Higher Education in Canada – My MBA Journey

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Thanks to Vishal for writing this blog post about Higher Education in Canada. Vishal completed his MBA in Canada and currently working in USA.

Higher Education in Canada

Canada is becoming one of the most preferred destinations for higher education in the world for various reasons. One of the biggest and easiest to guess is the Immigration policies that they have in place for immigrants to quickly become citizens.If you would like, it is also easy to get post work permit which the Canadian government gives for 3 years (standard) post degree.

Most of the educational institutions in Canada are government run. Few of the standout universities for business, science and technology is University of Toronto. Probably one of the oldest and arguably the best ranked Canadian Universities. Few of the other popular universities are University of Waterloo, University of West Ontario, York University, Concordia University etc.

About easy Immigration

Generally a student can apply for their immigration after a year of continuous stay in Canada. There is a twin phase of application where the immigrant will require to apply to the Nova Scotia for a 1stround of screening and then apply with the complete set of immigration documents to one of the Canadian immigration offices. The process is pretty straight forward and easy to deal with. For more information you can definitely read at http://www.cic.gov.ca

Technical Education

For technical education – the top 2 places to study in Canada are

  1. University of Waterloo and
  2. University of Toronto.

Waterloo is popular for its Computer science programs. Waterloo is definitely tipped to be the biggest IT hub in Canada.

University of Toronto aka UfT is extremely popular for all of its programs including computer science.

Concordia university in Quebec is popular for its Aerospace programs. University of Toronto do offer a wide range of Tech and PhD courses which is highly recognized all across Canada.

Business Education

Rotman School of Management and Richard Ivey are the top 2 schools in Canada. Rotman has one of the best faculty members all across North America. Some of the top industry professional in the entire industry are from Rotman. Rotman produces world class students and is built on a unique concept of integrative thinking which is making serious waves in the Industry.

Schulich, Queen are other schools which fall in tier-2 category. Rotman is popular for its finance and consulting programs where as Richard Ivey is more famous for its Consulting programs. Working and part-time studying is always been popular among industry professionals.


  1. The table you states say 50% is passing which is not that true for most institutions here.. what you think… then 0-39% Will be F with all grades going up !

    1. hi,i first thought of doing ms in US but some people say Canada provides best quality education at a lower fees…

      i have a doubt whether i can cope with that high standard of education.i have an aggregate of 73.5% in b.tech(electronics n communication)

      i'm worried about the scholarship and opportunities after my masters in electrical…some say there are no scholarships available

      i would be grateful if anyone clarifies my doubts…

  2. Hello Vishal

    Thanks for this valuable information. can you tell me how much value of experience in industry when some one want to take admission ? I would like to be in touch with you so can you give me your messanger ID or your facebook id ?

  3. Thanks for providing this valuable information. can you also explain how much value of experience in industry is considered when some one want to take admission in Master courses?

  4. can i apply for canadian university in pharmaceutical by giving GRE????

    i mean is GRE different from the GRE for canada????

  5. Thanks buddy for posting this article. Canada is one of the top destinations in the world after the United States. You are perfectly right about the ease in immigration. But at the same time Canadian universities have stringent admission requirements. Due to lack of requirement of GRE or other standardized exams, they weight applicants on their annual percentage. Not everybody have high scores in their under graduate education. The scores highly vary between the states when talking about Indian applicants. I believe If you get admit for right programs from top universities such as McGill, UA, UBS, Waterloo or University of Toronto, Canada have a very prosperous future to offer!

  6. I think the grade conversion given here is not correct, I've checked the grade conversion tables of many universities in Canada, so please correct it to prevent heartache for some students……….

  7. Yes, I agree with @Aaditya.

    First Class or First div in India is considered as "mid B equivalent" in Canada

    Source: U of Toronto

  8. Hi, I have been searching for Master`s Admission in Canadian University. And, this blog definitely gives me a new way in my searching. I want to suggest another issue regarding Master`s Admission in Canada.

    Can you please provide some information regarding getting scholarships / TA ship / RA ship from the very beginning of education? I mean, do I need to contact with professors for such assistantships? Where can I get them?

    Another question is: Is it possible to continue my Masters in Computer Science in Research Based Masters? Where I can also get some money for my daily needs? How to get that?

  9. I have complted BCA ( Bachelor of Computer Application) with pass class and my TOEFL-ibt score is 82. I want to know that which University is best for my M.S. in Computer Science.

    plzz reply me as soon as possible………….

  10. hiii this is vishnu.i want to apply for doing ms(computer science) in canada.plz suggest me abt the admission and expenses for course.plz suggest mee abt these things it is very useful for me.my academic record was also average(10th-72%,12th_79%,b.tech-60%).is this percentage is sufficeint for appplying admission in the gud universities.

  11. Is there a scholarship in masters in computer science course via GRE exam in canada waterloo university plz help and what r the deadlines to give gre to apply for aug-sept batch

  12. Hello Vishal

    Thanx dude for ur efforts….ur really helping students……

    I hav jst finished my B.D.S degree.(dentistry)…..and i would b vry thankful to u if u provide me sm info….abt best dental colleges in canada…

    i wud like to do a 1-2 yr diploma in dentistry…..but i don't hav any knowledge of courses offered there whch wud best suit indian students financially and job wise too……

    1. Hi Dipreet,
      I am also a foreign trained dentist. I would like to know if you got any results that marched your search for a diploma in Dentistry.
      Look forward to your reply.

  13. Hi Vishal

    i am studing english litereture in iran and i have 2 years more to finish my B.A.

    i like to continue my M.A and PHT in UBC university of vancouver .could u please give me some inf in this case?

  14. This blog is very encouraging for people like me (Looking for higher education in Canada).
    As of now I have more than 4 years of experience in IT field. Coming to my educational back ground, i have the below:

    10th : 81.66%
    12th : 89%
    B.Tech : 79.6% in EEE

    Currently I am planning to move to Canada for my higher education (either MS or MBA), which ever has more chances for getting scholarship. I am yet to take IELTS. Could you please suggest me the way to move ahead, either MS or MBA?

  15. Hello my HSB friends,

    My name is James, i really have an important issue to share with u guys. It happened that my dearest friend scheduled an emergency U.S Visa appointment, but unfortunately she is not yet having her I-20 but it's still on the way 4 her bcos she thought that her I-20 will reach her b4 the interview, so that she will take it along. But, what's happening now is that her scheduled emergency interview is now around the corner and yet she hasn't got her I-20. pls guys, advise me on what to tell her in this condition.

  16. i'm a commerce grad.n i'm considering interior designing in Canada.can u tell me the best uni for Masters?thanks

    1. i have 10 arrears will i be able to get admission in canada universities……could u plz help me….

  17. hi ….thanks for providing such valuable information…..

    I have done B.TECH -Mech. ……..can u plz tell me the scope for good job after MBA in Canada

  18. Hie i have got admission to brock university in canada for mba and cost of it is 20lakhs and i have got admission to Humber college for Post grad in global business management which costs 13 lakhs which one is worth it?

  19. What are the exams required to study ms(in CSE) in canada?
    My profile:
    Btech-cgpa 8.58
    I am currently working in US based MNC for 8 months.
    I donot have any research papers.
    Plz let me know…whether my job exp will help me to get some good univ.

    1. Hello,

      You will need to take IELTS exam to study in Canada. Your exp wont get you good university but it will get you a good job after finishing your MS
      You have a good GPA that is sufficient to get into a good university

  20. hi all
    i have some questions ,i will be verythankfull for your advice.

    My wife had completed Master’s in English in year 2009 with 53%marks,and got 6 bands in ielts,now i am planning to study(M.phil/M.ed) her in canadian university ,which one is the best university run by government,How much funds i need to show,can i go with her at the same time ?i heard from someone that first she will go there and send me sponsership from there,is it true??
    then i can apply open work visa after reaching there,can she apply for job in college after completing M.phil or phd ,PLEASE LET ME KNOW ALL ABOVE QUESTIONS.I WILL BE VERY VERY THANKFULL TO YOU.

  21. I have applied for university of windsor for master in mechanical engineering.can u tell me is it good to study there? And also job prospects for mechanical engineers in canada?

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