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Finally after 2 weeks of importing contents into WordPress and updating the internal links, I was able to launch this site/blog 2 weeks before I actually planned to. With my own domain, I have more features and flexibility over the contents and ad placement and possibly more revenue too :-)

I strongly suggest the readers to sign-up for Email Subscription. It will automatically generate email when new article is posted and give you a short summary of the article. Also, you will receive featured articles that are not posted in the blog.

In the featured articles, you will receive exclusive contents like, details about specific universities ( low GRE score, no GRE score admissions universities, ..) Also, I’m working on creating E-book and weekly news letters and all these features are available for Blog Subscribers. So, feel free to subscribe to email updates.

When you subscribe, confirmation email will be sent to the email address provided.

You have to confirm the email address, before receiving updates. Also, see if the email no delivered to your to Junk Mail Folder.

I will not be posting articles in old Happy Schools Blogger Blog. But, it will re-direct the traffic to this new blog. I’m still trying to re-direct the traffic to specific page, but experiencing some technical issues.

Majority of the posts for last 2 months were targeted for students who are planning to get to U.S. I will be equally writing contents for students who are already in U.S. and who have graduated and looking for jobs. So, the contents will include, job searching tips, proactive job search approach techniques, internship opportunities, and other similar interests.

Hope you all enjoy the new layout and fresh looks to Happy Schools Blog.

You will see small purple heart icon at the end of the post. If you enjoy any particular article, post, feel free to submit to any of the social media sites. If you are not sure of what social media is, spend some time to explore those sites ( Digg, Stumble Upon, Technorati,..) It a wonderful sites to find other similar blogs. And again, pass the word to your friends.

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