H4 Visa to H1B Visa – My Experience

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How to get H1B Visa from H4 – posted by Vasu  a comment.

Hello everyone!,

This thread (6 Options for H4 Visa) has been very encouraging and helpful.

A year ago I came to US with H4 and now I found H1B. yay!! (you can see my earlier posts here, how desperate and confused I was when I took that life changing step).

I work with a top notch IT consulting company in India as a software engineer and about to apply for H4 visa, giving up my job and country. Across the internet I have only found disheartening articles and comments regarding the status of H4 visa holders and their options. I understand that it takes a lot of struggle and luck to find a job in such situation. But I am prioritizing marriage before career right now. So I would like to hear some positive comments so that I can take the plunge with some hopes at least. Please suggest how to keep up your morale while struggling to make a place for yourself in new house and in a new country while finding a new job.

Thanks for any encouragement if you can give.

I request all those people who have posted here or have simply read this thread, not to loose hope and try try try…try very hard. Thats what I did in the last 1 year.

I started by taking the lead from here of volunteering websites and did some community activities which encouraged me tremendously.

I also got myself acquaint with the language and style of working.

I took baby steps of moving around without mobile phone and car.

I took public transport and all that gave me confidence that I can hold on my own without my husband’s support(not that he was not helping, but it was kind of different to feel self sufficient, because thats what I was before marrying-self sufficient!)

So I was being my own mom and guiding myself to find ways to self motivate with little achievements.

I used to go to gym and tried to be physically active too, because initial some days I lied in the house for whole day and worried about my increasing waist line. :( that was horrible!

(I still need to work on that, but now I have to manage time and my laziness but at least don’t have to pull myself out of bed).

I can not praise enough the importance of my social exposure by volunteering.

It gave me a lot of confidence and some real good friends for life.

I also kept in touch with my technology by reading stuff and watching videos of my subject on you tube.

I tried to read books but I always found myself yawning after reading 4 lines, and could never go past first 3 pages of it.

H4 Visa to H1B Visa

I tried to sit for a certificate exam in my field but sadly I failed in that. But in that trial at least I learned 2 -3 phrases that were currently talked about in my industry. Which was enough to make that impression in the interview. So on and so forth I was just kicking my own ass to get back on the wagon :) Which paid me pretty well in the end.

I would like to thank people here for keeping the hope alive all the time.

Good luck to all of you and God bless you!

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