How to Change the Name After GRE Registration

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I’ve registered for GRE in the name MXX and last name N,but in passport i have it as MXXX with surname NXXX.i’e i have the expansion of N..Will i face any problem in future  while applying for universities?

Incorrect Name in GRE

Will you face problems – Ofcourse you will have problems. If your name in passport is Mxx Nxx why do you have to register GRE with Mxx and N?

I mean, if you don’t know what you are doing, then you should ask for help. If you don’t read spend time to read and understand the  registration details from ETS/GRE site then you tend to commit such mistakes. Seriously, why do you want to assume that you can use N in Surname field  instead of Nxx?

Solution -

ETS will not allow name change after GRE registration. Call your test center and ask if they would allow you to edit your name on the day of the test. If not, cancel your GRE registration and re-register  GRE with full/correct  name.

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