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In the previous post, I had listed some common questions regarding bank statement, now I will be answering each question in separate article. In this article, I you can find information about How much bank balance to show as proof for student visa. Is $25,000 enough? Before answering the question, let me breakdown I-20 fee structure with sample I-20 from University of Houston , Clear Lake

Take a look at this copy of I-20 ( UHCL – Clear Lake )

Sample I-20

Under Section 7, it will list the total tuition fee for 9 months or 12 months. In 9 months study credits will be calculated for Fall and SPring semester only. In 12 months Fall, Spring and Summer credits will be calculated.

In this sample,

  • Tuition fee for 9 months = $11,100
  • Others ( Insurance, Books, ) = $2000

Per Semester:

  • Tuition Per semester = $11,100 / 2 = $5,550
  • Other Fee = $1000
  • So, that sill be your per semester fee of $6,550

Living expense listed there for 9 months = $6.500 ( or $722 per month, but in Houston will be around $400 per month)

So, next question is how much should my bank balance to be shown as proof?

Continuies in Part 2 : How Much bank balance for F1 Visa Interview