H1B Visa Stamping Documents – Client Letter

By Raghuram Sukumar H1B Visa Edit

Question about H1B Visa Documents for those who are working as consultants in USA under consulting company.

I had been staying in US on L1 visa for past (close to) 2 years. Recently, I changed my status to H1B and switched from full-time L1 to H1B consultant. Now, I am planning India visit, during which I have to appear for visa stamping interview.

My question is about client letter to be produced (if asked), during interview.
I have 2 layers between my customer and my own employer (being 3rd layer). As per my understanding, I was planning to carry employment letter from employer and client letter from customer. Is it a right approach? One of my friend thinks that showing customer letter might be a trouble these days. Is it true? As per him, my employer should write for which customer and project I work with (which I anyways have with me.). But, can it work as client letter? Or will there be any issues while producing actual client letter from customer?

If somebody has undergone similar process, kindly advise. FYI – I will appear at Mumbai consulate for interview.

Thank you in anticipation

H1B Visa Stamping – Client Letter

Many H1B workers will be run into similar situation who are working for consulting companies in H1B Visa. In addition to H1B visa stamping documents, you can take client letter and employment verification letter.

If you have experience attending H1B Visa interview, while working with consulting company, can you share your experience with respect to documents you got from clients (if any) and form your employer.

Sample Client Letter


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to certify that <<<Client Company Name>>> is using employing  <<your name>> through our contract agreement with <<H1B Holding Employer Company Name>>.

<<<candidate>> was selected after a successful interview on <<interview date>>. <<Your Name>> has been managing multiple large projects for the <<<Client company name>>> from <<<start date>>>. The services of Mr. <<<candidate>> is approved until <<<end date of contract>>>.

<<<candidate>> will not be an employee of <<<Client company>>>, and will not be paid as such. <<<candidate>> will perform the following duties required to fulfill the terms of the contract at <<<Client company address>>>:

    • List Project Details, role and responsibilities.
    • List additional projects details..

These duties are complex, and we are aware that <<H1 company>> requires, at a minimum, a Bachelors/Master’s degree with an Information Technology related major, a professional certification in << list certifications>>, project management experience of seven years or more, and experience successfully managing complex Information Technology projects whose budgets were greater than one million dollars and whose timeline was greater than two years.

As Client Manager, I have first hand knowledge of the duties that <<<candidate>>> is performing for this assignment. His services are valuable to our organization.

If I can provide any further information or assistance with regard to this matter, please do not hesitate to contact me at the number listed below.

Sincerely yours,

Client Manager
<<<Client company>>>
<<contact information>>

Above is a sample client letter than can be used for H1B Visa stamping. Some clients might have different template/style of letter. Check with your manager and HR if they can provide such letter. If not, ask for employment verification letter from client, they should be able to provide that, though it might not include all project details.

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