How I got in Ivy League with 1170 GRE.

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OK guys, for all of you I would like to share my experience which I hope would be helpful.

I apologize for not disclosing my details for personal reasons.

I was able to get an admit in an IVY League university with a 1170 GRE score.

This University is among the top 10 in America for every field and everyone knows the name, and it even raises american peoples eyes when I tell them where I am studying . I apologize for not disclosing my details for personal reasons.

Now comes the my real experience. I was in the same boat as most of you are in.

I had studied really hard for my GRE’s and had improved in every step after giving each test. Then came a time when i was scoring consistently between 1300′s and 1500′s. But eventually on the day of the exam things went wrong and I messed up big time.

I scored a 630 in Quant which for me was very shameful coming from a science background and a 530 in Verbal. I was very upset for a few day with this score and I had finals of my final year of college too which I had totally neglected bcoz of GRE’s.

So I gathered my bearings and decided that I am not going to go to America just to go to America. So I did not apply that year.

I prepared really hard for my Finals and scored well there. I had a project which I worked on which later converted in to a research paper and was published in an IEEE International Conference and later another paper in an ACM International conference.

After this I decided to apply with this shitty GRE Score and with my accomplishments. I refrained from applying to the low tier universities and applied only to the top 15 according to the USNews website.

I was able to get into most of the universities. I use to follow HappySchools blogs regularly at every step and it helped in everything starting from my GRE preps to my applications to my VISA.

Trust me, these blogs have a lot to offer. I am now here in the US in among the best universities and am willing to encourage every individual who wants to apply to the top ones.

Let me make something very clear to all of you that, dont come to America just to come to America. Come for what you really want to do.

GRE scores and top universities are not the end of the world. You will definitely be where your heart wants to be eventually only the path may be different from the path that you may have carved out for yourself.

I am telling you guys this because I am here and I can tell you what exactly is important to eventually be absolutely happy in life.

There are people who go to average uni’s and make it big in life and better than the ones in IVY’s.

Its not the branded university that defines you its your hard work which will eventually take you to places no matter from where you come from.

Kindly pardon me guys if it was too much of a lecture, but I wish all of you well and feel free to contact me (email removed)

PS: If you are unable to get the university you want don’t be upset, its not the end of the word.

Read the blogs there are many other options which are truly worthwhile venturing into and remember that India too is one of the emerging countries and the trend has now reversed. People are coming back to India as it is now offering the same opportunities as America offers, but most of us always think that the grass is always green on the other side.

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