I-20 Sample : Tuition Fees Breakdown for Bank Balance

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In a previous post, I had listed some common questions regarding bank statement. Now I will be answering each question in separate posts.

In this post, you can find information about how much bank balance must be shown as proof of one’s financial capacity for student visa. Is $25,000 enough?

Before answering the question, let me breakdown an I-20 fee structure with a sample I-20 from the University of Houston, Clear Lake.

Take a look at this copy of an I-20 (UHCL – Clear Lake):

Sample I-20

Under Section 7, it will list the total tuition fee for 9 months or 12 months.

In a 9 month study, credits will be calculated for Fall and Spring semesters only. In a 12 month study period, Fall, Spring and Summer credits will be covered in the calculation.

In this sample,

  • Tuition fee for 9 months = $11,100
  • Others (Insurance, Books, etc.) = $2,000

Per Semester:

  • Tuition per Semester = $11,100 / 2 = $5,550
  • Other Fees = $1,000
  • So that will be your per semester fee : $6,550.

Living expense listed there for 9 months = $6.500 (or $722 per month, but in Houston it will only be around $400 per month).

So the next question is, how much should my bank balance be to be shown as proof?

To be continued in Part 2: How Much bank balance for F1 Visa Interview.

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