In the previous post, I had listed some common questions regarding bank statement, now I will be answering each question in separate article. In this article, I you can find information about How much bank balance to show as proof for student visa. Is $25,000 enough? Before answering the question, let me breakdown I-20 fee structure with sample I-20 from University of Houston , Clear Lake

Take a look at this copy of I-20 ( UHCL – Clear Lake )

Sample I-20

Under Section 7, it will list the total tuition fee for 9 months or 12 months. In 9 months study credits will be calculated for Fall and SPring semester only. In 12 months Fall, Spring and Summer credits will be calculated.

In this sample,

  • Tuition fee for 9 months = $11,100
  • Others ( Insurance, Books, ) = $2000

Per Semester:

  • Tuition Per semester = $11,100 / 2 = $5,550
  • Other Fee = $1000
  • So, that sill be your per semester fee of $6,550

Living expense listed there for 9 months = $6.500 ( or $722 per month, but in Houston will be around $400 per month)

So, next question is how much should my bank balance to be shown as proof?

Continuies in Part 2 : How Much bank balance for F1 Visa Interview



  1. Hello,
    I am currently doing my B.E. I want to persue M.S in mechanical engg. from Germany. so, what will be the general fee structure in the universities..??

  2. Hi
    I am currently working in Software company and want to pursue my Masters at USA,
    can anyone suggest me the years of experiance needed to get into good universities as i
    didnt do any internships during my undergraduate.??
    Thanking you

  3. Helo,
    Myself Varsha have a dream of studying in USA, now i am pursuing my Bachelors in 1st year my subjects are Chemistry, Botany, Biotechnology. I want to complete my Masters in USA so i need more information about this and aggregate marks to enter the university and the needs required to me like hostel such and such so please advice me………….. so that it will be helpful to me to fulfill my dream. Waiting for your advice please…..

  4. Dear Sir/Madam,
    My daughter has completed her Master’s degree in Biotechnology (Livescience) from University of East London usually that Master’s degree is of one year, I am to get clarified is this accepted for admission in to Ph.D ? in US Universities. An early reply by Email is highly appreciated, Thanks a lot.

  5. according to my 300 marks of gre and 3.0 in awa section please tell me initially how much money i should carry in order to do ms in statistics or any finance or ms in eco from usa or canada from average college. Because someone told me that i have to show whole of my fees in my bank account. Just tell me whether i have to arrange my first semester+ other expenses or whole of my fees in my bank account for visa purpose.

  6. how much do we need to show if university that i have planned to study costs $10500per year for my education?



  8. My son is doing as final year of BCA(Bachelor of Computer Application) from S.V.P University, Gujarat, India finishing April, 2011. He is interested to do MCA(Master of Computer Application or MS in Computer Science from Virginia University. How he will proceed for that?It will much appreciable if you provide me step by step guidance. One of my childhood friend is in US last 10 years and he can provide me Boarding etc. then how much do I arrange fund for two year study?

  9. my i20 show that my fee will be paid by parent and personal savings,but i dn’t have any personal saving.will it affect me on the interview date.but my fee is 21,000 dollars and my bank statement is 25,000 dollar.

  10. i my i-20 its not written who is sponsoring my studies
    they just wrote i have cash of X amount & i have free room & board
    But my father is sponsoring my education, will it be a problem at interview ?

  11. Hi ,

    My i 20 shows amt $ 25,000 as first year tuition and expenditure .
    my course is of 2 years duration.

    For first year i have $ 30 ,000 in my saving account ( thru family funds and personal savings ) and for second year my company is sponsoring me…
    now wht do i have to show apart from my company s sponsorship letter…???
    plz guide me … am gonna have my interview in less than 15 days.



  12. Hi sir,
    Currently i am studding Batchlors in Computer Science in UK and I have finished my two years of study here. Now I am planning to take a transfer in to USA for my last year of study. So, If you could guide me what will be the procedure from UK to apply for F1 visa for USA. and how much balance do I have to show?
    It would be great if you could reply me as soon as possible.
    Thank you

  13. i am glad such a source is there to inform someone like me who wants to persue a degree in the USA.this is so awesome

  14. I have a relative in US and they can sponsor me, full cost or some. But here I got nothing as a fixed asset that would show my commitment to comeback home (for the visa interview) after finishing my MS. I am a bit confused on how to use this option or the likelihood of using this option to get F1 visa. Issual of i-20 is based on the sponsorship i have shown to the university. So would it cause a problem during my visa ?

  15. Dear HSB

    I have to choose between University of Texas at Dallas And Auburn University(Electrical Engineering program). I have not received i-20 yet but i have been informally notified that i have been selected. I am applying for GTA at Auburn university. Do i have chance for that post?. And i am unaware of financial aid too.

  16. Is it compulsory that one will pay the complete tuition before admission will be offered?Please let me know.

  17. I have an account with 3, 000 000 rupees. i have to show 2 000 000 rupees bank statement for UK student visa. But problem is i’m not keep these account without any withdrawal or deposit. But i keep minimum balance as 2 000 000 more than 28 days. Is it OK for Bank statement? or We have to keep the account without deposit or withdrawal with in 28 days??????

    please explain me….

    thank you

  18. Hi,

    I have just completed my BE in IT……..I want to do MS in Computer Science from US…………Could you please tell me how much liquid amount in my account i have to show………..If want to bear all my Tution fees + Living expenses by the loan itself………….Reply Soon

  19. Hello Sir,
    I am currently Pursuing M.Tech degree from IIT Hydbd.By December 2011,Iwould like to have PhD admission in any good U.S universities.I am B.Tech Gold Medalist and my aggregate M.Tech GPA is 8.0.Can I get get admissions in good Universities in U.S.What Preperations to be done?Which is more important SOP or Reccomendation Letters.I know great professors from California teaching me in IITs.Will their letters considered to be a weighted one?…..

  20. I have got total 10 backlogs in my 3rd to 6th semester in my biomedical engg. due 2 my personal 1st year n final year are clear,as well as I have cleared all my backlogs. I am applying for MBA in health care,are there chances that I will get My I-20?

    If I get my I-20 will I face any problem in Visa interview?

  21. Dear All,

    I have been issued an I-20 indicating my major as computer science.

    I have done the F-1 interview already. What if I wanted to change

    my major when I am in the USA later, from computer science

    to another major like linguistics or English Literature? Is it gonna

    be difficult? How my SEVIS info be changed? Or is it a responsibilty

    of University officers to change majors among foreign students

    like me?

    • Visa is not related to changing major. After you come to university, you can transfer to different department.

  22. Hi,

    Myself mihir and i just want to know that how much bank balance is requried to study in US.Presently m doing part time PGDBA from NMIMS university and also working for TCS(Full time) for almost 3 years.i want to do MS in Finance but worry about cost and living expenses in US.Need your help for that.becoz m from middlr class family could nt afford one time direct fees.also is there is poosible dat alone with my college can i do part time job in us…….plz do reply..

  23. Dear Mr.Raghu, this is really very helpful and one stop shop for education information in the US, I ever seen. Many many blessings to you. Coming to my question, I have BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering (graduated in July 2002) and on job since then. But now I decided to pursue my Masters in Engineering in US. I have a relative in US and they can sponsor me, full cost or some. But here I got nothing as a fixed asset that would show my commitment to comeback home (for the visa interview) after finishing my MSc. Am a bit confused on how to use this option or the likelihood of using this option to get F1 visa.

    I thank you in advance!!!
    Sam A. from Ethiopia

  24. Hi,

    I will be finishing my first degree in Bsc sports and exercise science next month.I have applied for a school in US to do another first degree in Exercise Physiology, do you think i will have a problem with the US embassy in my country in securing a visa?I have already received my acceptance letter from the US school and just waiting for my I-20.


  25. Hi,

    This is Khushi here,

    I have done Masters in Pharmacy in 2006 and have experience of 3 years in Pharma. I want to do PHD in pharmacology. Could you please help me by giving me details regarding the best universities for the same. I would also like to know..How to start preparing for it if I aim for Fall 2010. Please help me in my preparation in the right way.



  26. hi dude 1 st of all u r doing great job by reducing frustration from applicant..

    My university fees will be 15k per year and expanse will be near 6k per year..

    so is it enough to show 15 lakhs balance???

  27. hi there

    i Just want to know that,how long time does college takes to send tha I-20 plz reply if someone know.Thanks Cheers!!!!

  28. sir,i'm asking if u could till me the best thing to say in any university to have an i20,could u answer me soon plz,cuz i'm going this week,sorry for disturbe,thx

  29. HI,

    I am a H4 visa holder.I wanted to know if i require GRE/TOFFEL score to apply for MS with SanJose State university and my degree (BE) from india.

    Thank You

  30. hi,

    i want to know the difference between state university and national university . ex. OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY AND UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ,what is the difference between these . is state universities cost less for masters or some thing else .

  31. Hi,

    I am Suhas. I have received an I20 from a college.

    Now in that I20 the first name is printed as "Suhas" and surname as "Ravish". But in my passport the First name is "Suhas" and surname is "Bettadapura Ravish". Please let me know what to do. I have very less time and i am planning to take the VISA interview on 27th of this month.



  32. sir, i will be appearing my GRE exam towards december 2009. i am expecting a score of around 1250.I am a in EnTC(Electronics and Telecomm.)and my CGPA is 8.23. but i am not sure about the courses and scholarships offered by different U.S universities.kindly guide me.Please offer me suggestions if any.

  33. Hello sir,

    This site is very informative…I'm a final year engineering student from south India…I'm planning to write GRE in jan 2010..and apply for spring 2010…and I'm planning to take a loan from bank..if i can get the loans only if i produce I-20,then how will I be able to get the bank statement to the colleges?

    please help me out…

    thanks in advance..

  34. please i wish to know the types of questions which could possibly be asked in an interview for a student visa on presentation of all required documents needed to be present with you such as form I-20 e.t.c

    secondly, how are the chances that on presentation of these documents, a visa may be denied to be issued to you

  35. Hi,

    I feel your website is very informative. I am a student coucellor, one of my student is interested in doing his PhD in any of these courses Fluid Dynamics, Heat transfer, Gas dynamis and there Optional subjects like Aerodynamics, turbulence modelling, Non fluid, RAdiation, supersonic flow with heat, withour heat transfer. these are the subjects he is interested….I am looking forward to know which are the probable universities i should be looking at.
    Mamatha Pradhan

  36. Also, I haven't got my I20 yet. I got the offer letter around 9th of May and the I20 processing was initiated on 15th of May. It is still under process. Can you tell me by when I should be expecting it. Also, I would like to know it is too late for me to get the I20 as I need my VISA soon enough to attend the college from 17th of August.



  37. I have got calls for MS from Cornell University, USC, UH, UTD and San Jose` State University. I am not getting funding from any but UH. However, in UH they are admitting me to the Non-Thesis Masters program but they say can get changed in the Thesis program when I get a research guide. I obviously wanna go to Cornell University but it would be very expensive. What do you suggest?

  38. hi i have my uncle in us , who is willing to sponser me he is born us citigen, in florida, so can u give me sugestions how to get a seat in univeristy of florida, or any univer which is giving admissions in foresic science, or nursing in graduate schools?

  39. hello sir,

    i need the information about how much bank balance should be shown when we are applying for I20 and as well as for visa plz help me out immediately plz

  40. Hi,

    My university total fees per academic year is $27000.

    How much funds are required for VISA?(Total assets,Bank balance,FD,loan)

    Please help me!..

  41. Hi Raghu,

    Must say ur blog is pretty informative.I have very recently joined ur forum and frm then i spent an hr per day reading all the queries been posted and ur ans offcourse …. most of them cleared my doubts as well… then thr is something which is really pestering me ….i have gone thru many websites to get the exact info bt it gives a very abstract idea
    “i need the exact info abt the universities as per the fees details and GRE score required………i need to know tis to apply to the best ones i can afford as per my score…….i am giving my GRE next month….kindly help me wid tis.”

  42. i have fixed deposits in my fathers name in more than one bank . Is it acceptable that i submit official bank statement from more than one bank which can sum up minimum amount requred for the tuition fees.

  43. Hi,

    Do i need to show available funds in my account for a VISA or i can also show assets in the form of ULIP's and property (that i am not living in) asa available funds.

    The purpose is to show that i will not use the money till the date i need it because the money multiplies in this form.



  44. Hi,

    Do i need to show funds available in my account or i can also show assets in form of ULIP's and Property (that i am not living in) for education funds?



  45. hey…
    My name is Nisha Chander and I am applying for the M.S. Degree in Biotechnology program in about 8 universities in the US. In my passport, my name is given as NISHA CHANDER under the given name column and the surname column has been left blank. I understand that while filling the application form I am suppose to print my name as given in my passport.. so that means that I will have to leave the surname column blank. I want to know if this might be problem while obtaining the I-20 form as I have heard that it is necessary to show a surname to obtain this form. If this is the case then kindly let me know what to do.

  46. Hi ,thnkx for the info….

    this is rakesh,can u plz tell me what should i do to get visa [f-1]
    in step by step manner.

    for eg:

    step 1:You need to show bank balance of Rs.XXXXX/-

  47. Hi,

    This is satish. Could you please tell me how much bank balance should i need to show if i get full course fee plus 80% of my cost of living expenses as a bank loan. Please advice



  48. Hi..

    I am in H4 visa…can I Join in University for Graduate program without GRE score..If yes How much wil it cost roughly..What is the procedure for admission like us who are in H4? please give me suggestions…

  49. Hai I am Dinesh.My tuition fees is 26500k$. Could you tell me how much money I have to show in my bank account. I have taken bank loan for 12lakhs and have some savings. I also have some doubts regarding the books which you take there. Could you give me some insights on that please.

    Thank You.

  50. hi… thanks for ur response… sorry i did mistake… my tution is $9355 and living & books will cost $6320 for 4 mnths… so total is $16,070… that is for stevens institute of technology… no i havnt subscribed for email updates… so how much liquid should i show…??? is it very expensive or…??? plz reply me back soon bcoz my visa date is 3rd dec…

  51. @suchit

    Calculate for 1 year ( 9k * 3 ) will be your tuition fee and 920 * 3 will be your cost of living. So, you need to show more than $35,000. Which university is that for? did you subscribe for email updates?

  52. hi… my tution fees is $9,355 for 4 months… and living n books cost $920 for 4 months… mentioned in my i-20… so how much it cost annually…??? is it 4 months semester…??? how much should i show liquid amount for 1st year of study…??? n wht abt rest year…??? plz reply me back…

  53. this site is pretty ..awesome………Thanks a lot dude…your doing great job………plsase inform the update….

  54. Hi,

    my tuition fee is around $24k per annum,can u suggest me how much can i hold as the liquid assets and in the form of fixed deposits, i have acquired a bank loan of 16lacs and have 2 lacs of lic surrendering value.

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