How to Get into MIT Without Research Experience?

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Then you must have thought of attending Universities like MIT and others brimming with cutting edge research initiatives. Isn’t it?

But the eye wash happens only when you start checking the admission requisites or get in touch with your seniors who already crossed this stage some time back. Admission requirements in fact may seem similar to any other decently ranked University but admissions are still a far fetched dream.

Admissions at MIT are no easy. You need to have some credentials highlighting you as a strong candidate. Universities of such repute look for applicants with extraordinary credentials.

What MIT is looking at?

  1. Strong candidature in terms of academics
  2. Initiative taking abilities
  3. Leadership qualities
  4. High SAT/GRE/TOEFL scores
  5. Diversity in your profile in terms of your cultural and economic background
  6. Yes you need to be lucky!

Research exposure” is one such kick ass factor. This certainly brings your application in the required limelight, as this reflects your aptitude for research initiatives.

Other than this, research exposure may help you build a good rapport with the professors at the concerned department.

This is how I got admission in Stanford University provide a different perspective as well.

But what do all those students do who have not been fortunate enough to plunge into research initiatives so far?

The answer is straight. You need to be on the top of the charts for all other credentials which may play an important role.

Be it academics, community service, college projects, recommendations, your letter of intent etc. Mind it nothing guarantees your admission. You can just improve your admission chances.

For all those who aspire to be a part of MIT, need to start working hard on their profile early in their life. You need to nurture your interests and passion, be aggressive and competitive.

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