for the equivalent number of petitionns being rejected (from the already filed petitions) or the gap would be added to next year’s cap?

    Waiting for your valueable response!

    Thanks in Advance & Have a Nice Day!


      • okie, Thanks for the info! Would USCIS put such numbers on its portal? How would one come to know when to file petition in such case?

          • strange [ofcourse, its their decision]! How would one come to know that new petition can be filed as a particular number of already filed petitions have been rejected (by USCIS)?

      • Wondering…. no updates yet… any chances of quoto getting filled by now… in the worst case it wont last beyond next week for sure…

      • Updated from USICS site:

        FY 2013 H-1B Cap

        On June 11, 2012, USCIS received a sufficient number of petitions to reach the statutory cap for FY 2013. On June 7, 2012, USCIS also received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions on behalf of persons exempt from the cap under the advanced degree exemption. USCIS will reject petitions subject to the cap for H-1B specialty occupation workers seeking an employment start date in FY 2013 that are received after June 11, 2012.

        USCIS continues to accept petitions exempted from the cap and DOD cooperative research worker H-1B petitions and Chile/Singapore H-1B1 petitions requesting an employment start date in FY 2013.

    • FY 2013 H-1B Cap

      On June 11, 2012, USCIS received a sufficient number of petitions to reach the statutory cap for FY 2013. On June 7, 2012, USCIS also received more than 20,000 H-1B petitions on behalf of persons exempt from the cap under the advanced degree exemption. USCIS will reject petitions subject to the cap for H-1B specialty occupation workers seeking an employment start date in FY 2013 that are received after June 11, 2012.

      USCIS continues to accept petitions exempted from the cap and DOD cooperative research worker H-1B petitions and Chile/Singapore H-1B1 petitions requesting an employment start date in FY 2013.

    • Quota is Full…..Waiting for my receipt number…my application was sent by last thursday…am bit tensed how it goes..

      • Mine was also file on Last Thu day. Any idea how long it will take to get the receipt number?


      • you check whether uscis received your form or not by your cargo company . Receipt is not matter. all the best

  67. Hello

    I would also like to know the same information. After VISA got filled with USCIS, when would be appointments for Visa stamping starts.
    And how early we can book for appointments.

    Kalyan Polasi

    • Hi,
      Every year, H1B Visa petition filing process will starts from April 8th to till the count gets over.
      From Oct month, we can schedule it for the interview based on the availability dates.

      I.e., If you have filed for H1B between April 2012 & Oct 2012 [approx] for the year 2013, then you can schedule visa interview from Oct 2012….

      Let me know for any suggestions….


      • Kumar,

        one doesn’t have to actually wait till October for attending a Visa interview. a person can attend for a Visa interview even 3 months before the actual start date. if the start date is oct 1st then the person can attend for interview anytime after July 1st. however, the person can travel only after September 20th and can start working only after Oct 1st.

  68. Hi All,

    I have submitted the documents to legal team on 5th May and they filed it on 16th May. But not yet received receipt number, when i asked , they said it will take 2-3 weeks minimum as per current situation ( high volume of cases are filing every week).

    Also they told me that the petition approval also will take 3 months minimum as per current situation.

    Can anybody let me know is this correct?

    • It is correct. Sometimes it would take one month to get the receipt and for approval, if is vermont service center,it will take 4 months.

    • I got the reciept in 2 days. Document was sent to CA. It reached there on June 7, and I have the receipt number today. Your Employer/ Lawer is playing with you.

      • I got my receipt number today. It was filed on 17/05/2012. When i asked the attorney again about petition approval. she said it will take 2-3 months.

      • Hi Arun,

        My case also filed in CA. As you mentioned above vermont service center will take 4 months. But what about california service center,CA?

    • Ya this is correct . you just check which visa center they have filed your visa. after 30 days you can call to this visa center if you don’t receive your receipt.

  69. Hi,

    Any updates on H1B cap count as of June 6th.

    Any idea about last year (2012) unused H1B1 visa’s ? Which can be used for this year.

    • Esiva,

      There are no unused H1Bs last year, and if there are any unsused visas left by Singapore and Chile (these countries have a seperate quota within 65 k) would have been already added to this year’s qouta.

  70. Hi All,
    My H1B petition has filed with USCIS but yet to receive the receipt number. Could you please tell me the tentative date of my H1B interview?

  71. Hi All,

    I have a confusion. The cap count corresponds to petitions which reached USCIS or those which are provided a receipt number or the ones which are approved?

    My petition is filed and I am awaiting receipt number. So am I included in the count?


  72. hi
    my name is sateesh i have 6 years of experience i n pharma manufacturing supervisor can i apply h1 b now

  73. Consultants to file H1B
    Hi all,
    I will be arriving US next week.I am planning to apply H1b for my Wife.Can any one let me know the Consultants whom i can approach for the same. (I will be located in California/Vegas)


  74. Can anyone tell what happens to visa which are rejected. Do they re-included in the cap. For e.g. if 1000 is cancelled will additional 1000 people will be considered for filing later.

    • I am also curious to know about this.Will they consider more people based on cancellations or rejections or is it like just first 65k applications received?Please reply.

  75. Hi,

    I was on H1 during 2004-2005 and I surrendered my H1 and to H4 stamped at the end of 2005.
    My current status is H4 and I wanted to apply my H1. Will I fall under 2013 quota and will be able to work only in Oct. or I can get my H1 and start working right away.

    Please Help,

  76. Hi,
    I am applying for H1B right now. My employer has agreed to apply for the H1B visa. During the application when we mail our documents to USCIS, if we forget some documents like for example the OPT card or the graduation certificate what happens then ? Does USCIS consider the application and put you on RFE or do they just disregard the application ? I had another question, if you are put on RFE and asked to provide further evidence about your job, then do you have to provide the additional evidence before the the application cap of 65,000 runs out, or are you given a particular time frame ? Thank you so much for your help.

  77. H1 B Extension–Queries :
    I have a valid H1b approval in 2009 from my company which is going to expire in July 2012,but i never went for stamping .Now my Company has filed for new H1B under “H1B Cap exempt “.My query is
    1.If i get approval and upon stamping, if i enter US ,will it be treated as my 1st year or 4th year of stay in US ?
    2.Will i be eligible for H1b Extension when i complete three years on this H1 B visa


  78. My lawyers sent the petion in early april, with delivery confirmation date of April 9th. We have the receipt notice dated May 7th. USCIS cashed the check also on that day. Does this receipt notices “guarantees” a number within the CAP number?… the numbers are running out quickly so i just want to make sure… otherwise i will update it to premiun processing…

  79. Hello,
    I am just wondering that anyone who didn’t upgrade to the premium process has been approved? My case was filed on April 9th.

    Thanks for your response in advance.

            • This is the details
              Courier sent on 30th March (that’s what attorney said) and filed under normal process
              received an update on 27th april from USCIS stating that petition receipt date 09th april..
              received an email on 17th May that petition is approved.
              received scan copy of I797A notice from attorney on 23rd May..

  80. My employer have applied H1B petition on MAY 10th 2012. can anybody tell me that when can I expect the receipt numbers. My employer said that It might take one month. is this really true? Usually how much time will take to receive the receipt numbers.

    • I got my receipt number today.. my petetion was filed on 1st May. better wait for few more days

        • Hi,
          My employer filed my H1(H4-H1) petition on Apr, 22nd(regular process). I haven’t received my receipt number yet.
          Last week they updated that the USCIS deducted the amount from the check, which was sent with my documents. Can anyone tell how much time will it take to get my receipt number?

          • If that was your check, then look in the bank check deposit scan to find the receipt number.

            • Thanks HSB. But the receipt was my employers. Is it possible to ask my employer to scan and find the receipt number? If they said no, what else can I do?

                • Hi Pinky,
                  I am also looking for H1 visa sponsors(H4 to H1).Could you please tell me know the details.I can give you my mail details.

  81. My employer said he will be filling my H1B in a day or two. What is the exact process and how much time it takes? I am worried as the quota is getting filled quickly.Please help me in knowing the process.

  82. Hi HSB,

    Can anyone tell me, Upon H1 approval, when appointment slot gets opened to go for Visa Stamping?
    I heard from someone says, We can go for stamping on or after Oct 1,2012 only, Is that a case?
    Your valuable comments are much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in Advance!!!


    • Hi Arun,
      THe H1b Approval is valid only from October 1st.You can go for stamping and start working only post october 1st.

      • Hi Sunil,

        Many Thanks for the response.
        My concern is ,
        - When appoinment solts could open?
        - How early can we book appointment for visa stamping upon H1b approval?


        • Hi Sunil,

          I would also like to know the same information. After VISA got filled with USCIS, when would be appointments for Visa stamping would start.
          And how early we can book for appointments.

          Kalyan Polasi

  83. My Employer has applied for my H1-B petition on April 5th 2012, in Premium Processing and its been more than 1 month, and it still shows me in Acceptance case (have applied in Masters Quota with all required doc submitted by my employer and also have client leter). When asked with my employer about the dalay, he replied saying ur case is under ‘Case Resolution Unit’ .So what exactly is goin on with my petition?

  84. Hello,

    I filed for my H1B and got approved on the 24th of April. My employer sent me a scanned pdf copy of my H1b and NOT the original. When I asked for the original copy I was asked for a reason for why I would need an original copy. My employer said, they follow some protocol for which they keep the original copy. Is there a reason why an employer would keep the H1b for their employees eventhough it has the I-94 in it, which is a vital document and should be kept with applicant/ employee. at all times.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi,

      Can you please suggest some employers in bay are who can file my H1 for this year.


  85. Here is the new update :

    H-1B Regular Cap — 32,500 – updated on 05/04/2012

    H-1B Master’s Degree Exemption — 13,700 – updated on 05/04/2012

  86. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me, Upon H1 approval, when appointement slot gets opened to go for Visa Stamping?
    I heard from someone says, We can go for stamping on or after Oct 1,2012 only, Is that a case?
    Your valuable comments are much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in Advance!!!


    • You can go for stamping upto 90 days in advance that is July 1st if your joining date is Oct 1st. But yo can travel only 10 days prior to your joining date.

  87. Hi All,

    I have applied on 9th April under normal processing and i got my notice of action wid notice date 19th april…california center…any one out der wid similar details

  88. Hi,
    Can anyone tell me, if one can go for premium processing after recieving the reciept number???

  89. Hi,

    My employer filed H1 b for me on April 2nd. I have not received the receipt yet.
    Can you please tell me how long it may take to get the receipt.

      • I have applied for my H1-B thru Premium Processing, my Employer sent the documents on 5th of April, the Received Date on the I-797 USCIS form was 9th April, its been over 20 working days, still the status shows me as Acceptance, when calling my Employer/Lawyer, he says they are follwing up, but dont see any updation on the status.

  90. Hi,
    Can anyone tell, When can we go for H1B Visa Stamping Once H1 papers approved?
    I heard from someone says, We can go for stamping on or after Oct 1,2012 only, Is it true?
    Your valuable comments are much appreciated!!!
    Thanks in Advance!!!


  91. Hello, I’m currently on OPT which will expire on Jun 15th. My employer has filed H1B for me on Apr 2nd and I’ve got my receipt 2 weeks ago. My concern is do I need to apply for OPT extension? (I’am eligible for STEM extension) since the H1B result will come out after my OPT’s expiration date. I’m worried that If my H1B is denied I will have to leave :( But some friends told me not to file OPT extension at this time because it may revoke my H1B application…I’m frustrated here. Any help/suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

    • yes applying H1-B petition and also OPT extension is not good.
      The best thing u can do is to be on safe side, as ur Employer has filed H1-B petition, make it under Premium Processing,so u will get to know approved/rejected within couple of weeks of time and u can plan accordingly

        • You need what is knows as a CAP GAP.
          Contact your International Student office. Tell them ur OPT expires before H1B October date and they will issue you a cap gap.

  92. HI,



  93. Hi,
    I have a question:
    I am on OPT Extension and it expires in 31st of Jan 2013. Is it possible for me to apply for H1B next year (that is in April 2013)? And can I work with Cap-Gap extension until H1B take effect in Oct. 2013?

    • I’m at a very similar situation as you. I talked with an adviser from my university and she suggested that it would not qualify for the Cap-Gap extension because you will be out of status before H1B application. I’m not sure if it is true. Can anyone confirm on it?

      • You should apply for H1B this year. Otherwise, you are gonna be out of status after Jan, 31. From this time on, you can’t work anymore. And then if you apply for H1B 2013, you have to wait until October 1 in order to start working again

        • dude,
          Apply for CAP GAP. talk to your Vendor and ask them to submit ur H1B application information to ur school.
          My OPT runs out on 15th July and H1B comes in October. (Same situation as you).
          I applied for H1B, sent the receipt over the my school and boom, they gave me a CAP GAP which m,eans I can stay and work here till I get my H1B in October.

  94. Nice to see all above suggestion…i need help too…

    I am on OPT which is valid up to july 15 2012 and STEM OPT Valid up to jan 2014.
    But my issue i got only 3 years visa which is expiring on August 2012.

    Is any way to go to INDIA in 2013 with out going to stamping on OPT.

    Please let me know.Thanks a lot ina dvance……

  95. Hi ,
    I was International student who graduated with Masters Degree MSEE in Dec 2009.
    Currently I am on 17 months STEM OPT,My STEM OPT expires on July 3rd 2012.
    My questions are,

    1) I work full time with my employer which is e-Verified company and they have filed for H1-B and recently got approved. As my H1-B got approved from USCIS,will the cap-gap extension from July-Sept extension will be automatically renewed and will update my SEVIS record , As H1-B starts from October.

    2) My brother is getting married in the month of May 2012, So I wanna visit India to attend his marraige for 10 days from May 12th -May 21st 2012.
    So, if I travel, will there be any issues at immigration, bcoz I will just be having more than 1 month left for my STEM OPT to expire (keeping the latest I-20 signed from my University and Employers letter in hand and also recent pay stubs)

    3) As my H1-B got approved now, will my status (SEVIS) change automatically from April itself?

    So, keeping all this in view, can I travel to India and come back to US without taking any chances?

    Your answers will be greatly appreciated.

    • You need to inform your university about cap-gap extension and H1B approval.

      Travel with expired OPT Card. Its bit tricky. Consult your immigration attorney.

      I saw this from a university site

      If your EAD is expired, you will not be granted entry to the US based on the cap-gap extension. If you must travel during the extension period, be prepared to apply for H-1B visa outside the US and adjust your return travel plans accordingly. Note: Under H-1B regulations, you may only enter the US up to ten days prior to October 1st.

      • I am still not satisfies completely with you answer.
        I called my University and have mentioned them the same, University Director told me my cap-gap extension starts after my OPT STEM expires if only H1 gets approved.
        I wanna make sure, as H1-B approved recently, I am still on OPT extension till July 3rd and then from July4th my cap-gap starts till Sept 30th and then followed by H1-B.

        So, wanna ask, as I am in this position with 1 month OPT STEM left, can i visit to India for a period of 10 days

            • Yes, You can travel as long as you have a valid EAD when you are getting back. Your CAP-GAP comes into effect only after your EAD expires. If you are traveling during your CAP-GAP, then you can not re-enter with out getting a stamping. I am traveling to India between May 12th to June 12th and my current EAD expires on July 12th. I confirmed this with my Attorney who is processing my H1.

              • but as soon as H1 gets approved, the status gets changed to H1 from F1.
                So at port of Entry, the database gets updated with H1 status.But I will be having my I20 only in my hand, with Employers email confirmation about H1 approval, and no legal documents.So, hw good is it to travel without legal documents.
                Please suggest

                • You have to understand that as soon as your H1 gets approved you either move into CAP-GAP if your EAD expires or still continue working on your F1 until Sep 30th, 2012 if you have a valid EAD. Your actual H1 start date is Oct 1st, 2012 and that is when your status gets changed to H1. If you have a valid EAD, you are still on OPT with EAD. CAP-GAP is a term used for F1 Students whose EAD expires even before the start date of their H1. Travel is strictly prohibited for students on CAP-GAP as it requires a Stamping to re-enter. If you have a valid EAD, Employment Letter and a H1 approval, you can travel. Note: This scenario holds good only if you are traveling when your EAD is valid and the travel is even before the start of your H1. If you are traveling after Oct 1st, 2012, you can not re-enter with out getting H1 stamped as your F1 as well as CAP-GAP would have expired.

                • can u plz provide me ur email address, I wanna talk to u personally on this in more detail

    • if I am in my STEM OPT with more than 1 month left to expire (July 3rd 2012)and H1-B under premium processing got approved, can I go to visit India for 10 days(May 12th-May 21st 2012) and return back to US without taking any chances?

  96. Hi,

    I am currently on my OPT which is valid till July 12th, 2012. My employer was supposed to file H1 for me on April 2nd 2012. I had some family thing come up due to which I have to travel to India from May 12th to June 16th. I requested my employer to hold my H1 application and instead I had sent my I-765 to USCIS for OPT-STEM extension on April 14th and I got the case number on April 17th. Now my concern is that, will it be a problem for me if I am traveling during my valid visa status and valid work authorization which will not expire until July 12th and also my STEM extension application still pending at USCIS?

    Thanks in advance.

  97. Hi,

    Does anyone know whether breaching a contract in US with particular employer legal or not?
    Can employer sue the employee if contract is not folllowed?


  98. Guys,
    Can anyone tell me how long will it take to get LCA approval?
    Whoever got it approved, Pls share your time period taken for this year?

  99. I would like to know whether the counts displayed every week are for that specific week.

    Also is there any prediction on H1 quota being closed in next few weeks.

    Happy Singh

    I have the basic 10 years of education completed in 2002 and then i did my diploma in mechanical engineering 3 years in 2002-2005… after which i started working in my domain ie mechanical engineering… also i did my part time degree in mechanical engineering whic was 2 years (2005-2007). As of today my total experience is 6+ years in my field and from last 2.6 years I am working in states on my l1 visa.
    Am i eligble to get the h1 visa. ie: 10+3+2+ (6 years of exp. +2) so it is a total of 17 years am i right assuming this…
    Please get back to me ASAP!! i need to apply for h1 soon.

  101. Hi Guys,

    Here is some hope for those who are worried with there H1 petition in C-V-V-E mode (Client-Vendor-Vendor-Employer). I am under same mode, my consultancy firm employer file in Premium Processing from Vermont Office (on top of having C-V-V-E my client location SF where as employer is in Florida, so many people scared me about more possible scrutiny).
    Receipt Date: 04/10/12
    Approval Date: 04/14/12 for three years! (How come an email from Vermont USCIS on Saturday? but it is!)
    So good luck for all who are under C-V-V-E mode!

  102. Can I ask the Question to experts here?
    Is the General cap count mentioned avove cumulative? i.e Is current General Cap total count 17,400 or 17,400+14,957=32357?
    Thanks in advance…

  103. Hi I am an IT consultant. If I apply for an H1 now, how do I show the immigration that I have a job starting from October. How the desi indian companies manage to get Client letter starting the project work from October? How this situation is being managed by the consulting companies?

    please share you openion , very urgent for me to take a decision please.

    • The question seems generic do you mean immigration at visa stamping? If that is the question then make sure you have client letter(one more possibility is consultancy firm has in-house project but now that seems hard way to prove at stamping though not a impossible way), without client letter anything that your consultancy firm is boasting about “managing” is of no use.

      • I need clarifications on the few points. My sponsor said that they filed h1b petition for me on 3rd April, 2012 through premium processing. Also when I asked them on the client letter, they told it will be taken care and they put some in house project. I am now worried points on the possibilities of visa approval. And one more thing is that I have not heard from them about the status of my h1b petition yet. Can you please share ua opinion on this?

  104. Hi,
    I’m on H4 and want to apply for H1 now. Does it mean that even if a consultant/employer apply for my H1 would it take Oct-12 till I get my H1?

    • yes..you are part of that Quota starting from Oct 1st. You can get H1B but it will be active from oct 1st 2012

  105. HI,

    My company is going to process my H1 soon. But my passport will expire 28th october 2012.
    Here i have a few clarifications
    1. Do i need to renew my passport before going to apply for H1 petition.
    2. After petition accepted, will they mentioned any date in the document, which i need to carry at the time visa stamping.
    3. Or i can renew my passport before going for stamping.

    Thanks in advance

  106. Hi,

    The H1b Cap count is more compared to last two years. Is there is any chance to fill the quota before May?

    • my company planning to apply it end of the month ( April End). just for curiosity , i would like to know, will Quota will fill before May. The trend showing the number of count is higher than last two year.
      Please let me know.

    • It is expected to be available till Mid summer That is around June to July. Looking at the filing week after week over last four years, one can make some predictions once updates are made in next week or week after that. Anyway I expect it to be available atleast till May end. But the predicitons out there are : best case scenario is July to sept. and worst case scenario is may second week to June first week.

    • first week always hit with very high rate (this time 25K out of 85K is like 30% eaten up in week one), but further weeks shows bit of influence of first week, for example if first week don’t hit very high then subsequent weeks observes slow rate since petitioner get some hint of relief or sense of no rush BUT if first week hit very high then through next week the rate will not be same but the rate in further weeks get affected by panic wave. more rational prediction could happen only after around April end. Good Luck!

  107. The first unofficial count as of April 4. The second count which is official is of April 9 (all those received up to Apr 9 morning). Please do changes the dates accordingly in the tracker.

  108. Hi , I applied for H1b on April 3rd 2012 in Premium Processing. I am on OPT Extension now and it expires in December 21st. I know that our H1 starts from October. I have to go to India this month, So Is it ok If i make my travel india next week? what happens if I get my H1 approval when I am in India? Do I need to go for Stamping before coming back to U.S as I got the H1 approval while I would be in India? Is it mandatory that I have to go for H1 approval?

  109. USCIS didn’t announce number of h1b applications it received. How do you know about these numbers you have mentioned ?

  110. By this alarming statistic, do you think one can expect to have a time of atleast 1 week before this cap reaches its limit ? What do you think are the chances of me filing an application when the company files the LCA on friday?

    • Go Ahead..You have time to make it to this cap

      Its updated now.

      Regular -17400


      Date of Last Count- 9th April

  111. OMG Same questions again. Anyone PHD or MS Holders, Please apply for jobs, its your employer responsibility to get you employment status. you don’t need to worry on this. Key is to find job on OPT/J2/H4 or any status and if employer like to sponsor they will/must. HSB doesn’t sell or have list of employers who advertise to file H1 visas. There isn’t any.

    I hope it helps.

  112. Hi HSB,

    Can we please have any expected date by which the above table would be populated with data?

    Thanks in Advance.


  113. Hi HSB,

    Can we please have any expected date by which we should expect the table above being populated with data?

    Thanks in Advance!


  114. Hello sir, I am currently on J2 visa working In wells fargo company as accounting specialist in USA. My visa is going to expire this year & want to apply for H1b visa. My company do not sponsor any visa.. Can I apply through consultants to sponsor visa on contract? is this possible. If you know any consultants who can transfer please let me know.. I request u kindly provide me an answer. I am not sure whom I should contact!! Your help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.. Padma

    • Hii,,,
      my name is Harpreet Singh from Punjab. What is the procedure and requirement for H1 visa… please help me… please reply me on my Id

      • If you can find this blog and this article among many websites, I can assume that you can find all yours questions answers in a matter of click. Please Read. Don’t take offensive, but idea is to read before you email/post any comment.

        It will help everyone/anyone in future specially at work.

  115. Hi…
    I am on H4 visa. I have done masters in microbiology and have 10 months research experience in pharma company. I am in US from last 2 years. Can you provide me the list pharma or biotech company wish to file h1b.

    Thanks and regards.

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